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Soft Computing Applications

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Table of contents

Part VIII. Soft Computing Techniques for Time Series Analysis

1. DuPont Financial Ratio Analysis Using Logical Aggregation
A. Rakićević, P. Milošević, B. Petrović, D. G. Radojević

2. Testing Biorthogonal Wavelets on Magnetocardiogram Processing Algorithms
B. Arvinti, M. Costache, R. Stolz

3. Modeling and Simulation of Hearing with Cochlear Implants: A Proposed Method for Better Auralization
A. M. Kuczapski, G.-D. Andreescu

4. Vessel Tracking and Anomaly Detection Using Level 0/1 and High-Level Information Fusion Techniques
R. Abielmona, R. Falcon, P. W. Vachon, V. Z. Groza

5. On the Long-Range Dependence Property of the Electrical Signals Collected in Cavitation Field
A. Barbulescu, S. V. Balas, I. E. Koles, C. A. Mnerie

Part IX. Soft Computing and Fuzy Logic in Biometrics

6. Iris Recognition—Selecting a Fuzzy Region of Interest in Standard Eye Images
Elif Tuba Celik

7. Establishing PNN-Based Iris Code to Identity Fuzzy Membership for Consistent Enrollment
Valentina E. Balas, Cristina M. Noaica, Justinian R. Popa, Cristian Munteanu, Victor C. Stroescu

8. Best Practices in Reporting Iris Recognition Results
Nicolaie Popescu-Bodorin, Valentina E. Balas

9. Data Classification Based on Fuzzy-RBF Networks
A. R. Várkonyi-Kóczy, B. Tusor, J. Bukor

10. Fuzzy Correlational Direction Multidimensional Scaling
Mika Sato-Ilic

11. New Method of Iris Recognition Using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
Anca Ignat, Mihaela Luca, Adrian Ciobanu

12. Recognition of Pedestrian Active Events by Robust to Noises Boost Algorithm
M. Favorskaya, Lakhmi C. Jain

13. Optic Disc Recognition Method for Retinal Images
Florin Rotaru, Silviu Ioan Bejinariu, Cristina Diana Niţă, Ramona Luca, Mihaela Luca, Anca Ignat

14. Fast Fingerprint Orientation Field Estimation Incorporating General Purpose GPU
Ali Ismail Awad

15. Rotation Invariant Texture Retrieval Using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
Anca Ignat, Mihaela Luca

16. Emotion Recognition from Images Under Varying Illumination Conditions
P. Suja, Sherin Mariam Thomas, Shikha Tripathi, V. K. Madan

Part X. Fuzzy Applications Theory and Fuzzy Control

17. Fuzzy Scoring Algorithm and Long Term Job Performance
D. Balas Timar, V.E. Balas, R. Lile, R. Sinha

18. Expert Control for the Coupled Tanks Greenhouse
Marius M. Balas, Martin Buchholz, Sanda Balas

19. Wireless Programmable Thermostat Using Raspberry Pi
Razvan Nicolae Vasiliu, Mircea Popa, Marius Marcu

20. Cooperative Task Scheduler for Entry Level Microcontrollers
Razvan-Mihai Aciu, Horia Ciocarlie

Part XI. Bussiness Process Management

21. Management, Traceability and Control of Industrial Processes
Gheorghe Sima, Ramona Lile, Glavan Dan, Elena Muncut

22. Aspects of Forecasting for the European Automotive Industry
S. I. Maistor, R. Negrea, M. L. Mocan, A. Turi

23. Switching the Center of Software Development from IT to Business Experts Using Intelligent Business Process Management Suites
Cristian Olariu, Maria Gogan, Frank Rennung

24. Software Platform Modelling for Utility, Time and Personal Management
Gabriela Prostean, Serban Popa

25. Innovative Computerized Techniques for Individual Management Optimization
Serban Popa, Andra Badea, Adrian Vartosu, Constantin Dumitrescu

26. Supply Chain Collaboration Model Based on Drum-Buffer-Rope Philosophy
G. Prostean, A. Badea

27. Implementing the Agile Marketing Audit Using the A-Marketing Balance Scorecard System
Ș. Miclea, M. Izvercian, C. -F. Buciuman

28. Technological Implications in the Development and Modelling of the Intellectual Capital
L. M. Gogan, A. Draghici, L. Ivascu

