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Crop Systems Biology

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Table of contents

1. Challenges in Integrating Genetic Control in Plant and Crop Models
Valentina Baldazzi, Nadia Bertin, Michel Génard, Hélène Gautier, Elsa Desnoues, Bénédicte Quilot-Turion

2. Simulating Genotype-Phenotype Interaction Using Extended Functional-Structural Plant Models: Approaches, Applications and Potential Pitfalls
Lifeng Xu, Gerhard Buck-Sorlin

3. Modelling of Genotype by Environment Interaction and Prediction of Complex Traits across Multiple Environments as a Synthesis of Crop Growth Modelling, Genetics and Statistics
Daniela Bustos-Korts, Marcos Malosetti, Scott Chapman, Fred Eeuwijk

4. Process-Based Simulation Models Are Essential Tools for Virtual Profiling and Design of Ideotypes: Example of Fruit and Root
Michel Génard, Mohamed-Mahmoud Memmah, Bénédicte Quilot-Turion, Gilles Vercambre, Valentina Baldazzi, Jacques Bot, Nadia Bertin, Hélène Gautier, Françoise Lescourret, Loïc Pagès

5. Heuristic Exploration of Theoretical Margins for Improving Adaptation of Rice through Crop-Model Assisted Phenotyping
Delphine Luquet, Camila Rebolledo, Lauriane Rouan, Jean-Christophe Soulie, Michael Dingkuhn

6. Limited-Transpiration Trait for Increased Yield for Water-Limited Soybean: From Model to Phenotype to Genotype to Cultivars
Thomas R. Sinclair, Jyostna M. Devi, Thomas E. Carter

7. Molecular Breeding for Complex Adaptive Traits: How Integrating Crop Ecophysiology and Modelling Can Enhance Efficiency
Graeme Hammer, Charlie Messina, Erik Oosterom, Scott Chapman, Vijaya Singh, Andrew Borrell, David Jordan, Mark Cooper

8. Crop Modeling Approaches for Predicting Phenotype of Grain Legumes with Linkage to Genetic Information
Kenneth J. Boote, C. Eduardo Vallejos, James W. Jones, Melanie J. Correll

9. Modelling QTL-Trait-Crop Relationships: Past Experiences and Future Prospects
Xinyou Yin, Paul C. Struik, Junfei Gu, Huaqi Wang

10. Crop Systems Biology: Where Are We and Where to Go?
Xinyou Yin, Paul C. Struik

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Systems Biology, Plant Genetics & Genomics, Plant Physiology

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Page amount
11 pages
Natural Sciences
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