Box, Elgene Owen

Vegetation Structure and Function at Multiple Spatial, Temporal and Conceptual Scales

Box, Elgene Owen - Vegetation Structure and Function at Multiple Spatial, Temporal and Conceptual Scales, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Global Scale

1. World Bioclimatic Zonation
Elgene O. Box

2. Vegetation Functional Types and Traits at Multiple Scales
Andrew N. Gillison

Part II. Regional Vegetation Analysis and Synthesis

3. Evergreen Broad-Leaved Forest of East Asia
Song Yong-Chang, Da Liang-Jun

4. Evergreen-Deciduous Broad-Leaved Forest Ecotone in Eastern China: Retrospect and New Perspectives
Song Kun, Da Liang-Jun

5. Ecology of Relict Tertiary Deciduous Trees in Subtropical China
Shang Kan-Kan, Song Kun, Da Liang-Jun

6. Classification of Lower Montane Evergreen Forests in Southern India and Sri Lanka
A. M. Greller, D. S. A. Wijesundara, H. M. Jayasuriya

7. Dynamics of the Hawaiian Rainforest at Multiple Scales
Dieter Mueller-Dombois, James D. Jacobi

8. On the Steppes and Shrub Thickets in Onon Dahuria
Irina Safronova, Ekaterina Golovina

9. The Vegetation Series of Italy and Applications in Biodiversity Conservation
Carlo Blasi

10. Marcescent Quercus pyrenaica Forest on the Iberian Peninsula
Beatriz Vilches Serna, Daniel Sánchez-Mata, Rosario G. Gavilán

11. Mediterranean Ultramafic (Serpentine) Chaparrals of California (USA): A Geobotanical Overview
Daniel Sánchez-Mata, María Pilar Rodríguez-Rojo

Part III. Local Vegetation Description and Analysis

12. Amphibious Vegetation in the Afro-Alpine Belt and the Role of Cryoturbation in Creating Regeneration Niches
Ulrich Deil, Miguel Alvarez, Andreas Hemp

13. Large Habitat Range But Low Floristic Variation: The Case of Festuco rubrae-Agrostietum capillaris Grasslands
Dan Gafta, Sorana Muncaciu

14. The Caricetum distichae Association in Italy
Franco Pedrotti

15. The Vegetation of the Pie’ Vettore Debris (Sibillini Mountains, Central Italy)
Kevin Cianfaglione, Franco Pedrotti

16. Microtopography-Induced Differentiation of Moss Synusiae in Wet Grasslands Covering a Karst Plain in Central Italy (Pian Grande, Central Apennines)
Michele Aleffi, Franco Pedrotti, Dan Gafta

17. At What Scales and in What Vegetation Types Should We Sample Non-vascular Plants?
Gillian L. Rapson

Part IV. Conceptual Methodologies

18. Moving from Patterns to Processes: A Challenge for the Phytosociology of the Twenty-First Century?
Guillaume Decocq

19. A Multi-scale Analysis of Plant Diversity Along Soil Nutrient Gradients
Brooke E. Wheeler, Robert K. Peet

Part V. Applied Vegetation Science

Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed) in Japan: Why Is It Not a Pest for Japanese People?
Michiko Shimoda, Norifumi Yamasaki

21. Iberian Atlantic Forest Restoration: An Experiment Based in Vegetation Succession
N. A. Laskurain, I. García-Mijangos, H. Manzanedo, J. Sesma, M. Ferrari, T. G. Calvo, Javier Loidi

22. Carbon-Stock Measurement in Community Forests in Lampung Province, Sumatra
Nobukazu Nakagoshi, Anjar Yogie Supriatna, Hadi Susilo Arifin

Part VI. Perspectives

23. Vegetation History and Dynamics in New Zealand: Future Scenarios and Improved Trajectories Towards Restoring Natural Patterns
Colin D. Meurk, Jon Sullivan, Wendy McWilliam

24. Fundamentals and Perspectives of Geobotanical Research in the Twenty-First Century
Richard Pott

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Biogeosciences, Plant Ecology, Plant Sciences

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Geobotany Studies
Page amount
40 pages
Natural Sciences
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