Halperin, Eran

A Social Psychology Perspective on The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Halperin, Eran - A Social Psychology Perspective on The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Sociopsychological Foundations of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Applying Daniel Bar-Tal’s Theorizing
Keren Sharvit

Part I. Acquisition of the Socio-Psychological Repertoire

2. Stereotypes and Prejudice in Conflict: A Developmental Perspective
Yona Teichman

3. Young Children’s Experiences and Learning in Intractable Conflicts
Meytal Nasie

Part II. Collective Memory and Narratives

4. The Israeli Collective Memory of the Israeli-Arab/Palestinian Conflict: Its Characteristics and Relation to the Conflict
Rafi Nets-Zehngut

5. The “Silenced” Narrative of 1948 War Events Among Young Palestinians in Israel
Eman Nahhas

6. Perceptions of Collective Narratives Among Arab and Jewish Adolescents in Israel: A Decade of Intractable Conflict
Anan Srour, Adi Mana, Shifra Sagy

Part III. Societal Beliefs and Ethos

7. “Seeing Through a Glass Darkly”: Israeli and Egyptian Images of the Other During the Nasserite Period (1952–1970)
Elie Podeh

8. The Jewish–Israeli Ethos of Conflict
Neta Oren

9. Ethos of Conflict of the Palestinian Society
Ronni Shaked

Part IV. Distress, Emotions and Ideology

10. Harmed by Our Protection: Exposure to Political Violence and Political Preferences in the Range of Fire
Daphna Canetti

11. Emotions and Emotion Regulation in Intractable Conflict and Their Relation to the Ethos of Conflict in Israeli Society
Ruthie Pliskin, Eran Halperin

Part V. The Role of Education

12. When Jewish and Zionist Identities Encounter Otherness: Educational Case Study
Ohad David

13. Peace Education Between Theory and Practice: The Israeli Case
Soli Vered

Part VI. Prospects for Change?

14. Containing the Duality: Leadership in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
Nimrod Rosler

15. The Role of Peace Organizations During Peacemaking Processes: The Case of the Jewish-Israeli Society
Tamir Magal

16. The Road to Peace: The Potential of Structured Encounters Between Israeli Jews and Palestinians in Promoting Peace
Ifat Maoz, Yiftach Ron

17. Addressing Israelis’ and Palestinians’ Basic Needs for Agency and Positive Moral Identity Facilitates Mutual Prosociality
Ilanit SimanTov-Nachlieli, Nurit Shnabel

18. Transitional Justice in Societies Emerging from Intractable Conflicts: Between the Right to Truth and Collective Memory
Ofer Shinar Levanon

Keywords: Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, Political Science

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Peace Psychology Book Series
Page amount
14 pages
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