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Aviation Turbulence

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Table of contents

Part I. Background

1. Nature of Aviation Turbulence
Robert Sharman

2. A History of Weather Reporting from Aircraft and Turbulence Forecasting for Commercial Aviation
Tom Fahey, Emily N. Wilson, Rory O’Loughlin, Melissa Thomas, Stephanie Klipfel

3. Instabilities Conducive to Aviation Turbulence
Yuh-Lang Lin

4. Turbulence Events Interpreted by Vortex Rolls
Bob Lunnon

Part II. Turbulence Detection Methods and Applications

5. Airborne In Situ Measurements of Turbulence
Larry B. Cornman

6. Doppler Radar Measurements of Turbulence
Larry B. Cornman, Robert K. Goodrich

7. Remote Turbulence Detection Using Ground-Based Doppler Weather Radar
John K. Williams, Gregory Meymaris

8. Relationships Between Lightning and Convective Turbulence
Wiebke Deierling, John K. Williams

9. LIDAR-Based Turbulence Intensity for Aviation Applications
P. W. Chan

Part III. Nowcasting, Forecasting, and Verification

10. A Summary of Turbulence Forecasting Techniques Used by the National Weather Service
David R. Bright, Steven A. Lack, Jesse A. Sparks

11. An Airline Perspective: Current and Future Vision for Turbulence Forecasting and Reporting
Melissa Thomas, Stephanie Klipfel, Emily N. Wilson, Tom Fahey

12. Automated Turbulence Forecasting Strategies
John A. Knox, Alan W. Black, Jared A. Rackley, Emily N. Wilson, Jeremiah S. Grant, Stephanie P. Phelps, David S. Nevius, Corey B. Dunn

13. Aviation Turbulence Forecast Verification
Philip G. Gill

14. Aviation Turbulence Ensemble Techniques
Piers Buchanan

Part IV. Observational and Modeling Studies

15. Multi-scale Observational and Numerical Modeling Studies of the Turbulence Environment
Michael L. Kaplan

16. Processes Underlying Near-Cloud Turbulence
Todd Lane

17. Modeling Studies of Turbulence Mechanisms Associated with Mesoscale Convective Systems
Stanley B. Trier

18. Numerical Modeling and Predictability of Mountain Wave-Induced Turbulence and Rotors
James D. Doyle, Qingfang Jiang, P. Alexander Reinecke

19. Gravity Waves Generated by Jets and Fronts and Their Relevance for Clear-Air Turbulence
Riwal Plougonven, Fuqing Zhang

20. Turbulence and Waves in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere
Alex Mahalov

21. Similarity of Stably Stratified Geophysical Flows
Zbigniew Sorbjan

Part V. Future Opportunities

22. Airborne Remote Detection of Turbulence with Forward-Pointing LIDAR
Patrick Sergej Vrancken

23. Clear-Air Turbulence in a Changing Climate
Paul D. Williams, Manoj M. Joshi

24. Application of Aviation Turbulence Information to Air-Traffic Management (ATM)
Jung-Hoon Kim, William N. Chan, Banavar Sridhar

25. Research Needs
Robert Sharman, Todd Lane, Ulrich Schumann

Keywords: Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Atmospheric Sciences, Geophysics and Environmental Physics

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