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Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials, Volume 6

Korach, Chad S - Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials, Volume 6, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Damage in Brain Tissue Due to Single Bubble Cavitation Shock
Ghatu Subhash, Saranya Canchi, Yu Hong, Malisa Sarntinoranont, Michael A. King

2. Inflation Test of the Human Optic Nerve Head Using Digital Volume Correlation
Dan E. Midgett, Harry A. Quigley, Mary E. Pease, Christian Franck, Jennet Toyjanova, Thao D. Nguyen

3. In Situ NANO-Indentation of Round Window Membrane
Hirobumi Watanabe, Anil K. Lalwani, Jeffrey W. Kysar

4. Transient Response of the Eardrum Excited by Localized Mechanical Forces
Payam Razavi, Ivo Dobrev, Michael E. Ravicz, Jeffery Tao Cheng, Cosme Furlong, John J. Rosowski

5. In Vitro Quantification of Optimal Impact Properties for Microneedle Penetration
Kikelomo Moronkeji, Simon Todd, Idalia Dawidowska, Riaz Akhtar

6. DIC Measurements of the Human Heart During Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery
Mikko Hokka, Nikolas Mirow, Horst Nagel, Sebastian Vogt, Veli-Tapani Kuokkala

7. Comparing 2D and 3D Digital Image Correlation for an Inflation Test
Barbara J. Murienne, Thao D. Nguyen

8. Determination of Cardiac Wall Deformations from MRI Images
Cesar Augusto Sciammarella, Luciano Lamberti, Antonio Boccaccio

9. A Deeper Look Into Immature Porcine Zona Pellucida Visco-hyperelasticity
Antonio Boccaccio, Luciano Lamberti, Massimiliano Papi, Marco Spirito, Carmine Pappalettere

10. Induced Coupling Between Contractile Cells
Brian J. Williams, M. Taher A. Saif

11. In-Vivo Indentation Testing of Sheep Spinal Cord with Meninges
Haitao Zhang, Phillip Falkner, Chad Cai

12. Polydimethylsiloxane Lanes Enhance Sarcomere Organization in Human ESC-Derived Cardiomyocytes
Brett N. Napiwocki, Max R. Salick, Randolph S. Ashton, Wendy C. Crone

13. Electrospin Fiber Affect on the Strength of Metal–Cement Interfaces
Shahram Riahinezhad, Yanling Li, Morshed Khandaker

14. A Nanomechanics Based Investigation into Interface Thermomechanics of Collagen and Chitin Based Biomaterials
Tao Qu, Devendra Verma, Vikas Tomar

15. The Growth and Mechanical Properties of Abalone Nacre Mesolayer
Yan Chen, MariAnne Sullivan, Barton C. Prorok

16. Novel Bending Fatigue Testing of Small Medical Device Cables
Haitao Zhang, Bernard Li

17. Complex Shear Modulus of Hydrogels Using a Dynamic Nanoindentation Method
Riaz Akhtar, Emily R. Draper, Dave J. Adams, Holger Pfaff

18. Characterization of Acoustically-Induced Forces of the Human Eardrum
Morteza Khaleghi, Cosme Furlong, Jeffrey Tao Cheng, John J. Rosowski

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Regenerative Medicine/Tissue Engineering

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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