Estes, Richard J.

The State of Social Progress of Islamic Societies

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Table of contents

Part I. The Islamic World in Historical Perspective

1. The Muslim Society During the Life of the Prophet Mohammed and After His Death
Mansouri Abdelhak

2. The Islamic Golden Age: A Story of the Triumph of the Islamic Civilization
Ahmed Renima, Habib Tiliouine, Richard J. Estes

3. The Changing Map of the Islamic World: From the Abbasid Era to the Ottoman Empire of the Twentieth Century
Habib Tiliouine, Ahmed Renima, Richard J. Estes

4. Social Progress in Islamic Societies: Achievements and Challenges
Richard J. Estes, Habib Tiliouine

Part II. The State of Development in the Islamic World: Muslims in Predominately Muslim Societies

5. Social Development in North African Countries: Achievements and Current Challenges
Habib Tiliouine, Richard J. Estes

6. Religion, Education and the Well-Being of Citizens of Nigeria
Olutoyin Mejiuni, Bolaji Olukemi Bateye

7. Paths to Progress: Madrasa Education and Sub-Saharan Muslims’ Pursuit of Socioeconomic Development
Ousman Murzik Kobo

8. Social Development Trends in the Fertile Crescent Region: Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria
Richard J. Estes, Habib Tiliouine

9. Social, Economic, Political, and Intellectual Changes in Iran Since 1960s
Ali Paya, Hossein Raghfar, Abbas Abdi, Daryoush Mohammad Poor, Marjan Fadavi-Ardekani

10. Turkey in Between: The Continuing Search for Development
Abdullah Karatay, Emre Erdoğan, Pınar Uyan Semerci, Serra Müderrisoğlu

11. Educational Reform and Islamic Education in Malaysia
Nooraini Othman, Khairul Azmi Mohamad

12. The State of Social Development in Pakistan
Moonis Ahmar

13. Central Asian Islamic States: The Challenges of Independence
Igor P. Lipovsky

Part III. The State of Development in the Islamic World: Muslims in Predominately Non-Muslim Societies

14. In Search of the Good Muslim: French Muslims, the French State, and the Politics of Identity
Sharif Gemie

15. Muslims of India and Their Well-Being
Burjor Avari

Part IV. Contemporary Challenges Facing the Islamic World

16. Political Challenges Confronting the Islamic World
el-Sayed el-Aswad

17. Demographic Challenges of the Rapidly Growing Societies of the Arab World
Rshood M. Khraif, Asharaf Abdul Salam, Ibrahim Elsegaey, Ali Abdullah Aldosari, Abdullah Al–Mutairi

18. Evolution of Family Demography, Data Availability and Usage in Selected Islamic States: Socioeconomic, Demographic and Political Perspectives of Muslims in Developing Countries
Prem Saxena, Ahmad Hussein

19. Social Challenges Confronting the MENA Region: The Role of Women
Touria Khannous

20. Islamism as a Post-hegemonic Discourse
Riham Bahi

21. The Status of the Child in Algeria: History, Achievements and Research Evidence
Habib Tiliouine, Mahmoud Boussena

22. Establishing Patent Standards: The Case of Biotechnology Invention in Malaysia
Nor Ashikin Mohamed Yusof

Part V. Palestine and the Search for Restoration

23. Palestinian People: Hundred Years of Struggle to Survive
Salman H. Abu Sitta

24. The Survival and Well-Being of the Palestinian People Under Occupation
Samah Jabr, Elizabeth Berger

Part VI. Islamic Conflict Within and Between Itself and Its Global Neighbors

25. Islam and Contemporary Radicalized Violence: A Historic Turning Point
M. Cherif Bassiouni

26. Is Quality of Life Related to Radical Islamic Militancy and Acts of Terrorism?
Richard J. Estes, M. Joseph Sirgy

27. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and its Potential for Helping Muslims Reclaim the Higher Ethical Values (Maqasid) Underpinning the Sharia
Mohamed M. Keshavjee

28. Combatting Global Stereotypes of Islam and Muslims: Strategies and Interventions for Mutual Understanding
Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Maha Hilal

Part VII. Epilogue

29. Epilogue
Habib Tiliouine, Richard J. Estes

Keywords: Social Sciences, Quality of Life Research, Positive Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology

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