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Environmental Modeling with Stakeholders

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Table of contents

Part I. The Process of Environmental Modeling with Stakeholders

1. Cognitive, Material and Technological Considerations in Participatory Environmental Modeling
Michael Paolisso, Jeremy Trombley

2. Learning Through Participatory Modeling: Reflections on What It Means and How It Is Measured
Seth P. Tuler, Kirstin Dow, Thomas Webler, Jessica Whitehead

3. Values in Participatory Modeling: Theory and Practice
Alexey Voinov, Erica Brown Gaddis

4. Eliciting Judgments, Priorities, and Values Using Structured Survey Methods
Marc A. Nelitz, Ben Beardmore

5. Participatory Modeling and Structured Decision Making
K. F. Robinson, A. K. Fuller

6. Ensuring that Ecological Science Contributes to Natural Resource Management Using a Delphi-Derived Approach
Amy K. Wolfe, Virginia H. Dale, Taryn Arthur, Latha Baskaran

Part II. The Application and Products of Environmental Modeling with Stakeholders

7. Fuzzy-Logic Cognitive Mapping: Introduction and Overview of the Method
Žiga Malek

8. FCMs as a Common Base for Linking Participatory Products and Models
M. van Vliet, M. Flörke, C. Varela-Ortega, E. H. Çakmak, R. Khadra, P. Esteve, D. D’Agostino, H. Dudu, I. Bärlund, K. Kok

9. Extending Participatory Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping with a Control Nodes Methodology: A Case Study of the Development of a Bio-based Economy in the Humber Region, UK
Alexandra S. Penn, Christopher J. K. Knight, Georgios Chalkias, Anne P. M. Velenturf, David J. B. Lloyd

10. Effects of Livelihood-Diversification on Sustainability of Natural Resources in the Rangelands of East Africa: Participatory Field Studies and Results of an Agent-Based Model Using the Knowledge of Indigenous Maasai Pastoralists of Kenya
Margaret Mwangi

11. Level of Sustainable Activity: A Framework for Integrating Stakeholders into the Simulation Modeling and Management of Mixed-Use Waterways
Robert M. Itami, Randy Gimblett, Aaron Poe

12. Engaging Stakeholders in Environmental and Sustainability Decisions with Participatory System Dynamics Modeling
Nuno Videira, Paula Antunes, Rui Santos

13. Participatory Modeling and Community Dialog About Vulnerability of Lobster Fishing to Climate Change
Thomas Webler, Esperanza Stancioff, Rob Goble, Jessica Whitehead

14. Participatory Modeling to Assess Climate Impacts on Water Resources in the Big Wood Basin, Idaho
Allison M. Inouye, Denise H. Lach, John R. Stevenson, John P. Bolte, Jennifer Koch

15. Science Based Modelling for Supporting Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Purwono Budi Santoso, Anthony Halog

16. Assessing Flood Impacts, Wetland Changes and Climate Adaptation in Europe: The CLIMSAVE Approach
M. Mokrech, A. S. Kebede, R. J. Nicholls

17. Linking Participatory, Bayesian, and Agent-Based Modeling Techniques to Simulate Coupled Natural-Human System: A Case Study with Ranchers in Sonora, Mexico
Aloah Pope, Randy Gimblett

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Theoretical Ecology/Statistics, Climate Change, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Sustainable Development

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