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Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics

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Table of contents

1. Phylogenetics and Conservation Biology: Drawing a Path into the Diversity of Life
Roseli Pellens, Philippe Grandcolas

Part I. Questions

2. The Value of Phylogenetic Diversity
Christopher Lean, James Maclaurin

3. The PD Phylogenetic Diversity Framework: Linking Evolutionary History to Feature Diversity for Biodiversity Conservation
Daniel P. Faith

4. Reconsidering the Loss of Evolutionary History: How Does Non-random Extinction Prune the Tree-of-Life?
Kowiyou Yessoufou, T. Jonathan Davies

5. Phylogenetics and Conservation in New Zealand: The Long and the Short of It
Steven A. Trewick, Mary Morgan-Richards

6. What Is the Meaning of Extreme Phylogenetic Diversity? The Case of Phylogenetic Relict Species
Philippe Grandcolas, Steven A. Trewick

Part II. Methods

7. Using Phylogenetic Dissimilarities Among Sites for Biodiversity Assessments and Conservation
Daniel P. Faith

8. Phylogenetic Diversity Measures and Their Decomposition: A Framework Based on Hill Numbers
Anne Chao, Chun-Huo Chiu, Lou Jost

9. Split Diversity: Measuring and Optimizing Biodiversity Using Phylogenetic Split Networks
Olga Chernomor, Steffen Klaere, Arndt Haeseler, Bui Quang Minh

10. The Rarefaction of Phylogenetic Diversity: Formulation, Extension and Application
David A. Nipperess

11. Support in Area Prioritization Using Phylogenetic Information
Daniel Rafael Miranda-Esquivel

12. Assessing Hotspots of Evolutionary History with Data from Multiple Phylogenies: An Analysis of Endemic Clades from New Caledonia
Roseli Pellens, Antje Ahrends, Peter M. Hollingsworth, Philippe Grandcolas

Part III. Applications

13. Representing Hotspots of Evolutionary History in Systematic Conservation Planning for European Mammals
Anni Arponen, Laure Zupan

14. Priorities for Conservation of the Evolutionary History of Amphibians in the Cerrado
Débora Leite Silvano, Paula Hanna Valdujo, Guarino Rinaldi Colli

15. Global Spatial Analyses of Phylogenetic Conservation Priorities for Aquatic Mammals
Laura J. May-Collado, Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio, Ingi Agnarsson

16. Metapopulation Capacity Meets Evolutionary Distinctness: Spatial Fragmentation Complements Phylogenetic Rarity in Prioritization
Jessica K. Schnell, Kamran Safi

17. Patterns of Species, Phylogenetic and Mimicry Diversity of Clearwing Butterflies in the Neotropics
Nicolas Chazot, Keith R. Willmott, André V. L. Freitas, Donna Lisa Silva, Roseli Pellens, Marianne Elias

18. Conservation of Phylogenetic Diversity in Madagascar’s Largest Endemic Plant Family, Sarcolaenaceae
Anaëlle Soulebeau, Roseli Pellens, Porter P. Lowry, Xavier Aubriot, Margaret E. K. Evans, Thomas Haevermans

19. The Future of Phylogenetic Systematics in Conservation Biology: Linking Biodiversity and Society
Roseli Pellens, Daniel P. Faith, Philippe Grandcolas

Keywords: Life Sciences, Biodiversity, Nature Conservation, Plant Systematics/Taxonomy/Biogeography, Animal Systematics/Taxonomy/Biogeography

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Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation
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407 pages
Natural Sciences
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