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Protection of Materials and Structures from the Space Environment

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Table of contents

1. Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment—ICPMSE Proceedings Series: From Past to Present
Jacob Kleiman

2. Development of a Chromium Free Anticorrosion Primer
G. Sierra, S. Reymond, O. Guillaumon, S. Remaury, P. Nabarra

3. Analysis of Materials’ Specimens After Long-Term Exposure on ISS Surface in Komplast Experiment
S. K. Shaevich, N. G. Aleksandrov, A. E. Shumov, L. S. Novikov, V. N. Chernik, V. P. Petukhov, M. S. Samokhina, V. V. Sedov, I. A. Salnikova, D. J. Shindo, J. L. Golden, M. Kravchenko

4. Integrated Analysis of Radiation-Protective Thermal Control Coatings
S. V. Tokar, A. V. Grigorievsky, L. V. Kiseleva

5. Space Environmental and Technical Performances of Organic Silicone Antistatic White Thermal Control Coating
Lei Hui, Lu Wu, Zeng Yibing, Luo Zhengping, Jin Ke, Yin Yuchen

6. Space Environment Simulation Tests for Black Polyimide Film
Lei Wang, Yun-zhen Cao

7. Analysis of the Performance of White Paint S781 in Space
Xu Tao, Chen Binbin, Zhao Xiaoxiang

8. Wood-Based, Diamond-Like Carbon for Improved Resistance Against Atomic Oxygen
Takeshi Kajimoto, Toshimitsu Hata, Masahito Tagawa, Hirotsugu Kojima, Hajime Hayakawa

9. Formation of E’γ Centers Under Electron Irradiation in Ultrapure Glass and Structural Relaxation
Chengyue Sun, Yiyong Wu, Haiying Xiao, Jianqun Yang, Jingdong Xiao, Yu Sui, Yi Wang, Zhong Yi

10. Mechanism of Electron Radiation Induced Loss of the “Panda” Type Polarization-Maintaining Optical Fibers
Hai Liu, Hongbao Sun

11. ASTM E1559 Comparative Testing of Low-Outgassing Silicone-Based MAP Thermal Control Coatings
Vitali Issoupov, Sergey Horodetsky, Jacob Kleiman

12. Dielectric Temperature Spectroscopy of Degraded Solar Cell Coverglass Due to Ground-Based Space Environmental Irradiation
Yu Chen, Lei Chen, Kazuhiro Toyoda, Mengu Cho, Yonghong Cheng

13. Measurement and Evaluation of the Atomic Oxygen Beam Parameters and Material Erosion
S. Horodetsky, V. Issoupov, V. Verba, J. Kleiman

14. The Effect of Small Concentrations of Nanopowders on the Radiation Stability of Lacquers
Chundong Li, V. V. Neshchimenko, M. M. Mikhailov

15. Potential Space Applications of Nanomaterials
Lev S. Novikov, Ekaterina N. Voronina

16. Synergistic Effects in “Solar Reflectors” Thermal Control Coating Under GSO Simulated Conditions Exposure
M. M. Mikhailov, V. V. Neshchimenko

17. The REACH Regulation and the Space Activities
Ch. Durin, E. Laurent, V. Cocheteau

18. Chinese Standard GJB 2502 for Test Methods of Spacecraft Thermal Control Coatings
Feng Weiquan

19. Biomimetic Gecko Micro/Nano-Structures Adhesive Array for Space Application
Luojing Chen, Shanshan Du, Qiujie Lv, Mo Wang, Danying Fu

20. Polymer Surface Modification for Space Applications
J. I. Kleiman

21. Development of a Silicone Adhesive for OSR Bonding
G. Sierra, O. Guillaumon, D. Sacramento, S. Remaury, P. Nabarra

22. Surface Modification of Flat Cable Conductors to Prevent Surface Charging
Z. Iskanderova, J. Kleiman, C. Noemayr, C. Zimmerman

23. Research of Contamination Prevention in the Whole Process of Lunar Samples Transfer
Danming Li, Qipeng Wu, Xiaojing Sun, Guangliang Zhang

24. The Research of Lunar Dust Environment Influence and Design of a Simulation System
Man Li, Dongbo Tian, Zhihao Wang, Yu Bai, Yu Li, Qiang Yu

25. Qualification of High Temperature Platings and Corresponding Lessons Learned
Fabio Panin, Adrian Graham

26. Abrasion Research on Axle Materials with the Influence of Simulated Lunar Dust
Dongbo Tian, Man Li, Yu Bai, Zhihao Wang, Qiang Yu, Yu Li

27. Effects Analysis and Simulation Technology of Dust Storm Environment on Mars
Lei Zhang, Jie Xu, Shizeng Lv

28. Review of Atomic Oxygen Testing and Protection Methods in China
Jingyu Tong, Xiangpeng Liu, Haifu Jiang, Zhigang Shen, Meishuan Li, Yiyong Wu

29. Structural and Mechanical Properties Changes in Carbon and Boron Nitride Nanotubes Under the Impact of Atomic Oxygen
Ekaterina N. Voronina, Lev S. Novikov

30. Effects of Atomic Oxygen Exposure on Tribological Property of Zirconium Alloy
Yong Liu, Zhuyu Ye, Jianqun Yang, Shangli Dong, Zhengjun Zhang

31. Effect of Atomic Oxygen Irradiation on the Properties and Structure of Spacecraft Composite Beta Cloth Film
Haifu Jiang, Tao Li, Lihua Chai, Xiangpeng Liu, Ruiqiong Zhai, Xue Zhao