29. Optimizing Processes Among Companies Using Decision Support Technologies
Irina-Steliana Stan

30. Proposed KPIs for Optimization and Value Determination of an e-Business
Ion-Sorin Stroe

31. Competency Training in Wind Power Projects
A. Badea, S. Popa, M. Tamasila, I. Taucean

32. Opportunity Analysis of Change Requests in Automotive Projects
Andrei Hutanu, Gabriela Prostean, Stephan Volker, Dumitru Mnerie

33. Research of Automotive Change Management and Supportive Risk Management
Stephan Volker, Gabriela Prostean, Andrei Hutanu

34. Early-Warning of Financial Crises Based on Fuzzy Logic
E. Sztojanov, G. Stamatescu, I. Sztojanov

Part XII. Methods and Applications in Electrical Engineering

35. Device for Automatic Control of the Petersen Coil
Dumitru Toader, Costantin Blaj, Petru Ruset, Ioan Dorin Hategan, Nicolae Pinte, Beatrice Arvinti

36. Novel Topology Flyback Inverter for a Microgrid System
E. Guran, O. Cornea, N. Muntean

37. Driving of the Electro-Energetic Systems in the Optimal Zone
O. Gana

38. Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of the Dual Winded Induction Generator’s Operating Regimes
Ioan Filip, Iosif Szeidert, Octavian Prostean

39. Voltage and Current Signals Processing in Functioning of Nonlinear Loads
Raluca Rob, Caius Panoiu, Manuela Panoiu

40. Centring in Magnetic Field of the Hydro Generator Rotors Using Orbit Diagram
L. Padeanu, G. Liuba, M. Biriescu, V. Nedelea, M. Mot, M. Svoboda

41. Traffic Behavior Simulator SIMULO with Sensor Coverage Computation
Codruta-Mihaela Istin, Razvan-Mihai Aciu, Horia Ciocarlie

42. Determination of Reference Mechanical Angular Speed for Wind Power Systems
C. P. Chioncel, L. Bereteu, D. I. Petrescu, M. Babescu

43. Study of Encoders with Data Transmission Binary Channels Without Interference. Simulation of the Encoder Functioning Using the Electronic Workbench Software
S. Draghici, C. Anghel Drugarin, E. Raduca

44. The Study of a Data Transmission Channel Decoder Without Interference Using the Electronic Workbench Software
S. Draghici, C. Anghel Drugarin, E. Raduca

45. Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Optimal Power Flow
C. Barbulescu, S. Kilyeni, A. Simo, C. Oros

46. Applying Intelligent Optimization Algorithms for Evaluation of Transformer Black Box Model
Mehdi Bigdeli, Mohammad Valii, Davood Azizian

47. Givens Orthogonal Transformation-Based Estimator Versus RLS Estimator—Case Study for an Induction Generator Model
Ioan Filip, Iosif Szeidert

48. Integrated Supervision and Control System for Air-electrical Aggregates
Dan Ungureanu-Anghel, Octavian Prostean, Ioan Filip, Mihai Popescu

49. Maximum Power Point Control Approach for Wind Generators
Cristian Vasar, Marius Babescu, Doru-Ionut Petrescu, Octavian Prostean, Radu Boraci

50. Equivalent Speed and Equivalent Power of the Wind Systems that Works at Variable Wind Speed
Florica Balog, Horia Ciocarlie, Marius Babescu, Gheza-Mihai Erdodi

51. Behavior of the Wind Systems Optimally Controlled at Variable Wind Speeds
Horia Ciocarlie, Florica Balog, Gheza-Mihai Erdodi, Doru-Ionut Petrescu

52. An Overview of Automation in Distribution Systems
Davood Mohammadi Souran, Hossein Hoshmandi Safa, Behrooz Gohari Moghadam, Mehran Ghasempour, Behrooz Razeghi, Parisa Tavakkoli Heravi

53. Smart Grid Technology in Power Systems
Davood Mohammadi Souran, Hossein Hoshmandi Safa, Behrooz Gohari Moghadam, Mehran Ghasempour, Parisa Tavakkoli Heravi

54. Erratum to: Fast Fingerprint Orientation Field Estimation Incorporating General Purpose GPU
Ali Ismail Awad

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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21 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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