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Table of contents

Part I. Context and Objectives

1. Introduction: A Critical Appraisal of Major Water Engineering Projects and the Need for Interdisciplinary Approaches
Reinhard F. Hüttl, Oliver Bens, Christine Bismuth, Sebastian Hoechstetter, Hans-Georg Frede, Hans-Joachim Kümpel

2. Water Ethics – Orientation for Water Conflicts as Part of Inter- and Transdisciplinary Deliberation
Armin Grunwald

Part II. Major Water Engineering Projects – Challenges, Problems, Opportunities

3. Major Water Engineering Projects: Definitions, Framework Conditions, Systemic Effects
Sebastian Hoechstetter, Christine Bismuth, Hans-Georg Frede

4. A Global View on Future Major Water Engineering Projects
Klement Tockner, Emily S. Bernhardt, Anna Koska, Christiane Zarfl

5. Neglected Values of Major Water Engineering Projects: Ecosystem Services, Social Impacts, and Economic Valuation
Bernd Hansjürgens, Nils Droste, Klement Tockner

6. Water Governance: A Systemic Approach
Petra Dobner, Hans-Georg Frede

7. Research in Two Case Studies: Irrigation and Land Use in the Fergana Valley and Water Management in the Lower Jordan Valley
Christine Bismuth, Sebastian Hoechstetter, Oliver Bens

Part III. The Fergana Valley – Uzbekistan’s Hydro-Agricultural System Between Inertia and Change

8. Between Multiple Transformations and Systemic Path Dependencies
Timothy Moss, Petra Dobner

9. From Upscaling to Rescaling: Transforming the Fergana Basin from Tsarist Irrigation to Water Management for an Independent Uzbekistan
Hermann Kreutzmann

10. Irrigation Infrastructure in Fergana Today: Ecological Implications – Economic Necessities
Shavkat Kenjabaev, Hans-Georg Frede

11. Where Water Meets Agriculture: The Ambivalent Role of Water Users Associations
Timothy Moss, Ahmad Hamidov

12. Theory, the Market and the State: Agricultural Reforms in Post Socialist Uzbekistan Between Economic Incentives and Institutional Obstacles
Bernd Hansjürgens

Part IV. The Lower Jordan Valley – The Red Sea-Dead Sea Conveyance Project and Its Complex History

13. Water Resources, Cooperation and Power Asymmetries in the Water Management of the Lower Jordan Valley: The Situation Today and the Path that Has Led There
Christine Bismuth

14. Reclaiming the Dead Sea: Alternatives for Action
Abdallah I. Husein Malkawi, Yacov Tsur

15. Jordan’s Shadow State and Water Management: Prospects for Water Security Will Depend on Politics and Regional Cooperation
Valerie Yorke

16. Technologies, Incentives and Cost Recovery: Is There an Israeli Role Model?
Christine Bismuth, Bernd Hansjürgens, Ira Yaari

Part V. Outlook and Options for Action

17. Lessons Learnt, Open Research Questions and Recommendations
Christine Bismuth, Bernd Hansjürgens, Timothy Moss, Sebastian Hoechstetter, Klement Tockner, Valerie Yorke, Hermann Kreutzmann, Petra Dobner, Shavkat Kenjabaev, Reinhard F. Hüttl, Oliver Bens, Rolf Emmermann, Hans-Georg Frede, Gerhard Glatzel, Hermann H. Hahn, Bernd Hillemeier, Hans-Joachim Kümpel, Axel Meyer, Helmar Schubert, Herbert Sukopp, Ugur Yaramanci

Keywords: Environment, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Water Industry/Water Technologies, Environmental Economics, International Environmental Law

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Water Resources Development and Management
Page amount
19 pages
Natural Sciences
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