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Blast Injury Science and Engineering

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Table of contents

Part I. Basic Science and Engineering

1. The Fundamentals of Blast Physics
William G. Proud

2. Biomechanics in Blast
Anthony M. J. Bull

3. Behaviour of Materials
Spyros Masouros, Dan J. Pope

4. Blast Loading of Cells
Katherine A. Brown

5. Biological Tissue Response
Angelo Karunaratne

Part II. Weapon Effects and the Human

6. Blast Injury Mechanism
Dafydd S. Edwards, Jon Clasper

Part III. Principles of Investigating and Modelling Blast and Blast Mitigation

7. The Examination of Post-blast Scenes
Karl Harrison, Nadia Abdul-Karim

8. Clinical Forensic Investigation of the 2005 London Suicide Bombings
Hasu D. L. Patel, Steven Dryden

9. Modelling the Blast Environment and Relating this to Clinical Injury: Experience from the 7/7 Inquest
Alan E. Hepper, Dan J. Pope, M. Bishop, Emrys Kirkman, A. Sedman, Robert J. Russell, Peter F. Mahoney, Jon Clasper

10. The Mortality Review Panel: A Report on the Deaths on Operations of UK Service Personnel 2002–2013
Robert J. Russell, Nicholas C. A. Hunt, Russell Delaney

11. Physical Models: Tissue Simulants
John Breeze, Debra J. Carr

12. Physical Models: Organ Models for Primary Blast
Hari Arora, Theofano Eftaxiopoulou

In-Vivo Models of Blast Injury
Theofano Eftaxiopoulou

14. Modelling Blast Brain Injury
Rita Campos-Pires, Robert Dickinson

15. Military Wound Ballistics Case Study: Development of a Skull/Brain Model
Debra J. Carr, Stephen Champion

16. Surrogates of Human Injury
Diagarajen Carpanen, Spyros Masouros, Nicolas Newell

17. Computational Methods in Continuum Mechanics
Dan J. Pope, Spyros Masouros

18. Energised Fragments, Bullets and Fragment Simulating Projectiles
John Breeze, Debra J. Carr

Part IV. Applications of Blast Injury Research: Solving Clinical Problems

19. Coagulopathy and Inflammation: An Overview of Blast Effects
Nicholas T. Tarmey, Emrys Kirkman

20. Foot and Ankle Blast Injuries
Arul Ramasamy

21. Traumatic Amputation
James A. G. Singleton

22. Testing and Development of Mitigation Systems for Tertiary Blast
Nicolas Newell, Spyros Masouros

23. Pelvic Blast Injury
Claire Webster, Jon Clasper

24. Applications of Blast Injury Research: Solving Clinical Problems and Providing Mitigation
Debra J. Carr

25. Blast Injury to the Spine
Edward J. Spurrier

26. Primary Blast Lung Injury
Robert A. H. Scott

27. Regional Effects of Explosive Devices: The Neck
John Breeze

28. Optimising the Anatomical Coverage Provided by Military Body Armour Systems
John Breeze, Eluned A. Lewis, Robert Fryer

29. Blast Injuries of the Eye
Robert A. H. Scott

30. Hearing Damage Through Blast
Tobias Reichenbach

31. Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Jon Clasper, Paul R. Wood

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Emergency Medicine, Traumatic Surgery

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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