Göhner, Julia F.

Susan Haack: Reintegrating Philosophy

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Table of contents

Part I. Lectures

1. The Fragmentation of Philosophy, the Road to Reintegration
Susan Haack

2. The World According to Innocent Realism: The One and the Many, the Real and the Imaginary, the Natural and the Social
Susan Haack

Part II. Colloquium

3. Problems at the Basis of Susan Haack’s Foundherentism
Nikolai Ruppert, Riske Schlüter, Ansgar Seide

4. How Innocent Is Innocent Realism?
Julia F. Göhner, Tim Grafe, Yannis Krone, Johannes Ueberfeldt

5. Deviant Rules: On Susan Haack’s “The Justification of Deduction”
Sascha Bloch, Martin Pleitz, Markus Pohlmann, Jakob Wrobel

6. The (Dis)continuity of Philosophy: Reflections on Susan Haack’s Critical Common-Sensism
Christoph Fischer, Eva-Maria Jung

7. Lessons in Multiculturalism and Objectivity? Puzzling Out Susan Haack’s Philosophy of Education
Markus Seidel, Paul-Christoph Trüper

8. Pragmatism, Evolutionary Theory and the Plurality of Legal Systems: On Susan Haack’s Philosophy of Law
Helena Baldina, Andreas Bruns, Johannes Müller-Salo

9. Evaluating Philosophy: Susan Haack’s Contribution to Academic Ethics
Simon Derpmann, Dominik Düber, Thomas Meyer, Tim Rojek

Part III. Responses

10. The Role of Experience in Empirical Justification: Response to Nikolai Ruppert, Riske Schlüter, and Ansgar Seide
Susan Haack

11. The Real, the Fictional, and the Somewhere-in-Between: Response to Julia Friederike Göhner, Tim Grafe, Yannis Krone, and Johannes Ueberfeldt
Susan Haack

12. The Grounds of Logic: Response to Sascha Bloch, Martin Pleitz, Markus Pohlman, and Jakob Wrobel
Susan Haack

13. The Continuum of Inquiry: Response to Christoph Fischer and Eva-Maria Jung
Susan Haack

14. The Aims of Education: Response to Markus Seidel and Christoph Trüper
Susan Haack

15. The Evolution of Legal Systems: Response to Helena Baldina, Andreas Bruns, and Johannes Müller-Salo
Susan Haack

16. Ethics in the Academy: Response to Simon Derpmann, Dominik Düber, Thomas Meyer, and Tim Rojek
Susan Haack

Keywords: Philosophy, Epistemology, Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Münster Lectures in Philosophy
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