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Problematic Wildlife

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Table of contents

Part I. General Introduction: The Reasons Behind and Significance of the Book. Problematic Wildlife: Definitions and Concepts. When and Why a Wild Species May Become Problematic

1. Problematic Wildlife at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century: Introduction
Francesco Maria Angelici

Part II. Extinct Species, Species at Risk of Extinction and Declining Species: Some Current and Past Case Studies. Land Fragmentation and Habitat Degradation

2. Mammal Species Extinction and Decline: Some Current and Past Case Studies of the Detrimental Influence of Man
Katarzyna Daleszczyk, Amy E. Eycott, Jörg E. Tillmann

3. The Decline in the Lion Population in Africa and Possible Mitigation Measures
Martina Trinkel, Francesco Maria Angelici

4. Commodification of the Saker Falcon Falco cherrug: Conservation Problem or Opportunity?
Andrew Dixon

5. Towards Extinction and Back: Decline and Recovery of Otter Populations in Italy
Alessandro Balestrieri, Luigi Remonti, Claudio Prigioni

Part III. When Wildlife Creates Problems for the Environment and Human Activities: General Features and Some Case Studies

6. Problem Solving and Decision-Making in Project Management of Problematic Wildlife: A Review of Some Approaches and Conceptual Tools
Corrado Battisti, Giovanni Amori

7. Managing Human–Elephant Conflict in Zimbabwe: A Boundary Perspective Rather Than a Problematic Species Issue
Sébastien Bel, Mike Grange, René Czudek

8. A Review of Livestock Predation by Large Carnivores in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan
Rajanathan Rajaratnam, Karl Vernes, Tiger Sangay

Part IV. Managing Problematic Species: Case Studies from Protected Areas and Areas Subject to Other Kinds of Management (Rural, Forest, Hunting and Urban Areas). Introductions, Reintroductions and Restocking

9. A Survey of Wildlife Damage Management Techniques Used by Wildlife Control Operators in Urbanized Environments in the USA
Stephen M. Vantassel, Scott R. Groepper

10. Fifteen Years of Rat Eradication on Italian Islands
Dario Capizzi, Nicola Baccetti, Paolo Sposimo

11. Management of Wild Boar in Protected Areas: The Case of Elba Island
Alberto Meriggi, Marco Lombardini, Pietro Milanesi, Anna Brangi, Paolo Lamberti, Francesca Giannini

12. Effects of the Recent World Invasion by Ring-Necked Parakeets Psittacula krameri

Mattia Menchetti, Emiliano Mori, Francesco Maria Angelici

Part V. Genetic Contributions to the Management of Problematic Species

13. Temporal Genetic Monitoring of Declining and Invasive Wildlife Populations: Current State and Future Directions
Jaana Kekkonen

14. Fate of the Mongooses and the Genet (Carnivora) in Mediterranean Europe: None Native, All Invasive?
Philippe Gaubert

15. Conservation of a New Flagship Species: The Galápagos Pink Land Iguana (Conolophus marthae Gentile and Snell, 2009)
Gabriele Gentile, Cruz Marquez, Howard L. Snell, Washington Tapia, Arturo Izurieta

Part VI. Species that Are a Danger to Humans, Man-Eating Wildlife, etc.

16. Money, Myths and Man-Eaters: Complexities of Human–Wildlife Conflict
Amy J. Dickman, Leela Hazzah

17. Predators That Kill Humans: Myth, Reality, Context and the Politics of Wolf Attacks on People
John D. C. Linnell, Julien Alleau

18. The Aggressive Apes? Causes and Contexts of Great Ape Attacks on Local Persons
Matthew R. McLennan, Kimberley J. Hockings

19. Promoting a Mobile Data Collection System to Improve HWC Incident Recording: A Simple and Handy Solution for Controlling Problem Animals in Southern Africa
Sébastien Le Bel, David Chavernac, Fiona Stansfield

Part VII. Some Special Cases: Wind Farms and Fauna, Bird-Strikes, Electrocution, etc.

20. Impacts to Birds and Bats Due to Collisions and Electrocutions from Some Tall Structures in the United States: Wires, Towers, Turbines, and Solar Arrays—State of the Art in Addressing the Problems
Albert M. Manville

21. Conflict of Wings: Birds Versus Aircraft
John Thorpe

22. Approaches to Wildlife Management in Aviation
Jeffrey McKee, Phillip Shaw, Arie Dekker, Kylie Patrick

23. Conflicts Between Birds and On-Shore Wind Farms
Mieke C. Zwart, Ailsa J. McKenzie, Jeroen Minderman, Mark J. Whittingham

Part VIII. Bushmeat: A Socioecological Problem. The Overexploitation of Wildlife for Nutritional and Traditional Purposes. World Animal Trade, Extinction Risk and Socio-economic Issues

24. Bushmeat and Emerging Infectious Diseases: Lessons from Africa
Laura A. Kurpiers, Björn Schulte-Herbrüggen, Imran Ejotre, DeeAnn M. Reeder

25. Wildlife Trafficking in a Globalized World: An Example of Motivations and Modus Operandi from a Norwegian Case Study
Ragnhild Sollund

Part IX. Hidden Species: An Appropriate Scientific Approach to Cryptozoology

26. A Review of Cryptozoology: Towards a Scientific Approach to the Study of “Hidden Animals”
Lorenzo Rossi

27. Erratum to: Mammal Species Extinction and Decline: Some Current and Past Case Studies of the Detrimental Influence of Man
Katarzyna Daleszczyk, Amy E. Eycott, Jörg E. Tillmann

Keywords: Life Sciences, Animal Ecology, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Environmental Management, Animal Genetics and Genomics, Urban Ecology

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