32. The Study of the Effects of VUV/UV Radiation on the Thermal Control Coatings
Lingnan Wu, Yuzhi Zhang, Jia Meng, Xiaofu Yin, Lixin Song

33. Effect of Projectile Shape and Velocity on Crater Damage
Qiang Wei, Haorui Liu, Sam Zhang, Yu Bai

34. The Study of Space Debris and Meteoroid Impact Effects on Spacecraft Solar Array
Dongsheng Jiang, Pei Zhang, Yi Zhang

35. Characteristic of Substrate Coloration Under Space Charged Particles
Hai Liu, Huicong Zhao

36. Mass Loss of Spacecraft Polymeric Thermal Control Coatings Under Radiation
R. H. Khasanshin, A. V. Grigorevsky, I. B. Vintaykin

37. Numerical Simulations of Spacecraft Wake Charging
Cheng-xuan Zhao, De-tian Li, Sheng-sheng Yang, Xiao-gang Qin, Jun Wang, Yi-feng Chen, Dao-tan Tang, Liang Shi

38. Synergistic Effects of LEO Space Environment and Their Influence on Space Station
Zicai Shen, Dekui Yan

Effects of Thermal Cycling on Atomic Oxygen Interaction with Graphite/Cyanate Composite
Ruiqiong Zhai, Yuming Liu, Dongbo Tian, Haifu Jiang, Yuting Li

40. Atomic Oxygen Monitor Based on Resistance Film
Xiangpeng Liu, Jingyu Tong, Dingyigang, Liuyuming, Haifu Jiang, Jia Zheng

41. Effects of Thermal-Mechanical Cycling on Tension Properties of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
Shangli Dong, Hao Wang, Libo Fu, Gang Lv, Shiyu He

Self-Assembly Structures in ZnFexMn(2-x)O4 Ceramics and Effect on Thermal Properties
Bin Wang, Jilong Dai, Chaobo Liu

43. Preparation and Space Environmental Stability of a Nano-Materials Modified Thermal Control Coating
Zhou Bo, Liu Gang, Cao Kangli, Chen Weimin

44. Analysis of the Effect of Space Environment Parameters on the Solar Radiation Pressure Model for IGSO Satellite
Qiuli Chen, Zhonggui Chen, Haihong Wang

45. 3-Dimensional Characteristic of Electric Field and Potential Induced by Internal Charging Effects in Typical PCB
Xiao-Jin Tang, Zhong Yi, Chao Zhang, Ye-Nan Liu, Zhi-Hao Wang, Li-Fei Meng, Jian-Guo Huang

46. Investigation of the Radiation Environment in Deep Space and Its Effect on Spacecraft Materials Properties
Yigang Ding, Zicai Shen

47. Mechanism and Kinetic Characterization of the Electron Irradiation Induced Degradation of Dgeba/Dicy
Gang Liu, Lixin Zhang, Jian Jiang

48. Effectiveness Analysis of Ground Simulation Space Environmental Tests and Their Effects on Spacecraft
Zicai Shen, Xiaoyi Zhai

49. Research on Vacuum Outgassing of a Cable Material for Spacecraft Applications
Jialong Dai, Dongsheng Yang, Xiaoxue Yuan, Zhong Yi, Lifei Meng, Weiguo Zang, Yu Bai, Qian Yu

50. A Method for Locating Space Debris Impact Source Based on PVDF Films
Zhenhao Liu, Jianmin Wang, Fanjin Kong, Wugang Liu, Haibo Li

51. “Meteor” Sensors Mounted on a Small Spacecraft AIST
M. Telegin, N. D. Semkin, L. S. Novikov

52. Hypervelocity Impact Response of Al-Sc and Al-Ti Targets
Peiji Li, Weigui Zhang, Liangju He, L. S. Novikov

53. Thermal Control and Shield Design for the Instrumental Module of the X-Ray Pulsar Navigation Sensor
Fuchang Zuo, Loulou Deng, Liansheng Li, Chunyu Wang, Yanan Mo

54. Design and Simulation of a Magnetic Diverter Structure for the X-Ray Detecting System
Liansheng Li, Chunyu Wang, Loulou Deng, Fuchang Zuo, Zhiwu Mei, Zhengxin Lv

55. Design and Implementation of an On-orbit Maintenance Method for the Interior Decoration Materials in a Manned Spacecraft Habitation Module
Zhe Li, Chuanfeng Wei, Xi Qu, Hao Zheng

56. Leak Detection and Location of Seals in Spacecraft Structures Based on a Multi-sensor Data Fusion Method
Ping Hao, Dong-Yong Jia, Zhao Yin

57. Simulation Technology for Tissue Dose Ionizing Radiation in the Manned Spacecraft Pressurized Cabin
Biao Yang, Dongsheng Yang, Chuanfeng Wei

58. A Study on Control Methods for Thermally Induced Disturbances of Large Space Structures
Yanqiang Bi, Xinming Su, Jing Wang, Xiyuan Li, Dianfu Qie

59. A New Method to Evaluate the Adaptability of Initiating Explosive Used in the Aro-Pyrotechnic Device in Deep Space
Yaokun Ye, Feng Ding, Jianfeng Man, Nan Yan, Weituo Li

60. Re-entry Aerothermal Environment Simulation of the TPS of Hypersonic Flight Vehicles
Xinyan Ji, Jing Wang, Yirong Wang

Keywords: Engineering, Nanotechnology and Microengineering, Space Sciences (including Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Exploration and Astronautics), Materials Engineering

Publication year
Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
Page amount
16 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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