Brown, Cynthia S.

Exotic Brome-Grasses in Arid and Semiarid Ecosystems of the Western US

Brown, Cynthia S. - Exotic Brome-Grasses in Arid and Semiarid Ecosystems of the Western US, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Exotic Annual Bromus in the Western USA
Matthew J. Germino, Jeanne C. Chambers, Cynthia S. Brown

Part I. Environmental Impacts of Bromus Species

2. Exotic Annual Bromus Invasions: Comparisons Among Species and Ecoregions in the Western United States
Matthew L. Brooks, Cynthia S. Brown, Jeanne C. Chambers, Carla M. D’Antonio, Jon E. Keeley, Jayne Belnap

3. Ecosystem Impacts of Exotic Annual Invaders in the Genus Bromus

Matthew J. Germino, Jayne Belnap, John M. Stark, Edith B. Allen, Benjamin M. Rau

Part II. Invasiveness of Bromus Species (Emphasis on Biological Attributes of Bromus)

4. Mating System, Introduction and Genetic Diversity of Bromus tectorum in North America, the Most Notorious Product of Evolution Within Bromus Section Genea

Stephen J. Novak, Richard N. Mack

5. Ecological Genetics, Local Adaptation, and Phenotypic Plasticity in Bromus tectorum in the Context of a Changing Climate
Rebecca A. Hufft, Tamara J. Zelikova

6. Attributes That Confer Invasiveness and Impacts Across the Large Genus Bromus: Lessons from the Bromus REEnet Database
Sheryl Y. Atkinson, Cynthia S. Brown

7. Community Ecology of Fungal Pathogens on Bromus tectorum

Susan E. Meyer, Julie Beckstead, JanaLynn Pearce

Part III. Understanding Environmental Controls and Bromus Distribution (Invasibility of Landscapes by Bromus)

8. Soil Moisture and Biogeochemical Factors Influence the Distribution of Annual Bromus Species
Jayne Belnap, John M. Stark, Benjamin M. Rau, Edith B. Allen, Susan Phillips

Bromus Response to Climate and Projected Changes with Climate Change
Bethany A. Bradley, Caroline A. Curtis, Jeanne C. Chambers

10. Plant Community Resistance to Invasion by Bromus Species: The Roles of Community Attributes, Bromus Interactions with Plant Communities, and Bromus Traits
Jeanne C. Chambers, Matthew J. Germino, Jayne Belnap, Cynthia S. Brown, Eugene W. Schupp, Samuel B. St. Clair

Part IV. Relating the Science to Human Uses and Restoration of Western Rangeland Landscapes

11. Land Uses, Fire, and Invasion: Exotic Annual Bromus and Human Dimensions
David A. Pyke, Jeanne C. Chambers, Jeffrey L. Beck, Matthew L. Brooks, Brian A. Mealor

12. Assessing Restoration and Management Needs for Ecosystems Invaded by Exotic Annual Bromus Species
Thomas A. Monaco, Stuart P. Hardegree, Mike Pellant, Cynthia S. Brown

13. State-and-Transition Models: Conceptual Versus Simulation Perspectives, Usefulness and Breadth of Use, and Land Management Applications
Louis Provencher, Leonardo Frid, Christina Czembor, Jeffrey T. Morisette

14. Human Dimensions of Invasive Grasses
Mark W. Brunson, Halley Kartchner

15. Economic Modeling and the Management of Exotic Annual Bromus Species: Accounting for Ecosystem Dynamics, Ecological Thresholds, and Spatial Interdependencies
Mark Eiswerth, Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Kimberly Rollins, Michael H. Taylor

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Biodiversity, Landscape Ecology

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Springer Series on Environmental Management
Page amount
9 pages
Natural Sciences
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