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Mass Collaboration and Education

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Mass Collaboration as an Emerging Paradigm for Education? Theories, Cases, and Research Methods
Ulrike Cress, Heisawn Jeong, Johannes Moskaliuk

Part II. Theoretical Approaches to Mass collaboration

2. A Brief History of Mass Collaboration: How Innovations Over Time Have Enabled People to Work Together More Effectively
Allan Collins

3. Exploring, Understanding, and Designing Innovative Socio-Technical Environments for Fostering and Supporting Mass Collaboration
Gerhard Fischer

4. Stigmergic Collaboration: A Framework for Understanding and Designing Mass Collaboration
Mark Elliott

5. Mass Collaboration as Coevolution of Cognitive and Social Systems
Ulrike Cress, Insa Feinkohl, Jens Jirschitzka, Joachim Kimmerle

6. What Is Knowledge? Who Creates It? Who Possesses It? The Need for Novel Answers to Old Questions
Aileen Oeberst, Joachim Kimmerle, Ulrike Cress

7. From Distributed Cognition to Collective Intelligence: Supporting Cognitive Search to Facilitate Online Massive Collaboration
Wai-Tat Fu

Part III. Cases of Mass Collaboration

8. Patterns of Meaning in a Cognitive Ecosystem: Modeling Stabilization and Enculturation in Social Tagging Systems
Tobias Ley, Paul Seitlinger, Kai Pata

9. Individual Versus Collaborative Information Processing: The Case of Biases in Wikipedia
Aileen Oeberst, Ulrike Cress, Mitja Back, Steffen Nestler

10. Toward Participatory Discovery Networks: A Critique of Current Mass Collaboration Environments and a Possible Learning-Rich Future
R. Benjamin Shapiro

11. Coding by Choice: A Transitional Analysis of Social Participation Patterns and Programming Contributions in the Online Scratch Community
Deborah A. Fields, Yasmin B. Kafai, Michael T. Giang

12. Supporting Diverse and Creative Collaboration in the Scratch Online Community
Ricarose Roque, Natalie Rusk, Mitchel Resnick

13. Citizen Science: Connecting to Nature Through Networks
Brigid Barron, Caitlin K. Martin, Véronique Mertl, Mohamed Yassine

14. Altogether Now! Mass and Small Group Collaboration in (Open) Online Courses: A Case Study
Sabrina C. Eimler, German Neubaum, Marc Mannsfeld, Nicole C. Krämer

15. Socio-Technical Procedures of Facilitated Mass Collaboration for Creative E-Participation
Thomas Herrmann

Part IV. Methods to Empirically Analyze Processes of Mass Collaboration

16. Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Networked Knowledge
Iassen Halatchliyski

17. Applying Network Models and Network Analysis Techniques to the Study of Online Communities
H. Ulrich Hoppe, Andreas Harrer, Tilman Göhnert, Tobias Hecking

18. Mass Collaboration on the Web: Textual Content Analysis by Means of Natural Language Processing
Ivan Habernal, Johannes Daxenberger, Iryna Gurevych

19. Identification of Causal Effects in the Context of Mass Collaboration
Olga Slivko, Michael Kummer, Marianne Saam

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology, Learning & Instruction

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Series
Upbringing, Education
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