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Integrated Groundwater Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Integration Overview and Problem Settings

1. Integrated Groundwater Management: An Overview of Concepts and Challenges
Anthony J. Jakeman, Olivier Barreteau, Randall J. Hunt, Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, Andrew Ross, Muhammad Arshad, Serena Hamilton

2. The International Scale of the Groundwater Issue
Michael N. Fienen, Muhammad Arshad

3. Disentangling the Complexity of Groundwater Dependent Social-ecological Systems
Olivier Barreteau, Yvan Caballero, Serena Hamilton, Anthony J. Jakeman, Jean-Daniel Rinaudo

4. Groundwater Management Under Global Change: Sustaining Biodiversity, Energy and Food Supplies
Jamie Pittock, Karen Hussey, Andrew Stone

5. Linking Climate Change and Groundwater
Timothy Richard Green

Part II. Governance

6. Groundwater Governance in Australia, the European Union and the Western USA
Andrew Ross

7. Groundwater Law
Rebecca Nelson, Philippe Quevauviller

8. Groundwater Regulation and Integrated Water Planning
Philippe Quevauviller, Okke Batelaan, Randall J. Hunt

9. Conjunctive Management Through Collective Action
Cameron Holley, Darren Sinclair, Elena Lopez-Gunn, Edella Schlager

10. The Social-Environmental Justice of Groundwater Governance
Marian J. Neal (Patrick), Francesca Greco, Daniel Connell, Julian Conrad

11. Social Justice and Groundwater Allocation in Agriculture: A French Case Study
Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, Clémence Moreau, Patrice Garin

Part III. Biophysical Aspects

12. Ecohydrology and Its Relation to Integrated Groundwater Management
Randall J. Hunt, Masaki Hayashi, Okke Batelaan

13. Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems: Classification, Identification Techniques and Threats
Derek Eamus, Baihua Fu, Abraham E. Springer, Lawrence E. Stevens

14. Interactions of Water Quality and Integrated Groundwater Management: Examples from the United States and Europe
Kelly L. Warner, Fabienne Barataud, Randall J. Hunt, Marc Benoit, Juliette Anglade, Mark A. Borchardt

15. Soil and Aquifer Salinization: Toward an Integrated Approach for Salinity Management of Groundwater
Richard Greene, Wendy Timms, Pichu Rengasamy, Muhammad Arshad, Richard Cresswell

16. Managed Aquifer Recharge: An Overview of Issues and Options
Joël Casanova, Nicolas Devau, Marie Pettenati

17. Managed Aquifer Recharge in Integrated Water Resource Management
Peter Dillon, Muhammad Arshad

Part IV. Socioeconomics

18. Towards Integrated Groundwater Management in China
Jie Liu, Chunmiao Zheng

19. Social Science Contributions to Groundwater Governance
Allan Curtis, Michael Mitchell, Emily Mendham

20. Lessons to Be Learned from Groundwater Trading in Australia and the United States
Sarah Ann Wheeler, Karina Schoengold, Henning Bjornlund

21. Integrated Assessment of Economic Benefits of Groundwater Improvement with Contingent Valuation
Cécile Hérivaux, Jean-Daniel Rinaudo

22. Controlling Groundwater Exploitation Through Economic Instruments: Current Practices, Challenges and Innovative Approaches
Marielle Montginoul, Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, Nicholas Brozović, Guillermo Donoso

23. Liberation or Anarchy? The Janus Nature of Groundwater Use on North Africa’s New Irrigation Frontiers
Marcel Kuper, Nicolas Faysse, Ali Hammani, Tarik Hartani, Serge Marlet, Meriem Farah Hamamouche, Fatah Ameur

Part V. Modeling and Decision Support

24. Incorporating Human Aspects into Groundwater Research and Policy Making: A Soft and Critical Systems Thinking Approach
Sondoss Elsawah, Joseph H. A. Guillaume

25. Decision Support Systems and Processes for Groundwater
Suzanne A. Pierce, John M. Sharp, David J. Eaton

26. Integrated Groundwater Data Management
Peter Fitch, Boyan Brodaric, Matt Stenson, Nate Booth

27. Hydroeconomic Models as Decision Support Tools for Conjunctive Management of Surface and Groundwater
Manuel Pulido-Velazquez, Guilherme F. Marques, Julien J. Harou, Jay R. Lund

28. Methods for Exploring Uncertainty in Groundwater Management Predictions
Joseph H. A. Guillaume, Randall J. Hunt, Alessandro Comunian, Rachel S. Blakers, Baihua Fu

29. Erratum to: Integrated Groundwater Management
Anthony J. Jakeman, Olivier Barreteau, Randall J. Hunt, Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, Andrew Ross

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Hydrogeology, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management, Economic Growth, Sustainable Development

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