Pescatello, Linda S.

Effects of Exercise on Hypertension

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Table of contents

Part I. Exercise and Hypertension

1. The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Hypertension: Current Consensus and Emerging Research
Linda S. Pescatello, Hayley V. MacDonald, Blair T. Johnson

2. Can Resistance Training Play a Role in the Prevention or Treatment of Hypertension?
Ben F. Hurley, Alta Rebekah Gillin

3. Effects of Concurrent Exercise on Hypertension: Current Consensus and Emerging Research
Hayley V. MacDonald, Paulo V. Farinatti, Lauren Lamberti, Linda S. Pescatello

4. The Impact of Exercise and Physical Fitness on Blood Pressure, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, and Mortality Among Individuals with Prehypertension and Hypertension
Peter Kokkinos

Part II. Mechanisms for the Blood Pressure Lowering Effects of Exercise

5. Aerobic Exercise Training: Effects on Vascular Function and Structure
Dick H. J. Thijssen, Andrew Maiorana, Daniel J. Green

6. Resistance Exercise and Adaptation in Vascular Structure and Function
Andrew Maiorana, Dick H. J. Thijssen, Daniel J. Green

7. Effects of In Vitro Laminar Shear Stress as an Exercise Mimetic on Endothelial Cell Health
Michael D. Brown, Joon-Young Park

8. Effects of Regular Exercise on Arterial Stiffness
Hirofumi Tanaka

9. Effects of Exercise on Blood Pressure and Autonomic Function and Other Hemodynamic Regulatory Factors
Daniel W. White, Bo Fernhall

10. Genetics and the Blood Pressure Response to Exercise Training
Tuomo Rankinen

11. Exercise and Myocardial Remodeling in Animal Models with Hypertension
Joseph R. Libonati

Part III. The Pleiotropic Effects of Exercise on Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Their Interactive Effects with Blood Pressure

12. Exercise and Hypertension in the Framework of the Metabolic Syndrome
Alice S. Ryan

13. Effects of Exercise on Lipid-Lipoproteins
Beth A. Taylor, Amanda Zaleski, Paul D. Thompson

14. Endothelial Cell Function and Hypertension: Interactions Among Inflammation, Immune Function, and Exercise
Marc D. Cook

15. Erratum
Linda S. Pescatello

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Cardiology, Molecular Medicine

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Molecular and Translational Medicine
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