Utschick, Wolfgang

Communications in Interference Limited Networks

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Table of contents

1. Coding Techniques for Transmitting PacketsThrough Complex CommunicationNetworks
Martin Bossert, Vladimir Sidorenko, Antonia Wachter-Zeh

2. Modulo-Type Precoding for Networks
Robert F. H. Fischer, Michael Cyran, Sebastian Stern, Johannes B. Huber

3. Enabling the Multi-User Generalized Degrees of Freedom in Cellular Interference Networks with Multi-User Coding
Rick Fritschek, Gerhard Wunder

4. The Information-Theoretic Constant-Gap Optimality of Treating Interference as Noise in Interference Networks
Soheil Gherekhloo, Anas Chaaban, Aydin Sezgin

5. Interference-Aware Analog Computation over the Wireless Channel: Fundamentals and Strategies
Mario Goldenbaum, Sławomir Stańczak, Holger Boche

6. Bounds on the Outage Constrained Capacity of the Gaussian Relay Channel
Andreas Gründinger, Lennart Gerdes, Michael Joham, Wolfgang Utschick

7. Balancing for Interference-Limited Multi-User Satellite Communications
Andreas Gründinger, Michael Joham, Wolfgang Utschick

8. Distributed Channel Selection for Underlay Device-to-Device Communications: A Game-Theoretical Learning Framework
Setareh Maghsudi, Sławomir Stańczak

9. Cyclic Interference Alignment Via Polynomial Rings for Multi-user Communication Channels
Henning Maier, Johannes Schmitz, Rudolf Mathar

10. Multicast in Networks of Broadcast Channels—Part I: Submodular Models and Optimization
Maximilian Riemensberger, Wolfgang Utschick

11. Multicast in Networks of Broadcast Channels—Part II: Representation of Bounds on the Multicast Capacity Region
Maximilian Riemensberger, Wolfgang Utschick

12. Arbitrarily Varying Channels—A Model for Robust Communication in the Presence of Unknown Interference
Rafael F. Schaefer, Holger Boche, H. Vincent Poor

13. Resource Allocation and Pricing in Non-cooperative Interference Networks withMalicious Users
Fei Shen, Anil Kumar Chorppath, Eduard Jorswieck, Holger Boche

14. Interference Alignment Aided by Non-Regenerative Relays
Rakash SivaSiva Ganesan, Hussein Al-Shatri, Xiang Li, Anja Klein, Tobias Weber

15. Stochastic Geometry for Analysis of Coordination and Cooperation in Interference–Limited Ad Hoc Networks
Andrey Skrebtsov, Guido H. Bruck, Peter Jung

16. Cooperative Diversity Under Spatial Interference Correlation in Wireless Networks
Ralph Tanbourgi, Holger Jäkel, Friedrich K. Jondral

17. Physical-Layer Key Generation andReconciliation
Jon Wallace, Rashid Mehmood, Rajesh Sharma, Werner Henkel, Oana Graur, Nazia Islam, Alexandra Filip

18. Physical Layer Cooperation in One-Way Relaying Systems
Meng Wu, Frank Ludwig, Dirk Wübben, Armin Dekorsy, Karl-Dirk Kammeyer, Steffen Paul

19. Physical Layer Cooperation in Two-Way Relaying Systems
Meng Wu, Frank Ludwig, Dirk Wübben, Armin Dekorsy, Steffen Paul

20. Generalized Multi-Carrier Waveforms in Two-Way Relay Systems
Matthias Woltering, Stephan Schedler, Dirk Wübben, Armin Dekorsy, Volker Kühn

21. Linear Multi-Cell Precoding for Throughput Optimization Considering Outage
Xin Zhang, Richard Fritzsche, Andreas Festag, Gerhard Fettweis

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Signal, Image and Speech Processing

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Signals and Communication Technology
Page amount
11 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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