Mäki, Uskali

Recent Developments in the Philosophy of Science: EPSA13 Helsinki

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Table of contents

Part I. Truth and Semantics

1. Coherence and (Likeness to) Truth
Michael Schippers

2. A Verisimilitudinarian Rebuttal of a Recent Attack Against Realism
Luca Tambolo

3. Realistic Claims in Logical Empiricism
Matthias Neuber

4. Patchworks of Laws and Partial Structures
Holger Andreas

Part II. Social Epistemology, Rational Choice Theory and Public Policy

5. Social Epistemology, Debate Dynamics, and Truth Approximation
Gustavo Cevolani

6. Wise Crowds, Clever Meta-Inductivists
Paul D. Thorn

7. Is the Equal-Weight View Really Supported by Positive Crowd Effects?
Christian J. Feldbacher

8. Why the Realist-Instrumentalist Debate About Rational Choice Rests on a Mistake
Christine Tiefensee

9. Funding Science by Lottery
Shahar Avin

Part III. Values in Science

10. Researchers Building Nations: Under What Conditions Can Overtly Political Research Be Objective?
Inkeri Koskinen

11. Against the Agnosticism-Argument for Value-Freedom
Anke Bueter

Part IV. Causality

12. Learning About Constitutive Relations
Lena Kästner

13. Reconstituting Phenomena
Maria Kronfeldner

14. Manipulating Spins: Causality and Decoherence
Fernanda Samaniego

Part V. Philosophy of Physics and Chemistry

15. How Fundamental Physics Represents Causality
Andreas Bartels, Daniel Wohlfarth

16. Local Causality and Complete Specification: A Reply to Seevinck and Uffink
Gábor Hofer-Szabó

17. Pragmatists and Purists on CPT Invariance in Relativistic Quantum Field Theories
Jonathan Bain

18. Explanation in Quantum Chemistry
Carsten Seck

19. Are Chemical Kinds Natural Kinds?
Robin Findlay Hendry

Part VI. Induction, Probability and Chaos

20. Why Bertrand’s Paradox Is Not Paradoxical but Is Felt So
Zalán Gyenis, Miklós Rédei

21. Revisiting Smale’s Fourteenth Problem to Discover Two Definitions of Chaos
L. C. Zuchowski

22. Rudolf Carnap: Philosophy of Science as Engineering Explications
Christopher F. French

23. Robustness, Diversity of Evidence, and Probabilistic Independence
Jonah N. Schupbach

Part VII. Fiction, Representation and Explanation

24. Why Does Water Boil? Fictions in Scientific Explanation
Sorin Bangu

25. Scientific Representation, Denotation, and Fictional Entities
Mauricio Suárez

Part VIII. Philosophy of the Life Sciences and of Psychology

26. Non Inferiority Drug Trials and the Trade-offs in RCTs
Cecilia Nardini

27. Against Sex and Gender Dualism in Gender-Specific Medicine
Maria Cristina Amoretti, Nicla Vassallo

28. Biological Essentialism Concerning the Species Category
Edit Talpsepp

29. Two Concepts of Emotional Expression
Trip Glazer

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, History and Philosophical Foundations of Physics, Mathematical Logic and Foundations

Publication year
1st ed. 2015
European Studies in Philosophy of Science
Page amount
9 pages
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