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Marine Anthropogenic Litter

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Table of contents

1. A Brief History of Marine Litter Research
Peter G. Ryan

Part I. Abiotic Aspects of Marine Litter Pollution

2. Global Distribution, Composition and Abundance of Marine Litter
François Galgani, Georg Hanke, Thomas Maes

3. Persistence of Plastic Litter in the Oceans
Anthony L. Andrady

Part II. Biological Implications of Marine Litter

4. Deleterious Effects of Litter on Marine Life
Susanne Kühn, Elisa L. Bravo Rebolledo, Jan A. Franeker

5. The Complex Mixture, Fate and Toxicity of Chemicals Associated with Plastic Debris in the Marine Environment
Chelsea M. Rochman

6. Marine Litter as Habitat and Dispersal Vector
Tim Kiessling, Lars Gutow, Martin Thiel

Part III. Microplastics

7. Microplastics in the Marine Environment: Sources, Consequences and Solutions
Richard C. Thompson

8. Methodology Used for the Detection and Identification of Microplastics—A Critical Appraisal
Martin G. J. Löder, Gunnar Gerdts

9. Sources and Pathways of Microplastics to Habitats
Mark A. Browne

10. Microplastics in the Marine Environment: Distribution, Interactions and Effects
Amy Lusher

11. Modeling the Role of Microplastics in Bioaccumulation of Organic Chemicals to Marine Aquatic Organisms. A Critical Review
Albert A. Koelmans

12. Nanoplastics in the Aquatic Environment. Critical Review
Albert A. Koelmans, Ellen Besseling, Won J. Shim

Part IV. Socio-economic Implications of Marine Anthropogenic Litter

13. Micro- and Nano-plastics and Human Health
Tamara S. Galloway

14. The Economics of Marine Litter
Stephanie Newman, Emma Watkins, Andrew Farmer, Patrick ten Brink, Jean-Pierre Schweitzer

15. Regulation and Management of Marine Litter
Chung-Ling Chen

16. The Contribution of Citizen Scientists to the Monitoring of Marine Litter
Valeria Hidalgo-Ruz, Martin Thiel

Keywords: Life Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology

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