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9th WCEAM Research Papers

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Table of contents

Part I. EAM Strategies

1. Market Risk Management in the Context of Engineering Asset Management
Eben Maré

2. Application of a Performance-driven Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Evaluation Model for Physical Asset Management
Irene Roda, Marco Garetti

3. Government Entity Contribution to an Effective Partnership Privatisation
David Mills

4. Implications of Cadastral Systems on Engineering Asset Management
Anthea Amadi-Echendu, Joe Amadi-Echendu

5. A Decision Support Framework for Prioritization of Engineering Asset Management Activities Under Uncertainty
Michael E. Cholette, Lin Ma, Lawrence Buckingham, Lutfiye Allahmanli, Andrew Bannister, Gang Xie

6. Planning Rehabilitation Strategy of Sewer Asset Using Fast Messy Genetic Algorithm
Jaena Ryu, Kyoo-hong Park

7. Methods and Tools for Sustainable Manufacturing Networks—Results of a Case Study
Teuvo Uusitalo, Helena Kortelainen, Padmakshi Rana, Susanna Kunttu, Steve Evans

Part II. Condition, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

8. A Modeling Approach for Infrastructure Evaluation from Customers’ Viewpoints: Using Sewer Systems as a Case Study
Byongjun Kang, Soonyu Yu, Hyungjoon Kim, Kyoo-hong Park

9. Lean Approaches in Asset Management Within the Mining Industry
Jared Ross Flynn, P. J. Vlok

10. Integrating Tacit Knowledge for Condition Assessment of Continuous Mining Machines
Joe Amadi-Echendu, Marc Smidt

11. Extraction of Principal Components from Multiple Statistical Features for Slurry Pump Performance Degradation Assessment
Peter W. Tse, Dong Wang

12. Fault Detection of Wind Turbine Drivetrain Utilizing Power-Speed Characteristics
Md Rifat Shahriar, Longyan Wang, Man Shan Kan, Andy C.C. Tan, Gerard Ledwich

13. Maintenance Method Based on Risk Estimation for 170kV Pneumatic Type Gas Insulated Switchgear
Y. M. Kim, J. R. Jung, C. H. Kim, M. J. Jin

14. No Fault Found and Air Safety
Christopher J. Hockley, Laura Lacey

15. Feature Extraction Based on Cyclic Adaptive Filter for Gearbox Fault Diagnosis
Guangming Dong, Jin Chen, Ying Ming

16. Bearing Replacement Interval Extension for Helicopters
Reuben Lim, David Mba, Emmanuel O. Ezugwu

17. Non-intrusive Diagnostic of Middle Bearing of Aircraft Engine
Romuald Rzadkowski, Edward Rokicki, Ryszard Szczepanik, Józef Żurek

18. A Comparison Between Three Blade Tip Timing Algorithms for Estimating Synchronous Turbomachine Blade Vibration
D. H. Diamond, P. S. Heyns, A. J. Oberholster

Part III. Technologies and Systems

19. Maintenance Analysis of a System with Varying Repair Rate and Vacation Period for the Repair Facility
Venkata S. S. Yadavalli, Shagufta Abbas, Johan W. Joubert

20. A Signal Processing Approach to Overcome the Non-linearity Problem of Acoustic Emission Sensors
Tian Ran Lin, Weiliang Wu, Andy Tan

21. A New Method for Reliability Allocation: Critical Flow Method
A. Silvestri, D. Falcone, G. Bona, A. Forcina, C. Cerbaso, V. Duraccio

22. Design Considerations for Engineering Asset Management Systems
Florian Urmetzer, Ajith Kumar Parlikad, Chris Pearson, Andy Neely

23. Factors Influencing the Quality of Manually Acquired Asset Data
Katrine Mahlamäki, Jussi Rämänen

24. Potential for Local Government Entities to Use Mobile Devices to Record, Assess, Maintain, Utilize and Protect Their Municipal Infrastructure and Improve Their Disaster Management Capacity
Sarel Jansen van Rensburg, Rene Pearson, Yolandi Meyer

25. Cyber-Physical Systems in Future Maintenance
Jay Lee, Behrad Bagheri

26. An Investigation into Technology Advancement for Switchgear at a Processing Plant
M. J. Sulaiman, J. K. Visser

27. Failure Statistics: Budgeting Preventative Maintenance Activities Using Forecasted Work Orders
Petrus Daniël Swart, Pieter-Jan Vlok

28. Scheduled Shutdowns as an Incubator for Inefficiencies
E. J. Walker, P. J. Vlok

Part IV. Case Studies

29. Subsea Asset Maintenance on the NCS: On the Trends, Future Innovation, and Fitness of Life-of-Field
Agus Darmawan, Jayantha P. Liyanage

30. Research and Development: Driving Innovation in a Declining Mining Industry
E. Theron, P. J. Volk

31. The Role of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Knowledge in Facilitating Service Led Design: A Nozzle Guide Vane Case Study
L. E. Redding, Christopher J. Hockley, R. Roy, J. Menhen

32. Identifying the Critical Success Factors for Engineering Asset Management Services—An Empirical Study
J. L. Jooste, P. J. Vlok

33. Risk-Based Approach to Maintenance Management Applied on Power Transformers
R. P. Y. Mehairajan, M. Hattem, D. Djairam, J. J. Smit

34. Human Resources Within ISO 55000—The Hidden Backbone to the Asset Management System
Lara Kriege, P. J. Vlok

35. The Asset Management Process Reference Model for Infrastructures
Ype Wijnia, John Croon

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Innovation/Technology Management, Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment

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