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Foundation of Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials

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Table of contents

Part I. Theoretical Foundation of Digital Badges

1. Digital Badges and Micro-credentials: Historical Overview, Motivational Aspects, Issues, and Challenges
Larry E. Ellis, Sandra G. Nunn, John T. Avella

2. A Philosophy of Open Digital Badges
James E. Willis, Kim Flintoff, Bridget McGraw

3. Keep Calm and Credential on: Linking Learning, Life and Work Practices in a Complex World
Melinda J. Lewis, Jason M. Lodge

4. Drivers, Affordances and Challenges of Digital Badges
Alison Lockley, Anne Derryberry, Deborah West

5. Evaluating the Public Promise
Sharon L. Gander

6. Building Collective Belief in Badges: Designing Trust Networks
Sheryl Grant

7. Learning Journeys in Higher Education: Designing Digital Pathways Badges for Learning, Motivation and Assessment
David Gibson, Kathryn Coleman, Leah Irving

Part II. Technological Frameworks and Implementation

8. Badging Platforms: A Scenario-Based Comparison of Features and Uses
Sonja Dimitrijević, Vladan Devedzić, Jelena Jovanović, Nikola Milikić

9. Adopting Digital Badges in Higher Education: Scoping the Territory
Brent G. Wilson, Crystal Gasell, Aysenur Ozyer, Len Scrogan

10. Passport to Designing, Developing and Issuing Digital Instructional Badges
Timothy Newby, Casey Wright, Erin Besser, Elizabeth Beese

11. Transforming Workplace Learning Culture with Digital Badges
Mark Aberdour

12. The Role of Endorsement in Open Badges Ecosystems
Deborah Everhart, Anne Derryberry, Erin Knight, Sunny Lee

13. Implementing a Badging System Faculty Development
Jordan Hamson-Utley, Errin Heyman

Part III. Learning and Instructional Design Considerations

14. Toward a Comprehensive Theoretical Framework for Designing Digital Badges
Cameron Wills, Ying Xie

15. Digital Badges and Micro-credentials: Digital Age Classroom Practices, Design Strategies, and Issues
Barbara Fedock, Mansureh Kebritchi, Rebecca Sanders, Alicia Holland

16. Digital Badges: Purposeful Design in Professional Learning Outcomes for K-12 Educators
Kristin Fontichiaro, Angela Elkordy

17. Height vs. Depth in Badging Framework Design
Scott Beattie

18. What We Can Learn About Digital Badges from Video Games
Rudy McDaniel

19. Digital Badges as (Parts of) Digital Portfolios: Design Patterns for Educational and Personal Learning Practice
Ilona Buchem

20. Badge Claims: Creativity, Evidence and the Curated Learning Journey
Kathryn S. Coleman, Keesa V. Johnson

Part IV. Case Studies: Practices and Experience

21. Digital Badges for Professional Development: Teachers’ Perceptions of the Value of a New Credentialing Currency
James Diamond, Pilar Carmina Gonzalez

22. When Digital Badges Work: It’s Not About the Badges, It’s About Learning Ecosystems
Rebecca C. Itow, Daniel T. Hickey

23. The Authority Behind the Badge: A Practice Analysis Case Study
Sharon L. Gander

24. Student Perceptions of Digital Badges as Recognition of Achievement and Engagement in Co-curricular Activities
Ian Glover

25. Applied Gamification: Creating Reward Systems for Organizational Professional Development
Elizabeth C. Metzger, Laura Lubin, Rochelle T. Patten, Janelle Whyte

26. Implementing Digital Badges in Australia: The Importance of Institutional Context
Deborah West, Alison Lockley

27. Development and Implementation of Digital Badges for Learning Science, Technologly, Engineering and Math (STEM) Practices in Secondary Contexts: A Pedagogical Approach with Empirical Evidence
Angela Elkordy

Part V. Epilogue

28. Moving Forward with Digital Badges in Education
Dana-Kristin Mah, Nicole Bellin-Mularski, Dirk Ifenthaler

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology, Learning & Instruction

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