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Recent Trends in Combinatorics

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Table of contents

Part I. Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics

1. Problems related to graph indices in trees
László Székely, Stephan Wagner, Hua Wang

2. The edit distance in graphs: Methods, results, and generalizations
Ryan R. Martin

3. Repetitions in graphs and sequences
Maria Axenovich

4. Extremal problems for cycles in graphs
Jacques Verstraëte

5. A survey of Turán problems for expansions
Dhruv Mubayi, Jacques Verstraëte

6. Recent advances on Dirac-type problems for hypergraphs
Yi Zhao

7. Rainbow Hamilton cycles in random graphs and hypergraphs
Asaf Ferber, Michael Krivelevich

8. Further applications of the Container Method
József Balogh, Adam Zsolt Wagner

9. Independent transversals and hypergraph matchings - an elementary approach
Penny Haxell

10. Giant components in random graphs
Mihyun Kang

11. Infinite random graphs and properties of metrics
Anthony Bonato, Jeannette Janssen

12. Nordhaus-Gaddum problems for Colin de Verdière type parameters, variants of tree-width, and related parameters
Leslie Hogben

13. Algebraic aspects of the normalized Laplacian
Steve Butler

14. Progress on poset-free families of subsets
Jerrold R. Griggs, Wei-Tian Li

15. The mathematics of causal sets
Graham Brightwell, Malwina Luczak

Part II. Additive and Analytic Combinatorics

16. Lectures on approximate groups and Hilbert’s 5th problem
Emmanuel Breuillard

17. Character sums and arithmetic combinatorics
Mei-Chu Chang

18. Sum-product formulae
Andrew Granville, József Solymosi

19. Ajtai–Szemerédi Theorems over quasirandom groups
Tim Austin

Part III. Enumerative and Geometric Combinatorics

20. Some algorithmic applications of partition functions in combinatorics
Alexander Barvinok

21. Partition analysis, modular functions, and computer algebra
Peter Paule, Silviu Radu

22. Moments of orthogonal polynomials and combinatorics
Sylvie Corteel, Jang Soo Kim, Dennis Stanton

23. The combinatorics of knot invariants arising from the study of Macdonald polynomials
Jim Haglund

24. A survey of consecutive patterns in permutations
Sergi Elizalde

25. Dynamical algebraic combinatorics and the homomesy phenomenon
Tom Roby

26. Face enumeration on simplicial complexes
Steven Klee, Isabella Novik

27. Unimodality problems in Ehrhart theory
Benjamin Braun

28. Simplicial and cellular trees
Art M. Duval, Caroline J. Klivans, Jeremy L. Martin

29. Parametric polyhedra with at least k lattice points: Their semigroup structure and the k-Frobenius problem
Iskander Aliev, Jesús A. Loera, Quentin Louveaux

Keywords: Mathematics, Combinatorics, Convex and Discrete Geometry, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Functional Analysis, Genetics and Population Dynamics

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The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications
Natural Sciences
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