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The Physiology of Microalgae

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Table of contents

Part I. The Algae Cell

1. The Cell Cycle of Microalgae
Vilém Zachleder, Kateřina Bišová, Milada Vítová

2. Biosynthesis of the Cell Walls of the Algae
David S. Domozych

Part II. The Fundamental Physiological Processes

3. Photosynthesis and Light Harvesting in Algae
Anthony W. Larkum

4. Carbon Acquisition by Microalgae
John Beardall, John A. Raven

5. Fundamentals and Recent Advances in Hydrogen Production and Nitrogen Fixation in Cyanobacteria
Namita Khanna, Patrícia Raleiras, Peter Lindblad

6. Dark Respiration and Organic Carbon Loss
John A. Raven, John Beardall

Part III. Nutrients and Their Acquisition

7. Combined Nitrogen
John A. Raven, Mario Giordano

8. Nutrients and Their Acquisition: Phosphorus Physiology in Microalgae
Sonya T. Dyhrman

9. Sulphur and Algae: Metabolism, Ecology and Evolution
Mario Giordano, Laura Prioretti

10. Micronutrients
Antonietta Quigg

11. Iron
Adrian Marchetti, Maria T. Maldonado

12. Selenium in Algae
Hiroya Araie, Yoshihiro Shiraiwa

13. Silicification in the Microalgae
Zoe V. Finkel

14. Calcification
Alison R. Taylor, Colin Brownlee

Part IV. Algae Interactions with Environment

15. Chemically-Mediated Interactions in Microalgae
Michael A. Borowitzka

16. Coping with High and Variable Salinity: Molecular Aspects of Compatible Solute Accumulation
Martin Hagemann

17. Effects of Global Change, Including UV and UV Screening Compounds
Richa, Rajeshwar P. Sinha, Donat-P. Häder

Part V. Secondary Metabolites

18. Lipid Metabolism in Microalgae
Inna Khozin-Goldberg

19. Sterols in Microalgae
John K. Volkman

20. Carotenoids
Einar Skarstad Egeland

21. Exocellular Polysaccharides in Microalgae and Cyanobacteria: Chemical Features, Role and Enzymes and Genes Involved in Their Biosynthesis
Federico Rossi, Roberto Philippis

22. Algae Genome-Scale Reconstruction, Modelling and Applications
Cristiana G. O. Dal’Molin, Lars K. Nielsen

Part VI. Applications

23. Algal Physiology and Large-Scale Outdoor Cultures of Microalgae
Michael A. Borowitzka

Part VII. Systematics and Taxonomy

24. Systematics, Taxonomy and Species Names: Do They Matter?
Michael A. Borowitzka

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Physiology, Metabolomics, Applied Microbiology, Freshwater & Marine Ecology

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Developments in Applied Phycology
Page amount
10 pages
Natural Sciences
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