Trutty-Coohill, Patricia

The Cosmos and the Creative Imagination

Trutty-Coohill, Patricia - The Cosmos and the Creative Imagination, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Scintillations: An Introduction to the Volume
Patricia Trutty-Coohill

Part II. Tymieniecka Studies

2. Creative Philosophizing: Tying Tymieniecka’s “Imaginatio Creatrix” to the Moral Experience of Life
Carmen Cozma

3. Creative Imagination, Openness, and Music
Roberto Wu

Part III. Imaginatio Creatrix

4. Bachelard and Merleau-Ponty: Is a Cosmic Flesh of the World Feigned or Disclosed by Imagination?
Annabelle Dufourcq

5. Dream and Semblance: The Play of Art and Life
Brian Grassom

6. Ben Okri’s The Landscapes Within (1981): The Unfinished Story

Rosemary Gray

7. The Phenomenology of the Creative Imagination: Philo of Alexandria and Ibn ‘Arabi
Marie Antonios Sassine

8. Paul Klee’s Unbound Creativity
Marcella Tarozzi Goldsmith

9. Ruach Hakodesh: The Epiphanic and Cosmic Nature of Imagination in the Art of Michael Jackson and His Influence on My Image-Making
Constance Pierce

Part IV. Husserl Studies

10. My Living Body: The Zero Point of Nature-Mind and the Horizon of Creative Imagination
Daniel James Hughes

11. Knowledge and the Lifeworld: Phenomenological-Transcendental Investigations
Witold Płotka

Part V. Phenomenological Space and Time

12. Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Paul Klee: Toward the Roots of Creative Imagination and Its Cosmic Dimension
Lucia Angelino

13. Eternal Noon
Alira Ashvo-Muñoz

14. American Walk: Imagining Between Earth and Sky
Lena Hopsch

15. Eternal Recurrence and Nietzsche’s Halcyon Progeny
Kimiyo Murata-Soraci

16. Memory Fields, Attention, and the Resonance of Narrative
Rebecca M. Painter

17. The Eternal Return: Time and Timelessness In P. D. Ouspensky’s Strange Life of Ivan Osokin and Mircea Eliade’s “The Secret of Dr. Honigberger”
Bruce Ross

Part VI. The Cosmic Origin of Life and Art

18. Kant’s Antinomies Concerning the World Problem Starting from Cassirer-Heidegger’s Debate in Davos (1929)
Guelfo Carbone

19. Cosmology in H.D.’S Trilogy: Poetics, Logos and Trace
William D. Melaney

20. The Naturalistic Axiology of Holmes Rolston III
Leszek Pyra

21. Scientific Creativity in Malay Cosmology: A Phenomenological Perspective
A. L. Samian

Part VII. The Cosmic in the Arts

22. Three Cosmic Poets: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Rabindranath Tagore and Ezenwa-Ohaeto, and Cosmic Nature of Imagination
Tony E. Afejuku

23. A Short Study of Jisei (Swan Songs): Death, Cosmos and Its Transmigration
Kiyoko Ogawa, Tadashi Ogawa

24. Fusing with Nature and the Cosmos: Shamanic Elements in the Art of Akiko and Pablo Cesar Amaringo
Bruce Ross

25. Hegel and The Sea of Ice

Andrew Jay Svedlow

26. Cosmic Ruminations: The Creative Imagination, Imagined Experience, and the Lure of Distant Horizons
Saundra Tara Weiss

27. A Phenomenological Approach to Earth Oblivion and Human Unbalance in Koyaanisqatsi

Victor G. Rivas López

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Comparative Literature

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Analecta Husserliana
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