Beghetto, Ronald A.

Creative Contradictions in Education

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Table of contents

Part I. Uncovering Conceptual Issues & Barriers

1. Big-C Versus Little-c Creativity: Definitions, Implications, and Inherent Educational Contradictions
Dean Keith Simonton

2. The Nature of Creativity: Mayflies, Octopi, and the Best Bad Idea We Have
Jeffrey K. Smith, Lisa F. Smith

3. The Difference That Makes a ‘Creative’ Difference in Education
Vlad Petre Glăveanu, Ronald A. Beghetto

4. Avoiding Dogmatic Traps in Creativity and Education Through Awareness of Worldviews and Visual Metaphor
Don Ambrose

5. Creative Interpretations of Educational Contradictions
Mark A. Runco

6. Subordinated and Rebellious Creativity at School
Maciej Karwowski

7. Purposeful Fulfillment of Creative Potential
Pablo P. L. Tinio, Baptiste Barbot

8. Content Matters: Why Nurturing Creativity Is So Different in Different Domains
John Baer

Part II. Practical Applications & Promising Directions

9. People, Passions, Problems: The Role of Creative Exemplars in Teaching for Creativity
Robert Root-Bernstein, Michele Root-Bernstein

10. Where Learning Meets Creativity: The Promise of Guided Play
Jennifer M. Zosh, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, Rebecca Dore

11. Contradictory Concepts of Creativity in Mathematics Teacher Education
Per Øystein Haavold, Alv Birkeland

12. Do We Need a Revolutionary Approach to Bring Creativity into Education?
Cynthia A. Burnett, Kathryn P. Haydon

13. Promoting Abduction – A Teaching Experiment on Creative Learning Processes in a High School Classroom Context
Lene Tanggaard, Rasmus Hjorth

14. Creative Imagination in Memorization in Mathematics Learning
Ai-Girl Tan

15. The Paradox of Serious Fun
Anthony E. Middlebrooks

16. Creativity in Music Education? The Wild Card That Got Stuck in the Deck
Anna Houmann

17. Children’s and Teachers’ Conceptions of Creativity: Contradictions and Implications in Classroom Instruction
Eunsook Hong, Rachel Part, Lonnie Rowell

18. On the Measurement and Mismeasurement of Creativity
Todd Lubart, Maud Besançon

Keywords: Education, Educational Psychology, Learning & Instruction, Curriculum Studies, Teaching and Teacher Education, Creativity and Arts Education

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Creativity Theory and Action in Education
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