Elfadel, Ibrahim (Abe) M.

3D Stacked Chips

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Table of contents

Part I. Electrical 3D Integration

1. Introduction to Electrical 3D Integration
Sebastian Killge, Sujay Charania, Johann W. Bartha

2. Copper-Based TSV: Interposer
Sebastian Killge, Volker Neumann, Johann W. Bartha

3. Energy Efficient Electrical Intra-Chip-Stack Communication
Johannes Görner, Dennis Walter, Michael Haas, Sebastian Höppner

4. Multi-TSV Crosstalk Channel Equalization with Non-uniform Quantization
Tobias Seifert, Friedrich Pauls, Gerhard Fettweis

5. Energy Efficient TSV Based Communication Employing 1-Bit Quantization at the Receiver
Lukas Landau, Gerhard Fettweis

6. Clock Generators for Heterogeneous MPSoCs Within 3D Chip Stacks
Sebastian Höppner, Dennis Walter, René Schüffny

7. Two-nanometer Laser Synthesized Si-Nanoparticles for Low Power Memory Applications
Nazek El-Atab, Ali K. Okyay, Ammar Nayfeh

8. Accurate Temperature Measurement for 3D Thermal Management
Sami ur Rehman, Ayman Shabra

9. EDA Environments for 3D Chip Stacks
Love Cederström

10. Integrating 3D Floorplanning and Optimization of Thermal Through-Silicon Vias
Puskar Budhathoki, Johann Knechtel, Andreas Henschel, Ibrahim (Abe) M. Elfadel

Part II. Photonic and Opto-Electronic 3D Integration

11. Introduction to Optical Inter- and Intraconnects
Niels Neumann, Ronny Henker, Marcus S. Dahlem

12. Optical Through-Silicon Vias
Sebastian Killge, Niels Neumann, Dirk Plettemeier, Johann W. Bartha

13. Integrated Optical Devices for 3D Photonic Transceivers
Seyedreza Hosseini, Michael Haas, Dirk Plettemeier, Kambiz Jamshidi

14. Cantilever Design for Tunable WDM Filters Based on Silicon Microring Resonators
Hossam Shoman, Marcus S. Dahlem

15. Athermal Photonic Circuits for Optical On-Chip Interconnects
Peng Xing, Jaime Viegas

16. Integrated Circuits for 3D Photonic Transceivers
Ronny Henker, Guido Belfiore, Laszlo Szilagyi, Frank Ellinger

17. Review of Interdigitated Back Contacted Full Heterojunction Solar Cell (IBC-SHJ): A Simulation Approach
Ayesha A. Al-Shouq, Adel B. Gougam

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Electronic Circuits and Devices, Processor Architectures

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