Gómez, Gerard

Astrodynamics Network AstroNet-II

Gómez, Gerard - Astrodynamics Network AstroNet-II, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Leveraging Discrete Variational Mechanics to Explore the Effect of an Autonomous Three-Body Interaction Added to the Restricted Problem
Natasha Bosanac, Kathleen C. Howell, Ephraim Fischbach

2. An Efficient Sub-optimal Motion Planning Method for Attitude Manoeuvres
Albert Caubet, James D. Biggs

3. Bifurcations Thresholds of Halo Orbits
Marta Ceccaroni, Alessandra Celletti, Giuseppe Pucacco

4. Unconventional Solar Sailing
Matteo Ceriotti

5. Two-Body Approximations in the Design of Low-Energy Transfers Between Galilean Moons
Elena Fantino, Roberto Castelli

6. Artificial Equilibria in the RTBP for a Solar Sail and Applications
Ariadna Farrés, Àngel Jorba

7. Terminal Entry Phase Trajectory Generator for Reusable Launch Vehicles
Luca Filippis, Murray Kerr, Rodrigo Haya

8. Two ASRE Approaches with Application to Spacecraft Coulomb Formations
Mohammad Mehdi Gomroki, Francesco Topputo, Ozan Tekinalp, Franco Bernelli-Zazzera

9. Novel Approach on the Optimisation of Mid-Course Corrections Along Interplanetary Trajectories
Elisabetta Iorfida, Phil Palmer, Mark Roberts

10. Vision-Based Navigation Around Small Bodies
Pawel Kicman, Jakub Lisowski, Ambroise Bidaux-Sokolowski

11. Analytical and Semianalytical Propagation of Space Orbits: The Role of Polar-Nodal Variables
Martin Lara

12. Small Spacecraft Formation Flying Using Solar Radiation Pressure
Junquan Li

13. A Note on Dynamics About the Coherent Sun–Earth–Moon Collinear Libration Points
Zubin P. Olikara, Gerard Gómez, Josep J. Masdemont

14. The Trojan Problem from a Hamiltonian Perturbative Perspective
Rocío Isabel Páez, Ugo Locatelli, Christos Efthymiopoulos

15. On Distributed Control Strategies for Spacecraft Formation Flying
Fabrizio Paita, Gerard Gómez, Josep J. Masdemont

16. Formation Flying Guidance for Space Debris Observation, Manipulation and Capture
Thomas V. Peters

17. Low Thrust Relative Motion Control of Satellite Formations in Deep Space
Claudiu-Lucian Prioroc, Seppo Mikkola

18. Efficient Modelling of Small Bodies Gravitational Potential for Autonomous Proximity Operations
Andrea Turconi, Phil Palmer, Mark Roberts

19. Sun-Earth L1 and L2 to Moon Transfers Exploiting Natural Dynamics
Willem J. Weg, Massimiliano Vasile

20. An Introduction to Differential Algebra and the Differential Algebra Manifold Representation
Alexander Wittig

21. Identification of New Orbits to Enable Future Missions for the Exploration of the Martian Moon Phobos
Mattia Zamaro, James D. Biggs

Keywords: Physics, Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

Publication year
Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
Natural Sciences
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