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Perspectives in Shape Analysis

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Table of contents

Part I. Numerical Computing for Shape Analysis

1. Ornament Analysis with the Help of Screened Poisson Shape Fields
Sibel Tari

2. A Comparison of Non-Lambertian Models for the Shape-from-Shading Problem
Silvia Tozza, Maurizio Falcone

3. Direct Variational Perspective Shape from Shading with Cartesian Depth Parametrisation
Yong Chul Ju, Daniel Maurer, Michael Breuß, Andrés Bruhn

4. Amoeba Techniques for Shape and Texture Analysis
Martin Welk

5. Increasing the Power of Shape Descriptor Based Object Analysis Techniques
Joviša Žunić, Paul L. Rosin, Mehmet Ali Aktaş

6. Shape Distances for Binary Image Segmentation
Frank R. Schmidt, Lena Gorelick, Ismail Ben Ayed, Yuri Boykov, Thomas Brox

7. Segmentation in Point Clouds from RGB-D Using Spectral Graph Reduction
Margret Keuper, Thomas Brox

Part II. Sparse Data Representation and Machine Learning for Shape Analysis

8. Shape Compaction
Honghua Li, Hao Zhang

9. Homological Shape Analysis Through Discrete Morse Theory
Leila Floriani, Ulderico Fugacci, Federico Iuricich

10. Sparse Models for Intrinsic Shape Correspondence
Jonathan Pokrass, Alexander M. Bronstein, Michael M. Bronstein, Pablo Sprechmann, Guillermo Sapiro

11. Applying Random Forests to the Problem of Dense Non-rigid Shape Correspondence
Matthias Vestner, Emanuele Rodolà, Thomas Windheuser, Samuel Rota Bulò, Daniel Cremers

12. Accelerating Deformable Part Models with Branch-and-Bound
Iasonas Kokkinos

Part III. Deformable Shape Modeling

13. Non-rigid Shape Correspondence Using Surface Descriptors and Metric Structures in the Spectral Domain
Anastasia Dubrovina, Yonathan Aflalo, Ron Kimmel

14. The Perspective Face Shape Ambiguity
William A. P. Smith

15. On Shape Recognition and Language
Petros Maragos, Vassilis Pitsikalis, Athanasios Katsamanis, George Pavlakos, Stavros Theodorakis

16. Tongue Mesh Extraction from 3D MRI Data of the Human Vocal Tract
Alexander Hewer, Stefanie Wuhrer, Ingmar Steiner, Korin Richmond

Keywords: Mathematics, Differential Geometry, Computer Graphics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

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Mathematics and Visualization
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17 pages
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