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Nutrition Therapy for Urolithiasis

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Table of contents

Part I. Elements of Nutrition Therapy

1. Medical Nutrition Therapy: Managing Disease with Individualized Dietary Recommendations and Intervention
Cassandra Vanderwall

2. Health-Related Quality of Life and Urolithiasis
Cynthia Sharadin, Patrick Lowry

3. Myths Regarding Nutrition and Stone Management
Chad Huckabay, Michael Wood, Clayton Newell

Part II. Role of Diet in Urolithiasis

4. Digestion and Absorption
Desiree Waal

5. Energy and Nutrient Balance: Focus on Kidney Stones
Kristina L. Penniston

6. Dietary Assessment of Patients Who Form Kidney Stones
Kristina L. Penniston

Part III. Nutrition Therapy for Specific Lithogenic Risk Factors

7. Nutrition Therapy for Low Urine Volume
Marawan M. El Tayeb

8. Nutrition Therapy for Specific Lithogenic Risk Factors: High Urine Calcium, High Urine Oxalate
Marawan M. El Tayeb, Samar A. Ibrahim

9. Low Urine Citrate/Magnesium/Potassium
Fysal AlBaalbaki, Mohanram Narayanan

10. Nutrition Therapy for Specific Lithogenic Risk Factors: High Urine Uric Acid/Acid Urine
Robert Marcovich

11. Therapeutic Nutritional Strategies When No Risk Factors Are Apparent
Karen Doersch, Patrick Lowry

Part IV. Integrating Nutritional Stone Prevention with Therapy for Other Comorbidities

12. Overweight/Obesity: Metabolic Benefits to Reduce Stone Risk
Marcelino E. Rivera, Amy E. Krambeck

13. Chronic Kidney Disease: Balancing Nutritional Needs with Nutrition Prevention of Kidney Stones
Terrie Holewinski, Kristina L. Penniston

14. Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Improved Control May Reduce Stone Risk
Kathleen M. Zatavekas, Kristina L. Penniston

15. Malabsorptive Disorders and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Assessing and Improving Nutritional Stone Risk
Joshua M. Garcia, Aaron Brafman, Benjamin K. Canales

Part V. Strategies for Providing Nutrition Therapy and Education to Patients

16. Strategies for Counseling Patients in Clinic
R. Allan Jhagroo

17. Strategies for Providing Nutritional Therapy and Education to Stone-Forming Patients
Sutchin R. Patel

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Urology, Clinical Nutrition, Nephrology

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