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Beverage Impacts on Health and Nutrition

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to Beverages

1. How Beverages Impact Health and Nutrition
Ted Wilson, Norman J. Temple

2. A Brief History of Human Beverage Consumption: Prehistory to the Present
Ted Wilson, Louis E. Grivetti

Part II. Health Effects of Coffee, Tea, Wine, Alcohol, and Juices

3. Coffee Consumption and Its Impact on Health
Lodovica Cavalli, Alessandra Tavani

4. Health Benefits of Tea Consumption
Takuji Suzuki, Noriyuki Miyoshi, Sumio Hayakawa, Shinjiro Imai, Mamoru Isemura, Yoriyuki Nakamura

5. What Are the Health Implications of Alcohol Consumption?
Norman J. Temple

6. Nonalcoholic Components of Wine and Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
Abigail J. O’Connor, Georges M. Halpern, Rosemary L. Walzem

7. Cranberry Juice: Effects on Health
Diane L. McKay, Ted Wilson

8. Citrus Juices Health Benefits
Paul F. Cancalon

Part III. Health Effects of Milk: Dairy, Soy and Breast

9. Effect of Cow’s Milk on Human Health
Laura A. G. Armas, Cary P. Frye, Robert P. Heaney

10. Are Soy-Milk Products Viable Alternatives to Cow’s Milk?
Jayne V. Woodside, Sarah Brennan, Marie Cantwell

11. Human Milk and Infant Formula: Nutritional Content and Health Benefits
James K. Friel, Wafaa A. Qasem

Part IV. Beverage Health Effects on Energy Balance, Diabetes, and in Older Adults

12. Beverages, Satiation, Satiety, and Energy Balance
James H. Hollis

13. Beverage Considerations for Persons with Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes Mellitus
Margaret A. Maher, Lisa Kobs

14. Oral Nutritional Supplementation Using Beverages for Older Adults
Shelley R. McDonald

Part V. Health Effects of Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks and Water

15. Sports Beverages for Optimizing Physical Performance
Ronald J. Maughan, Susan M. Shirreffs

16. Energy Drinks: The Elixirs of Our Time
Frances R. Ragsdale

17. The Nutritional Value of Bottled Water
Norman J. Temple, Kathryn Alp

Part VI. Marketing of Soft Drinks and Effects of Beverage Sweeteners

18. Marketing of Soft Drinks to Children and Adolescents: Why We Need Government Policies
Norman J. Temple, Kathryn Alp

19. Sugar in Beverages: Effects on Human Health
Norman J. Temple, Kathryn Alp

20. High-Fructose Corn Syrup Use in Beverages: Composition, Manufacturing, Properties, Consumption, and Health Effects
John S. White, Theresa A. Nicklas

Part VII. Beverage Mechanics: Color, Taste, Labeling, and Ingredient Function

21. The Crucial Role of Color in the Perception of Beverages
Charles Spence

22. Functions of Common Beverage Ingredients
Heather N. Nelson, Kelli L. Rush, Ted Wilson

23. Labeling Requirements for Beverages in the USA
Leslie T. Krasny

Part VIII. What Is the Future of What We Will Chose to Drink?

24. Beverage Trends Affect Future Nutritional Health Impact
Ted Wilson, Rachel Dahl, Norman Temple

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition, Food Science

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2nd ed. 2016
Nutrition and Health
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31 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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