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Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 4

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Table of contents

1. Experimental Characterization of Shape Fixity in Transversely Curved Unimorph Shape Memory Polymer Actuators
Jason T. Cantrell, Jordan R. Hall, Andie J. Young, Peter G. Ifju

2. Full-Field Three-Dimensional Characterization of Non-repetitive Motions by Single-Shot Multiplexed Digital Holography
Morteza Khaleghi, Jérémie Guignard, Cosme Furlong, John J. Rosowski

3. Basic Foundations of Signal Analysis Models Applied to Retrieval of Displacements and Their Derivatives Encoded in Fringe Patterns
Cesar Sciammarella, L. Lamberti

4. Recent Optical Measurements for the Mechanical Properties of Thin Films
Chi-Jia Tong, Y.-T. Wang, Y.-C. Cheng, M.-T. Lin

5. Evaluation of the Penalized Least Squares Method for Strain Computation
Raphaël Moulart, René Rotinat

6. Speckle Projection Profilometry Using a Diffractive Telecentric Arrangement
Wade Gubbels, Gary S. Schajer

7. Use of VFM for Heterogeneity Evaluation of Materials Under Uniaxial Tensile Stress
John Considine, F. Pierron, K. T. Turner

8. Optimized Test Design for Identification of the Variation of Elastic Stiffness Properties of Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) Pith to Bark
D. E. Kretschmann, J. M. Considine, F. Pierron

9. Investigation of the Hydric Transfer Phenomenon in Wood at the Ring Scale with the Grid Method
Djily Dang, Evelyne Toussaint, Michel Grédiac, Rostand Moutou Pitti

10. Extension of the Non-linear Virtual Fields Method to Inertial Heterogeneous High Strain Rate Tests
S. Dreuilhe, F. Pierron

11. Experimental Mechanics for Graduate Students
Christian Franck

12. Bridge Foundation Depth Estimation Using Sonic Echo Test
Saman Rashidyan, Tang-tat Ng, Arup Maji

13. Detonation of Small Charges Buried in Cohesionless Soil
Eve Roger, Benjamin Loret, Jean Paul Calvel

14. Similitude Analysis of Composite I-Beams with Application to Subcomponent Testing of Wind Turbine Blades
Mohamad Eydani Asl, Christopher Niezrecki, James Sherwood, Peter Avitabile

15. Validating FSI Simulations in LS-DYNA 971 R7
Kevin A. Gardner, Jeremy D. Seidt, Amos Gilat

16. In Vitro Experimental Study for the Determination of Cellular Characteristics of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using a Non-uniform Deformation Field
Yasuyuki Morita, Toshihiro Sato, Sachi Watanabe, Yang Ju

17. Development of New Method for Direct Measurement of High Strain Rate Testing Parameters
Rafid M. Kully

18. Simultaneous Measurement of Polymerization Stress Evolution, Conversion Kinetics, and Exotherm in Real-Time
Zhengzhi Wang, Forrest A. Landis, Anthony A. M. Giuseppetti, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Martin Y. M. Chiang

19. Symmetric and Asymmetric Double Cantilever Beam Methods for Interfacial Adhesion Strength Measurement in Electronic Packaging
Tsgereda Alazar, Santosh Sankarasubramanian, Sivakumar Yagnamurthy, Kyle Yazzie, Pilin Liu, Pramod Malatkar

20. Experimental Study of Mechanical Performance in Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Titanium Alloys
Neha Kulkarni, M. Ramulu

21. Testing a Multi-bay Box Subjected to Combined Loads
Marshall Rouse, Dawn Jegley

22. A Study on the Generation of a Fine-Grained Layer in Upsetting Between Flat and Conical Dies
Robert Goldstein, Sergei Alexandrov, Dragisa Vilotic, Leposava Sidjanin

23. Interface Microstructure and Strength of TLP Bonded Iron and Steel
A. H. M. E. Rahman, M. N. Cavalli

24. Erratum: Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 4
Cesar Sciammarella, John Considine, Paul Gloeckner

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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