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Foot and Ankle Sports Orthopaedics

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Table of contents

Part I. General Aspects

1. Clinical Anatomy
Alexandre Leme Godoy-Santos, Stefan Rammelt, Alejandro Carri Zoboli

2. Biomechanical Principles of Foot and Ankle
Matthias G. Walcher, Ryan Sart

3. Overview and Epidemiology of Foot and Ankle Problems in Sports
John S. Lewis, Mark E. Easley

4. Clinical Examination
Alexander J. Lampley, Christopher E. Gross, Mitchell Klement, Mark E. Easley

5. Sports Medicine of the Foot & Ankle, the Role of Imaging
John Wesley Latting, Charles E. Spritzer

6. Biomechanical Functional Imaging
Thomas Jöllenbeck, Juliane Pietschmann

7. Arthroscopic Supplementation of Imaging Findings: Using Arthroscopy to Detect Abnormalities Missed on Imaging
Eric Ferkel, Bruce E. Cohen

8. Management of Injured Athletes at the Field
Thilo Hotfiel, Hans-Dieter Carl, Casper Grim, Martin Engelhardt

9. Sports and Osteoarthritis
Thomas Schlemmer, Thomas Hügle, Victor Valderrabano, Jochen Paul

10. Sports in Children and Young Age
Bernhard Speth, Carlo Camathias

11. Sports in Seniors
Krit Prugsawan, Monika Horisberger

12. Sports for Disabled and Handicapped People
Michèle Kläusler, Erich Rutz

13. Orthobiologics in Foot & Ankle
Ethan S. Krell, Nicholas J. Montemurro, Kristen P. Pacific, Lionel Emele, Sheldon S. Lin

14. Rehabilitation, Back to Sports and Competition
Abdulhameed Alattar, Shaju Kareem

Part II. Clinics, Lesions, and Diseases

15. Acute Fractures (Lower Leg, Ankle, Hindfoot, Midfoot, Forefoot)
Milena M. Ploeger, Christof Burger, Matthias D. Wimmer

16. Acute Ankle Osteochondral and Chondral Lesions
Martin Wiewiorski, Alexej Barg, Markus Wurm, Victor Valderrabano

17. Stress Fractures of the Foot and Ankle
William Melton, J. Benjamin Jackson

18. Compartment Syndromes (Acute & Chronic)
Jonathan A. Godin, Travis J. Dekker, C. T. Moorman

19. Shin Splints
Sampat S. Dumbre Patil

20. Achilles Tendon
Matthijs Jacxsens, Lukas Weisskopf, Victor Valderrabano, Claudio Rosso

21. Plantar Fasciitis in Sport
Yousef Alrashidi, Alexej Barg, Manuel Kampmann, Victor Valderrabano

22. Exostosis (Osteochondrosis, Apophysites, and Haglund’s Deformity)
Abdulaziz Almaawi, Andrzej Marcin Boszczyk, Timothy R. Daniels

23. Posterior Tibial Tendon Lesions and Insufficiency
Yousef Alrashidi, Hasan N. Alsayed, Hamza M. Alrabai, Victor Valderrabano

24. Peroneal Tendons
Mario Herrera-Perez, Anna Oller-Boix

25. Anterior Tibial Tendon Lesion
Ahmed Nabil Abdulazim, Victor Valderrabano, Jochen Paul

26. Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon
May Fong Mak, Mathieu Assal

27. Acute Ankle Instability/Ankle Sprains in Athletes
Travis J. Dekker, Alexander J. Lampley, Jonathan A. Godin, Mark E. Easley

28. Chronic Ankle Instability
Jochen Paul, Christian Stelzenbach, Victor Valderrabano

29. Acute Syndesmotic Injuries
Craig R. Lareau, Andrew R. Hsu, Bruce E. Cohen

30. Acute and Chronic Subtalar, Chopart- and Lisfranc Instability
Sergio Tejero

31. Chronic Ankle Osteochondral and Chondral Lesions
Martin Wiewiorski, Alexej Barg, Beat Hintermann, Victor Valderrabano

32. Anterior and Posterior Ankle Impingement
Norman Espinosa, Ana Fajardo-Ruiz, Anita Hasler

33. Ankle Osteoarthritis
Alexej Barg, Christian J. Gaffney, Victor Valderrabano

34. Subtalar, Chopart, and Lisfranc Joint Degeneration
Jeannie Huh, Christopher E. Gross, James K. DeOrio

35. Coalition and Sports
Tetsuro Yasui

36. Hallux Valgus and Hallux Rigidus in Sports
Arno Frigg

37. Sesamoid and Capsule Lesions of the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint
Andrew R. Hsu, Robert B. Anderson

38. Metatarsophalangeal Problems II-V
Erik C. Nilssen, William K. Whiteside

39. Forefoot Sports Injuries
Johnny Lau, David Santone

40. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in Sport
Tim Schneider, Elango Selvarajah

41. Nerve Entrapments
Christopher E. Gross, James A. Nunley

42. Morton’s Neuroma in Sports
Hamza M. Alrabai, Yousef Alrashidi, Victor Valderrabano, Marino Delmi

43. Soft Tissue Management in the Foot and Ankle
Rik Osinga, Andreas Gohritz, Martin D. Haug, Dirk J. Schaefer

Part III. Sports Specific Injuries

44. Aerobic and Fitness Sports
Christian Plaass, Christoph Becher, Hauke Horstmann

45. American Football
Mark E. Magill, Robert B. Anderson

46. Athletic Injuries
Cristian Ortiz, Emilio Wagner, Gonzalo Fernandez

47. Basketball
Christopher E. Gross, Jeannie Huh, James A. Nunley

48. Rock Climbing
Volker Schöffl

49. Cycling
Andreas Gösele-Koppenburg

50. Dance Injuries/Ballet
Martin Wiewiorski, Christie-Joy Cunningham

51. Equestrian Sports
Monika Horisberger, Martin Wiewiorski, Alexej Barg

52. Football/Soccer
Martin Wiewiorski, Markus Wurm, Alexej Barg, Markus Weber, Victor Valderrabano

53. Floorball
Markus Wurm, T. Schlemmer

54. Golf
Erik C. Nilssen, William K. Whiteside

55. Gymnastics
Larry Nassar

56. Handball
Christian Stelzenbach, Jochen Paul

57. Hiking, Mountaineering, Canyoning
Thomas Schlemmer, Andreas Roll, Markus Wurm, Victor Valderrabano

58. Ice Hockey
Lukas Weisskopf, Julian Röhm, Thomas Hesse

59. In-Line and Roller Skating
Christopher E. Gross, James K. DeOrio

60. Martial Arts
Sebastian Mueller, Matthijs Jacxsens, Claudio Rosso

61. Motorsports
Christian Stelzenbach, Victor Valderrabano

62. Orienteering
Daniel Bianco

63. Rugby
Elango Selvarajah, Timothy Schneider

64. Running
Dave Santone, Timothy R. Daniels

65. Alpine Sports
Jannis Sailer, Martin Majewski, Matthias Gilgien, Victor Valderrabano

66. Surfing: Board, Wind, Kite
Karl-Heinz Kristen

67. Swimming/Aquatics
Matthias D. Wimmer, Milena M. Ploeger

68. Snowboarding
Klaus Dann

69. Tennis and Racquet Sports
Christian Egloff, Victor Valderrabano

70. Volleyball
Oliver Miltner, Markus Wurm

71. Water Sports
Mario Herrera-Perez, Anna Oller-Boix

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine

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