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The Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education

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Table of contents

Part I. Opening Ceremonies

1. Opening Address: President of IMU
Ingrid Daubechies

2. Opening Address: President of ICMI
Bill Barton

3. Welcome Address: Chair of IPC
Sung Je Cho

4. Congratulatory Remarks: Minister of Education and Science, and Technology
Ju Ho Lee

5. ICMI Awards Report
Carolyn Kieran

Part II. Plenary Lectures

6. The Butterfly Effect
Étienne Ghys

7. Whither the Mathematics/Didactics Interconnection? Evolution and Challenges of a Kaleidoscopic Relationship as Seen from an ICMI Perspective
Bernard R. Hodgson

8. Mathematics Education in the National Curriculum—with Some Reflections on Liberal Education
Lee Don-Hee

9. Quality Teaching of Mathematical Modelling: What Do We Know, What Can We Do?
Werner Blum

Part III. Plenary Panels

10. The TEDS-M: Important Issues, Results and Questions
Konrad Krainer, Feng-Jui Hsieh, Ray Peck, Maria Teresa Tatto

11. Mathematics Education in East Asia
Frederick K. S. Leung, Kyungmee Park, Yoshinori Shimizu, Binyan Xu

12. Gender and Mathematics Education Revisited
Gilah C. Leder

Part IV. Awardees

13. Teaching Mathematics in Tomorrow’s Society: A Case for an Oncoming Counter Paradigm
Yves Chevallard

14. Mathematics for All? The Case for and Against National Testing
Gilah C. Leder

15. Early Algebraic Thinking: Epistemological, Semiotic, and Developmental Issues
Luis Radford

16. How We Think: A Theory of Human Decision-Making, with a Focus on Teaching
Alan H. Schoenfeld

Part V. Survey Teams

17. Curriculum and the Role of Research
Gail Burrill, Glenda Lappan, Funda Gonulates

18. Key Mathematical Concepts in the Transition from Secondary School to University
Mike O. J. Thomas, Iole Freitas Druck, Danielle Huillet, Mi-Kyung Ju, Elena Nardi, Chris Rasmussen, Jinxing Xie

19. Socioeconomic Influence on Mathematical Achievement: What Is Visible and What Is Neglected
Paola Valero, Mellony Graven, Murad Jurdak, Danny Martin, Tamsin Meaney, Miriam Penteado

Part VI. National Presentations

20. National Presentation of Korea
Sun-Hwa Park

21. Mathematics Education in Singapore
Berinderjeet Kaur, Cheow Kian Soh, Khoon Yoong Wong, Eng Guan Tay, Tin Lam Toh, Ngan Hoe Lee, Swee Fong Ng, Jaguthsing Dindyal, Yeen Peng Yen, Mei Yoke Loh, Hwee Chiat June Tan, Lay Chin Tan

22. National Presentation of the United States of America
Rick Scott

23. National Presentation of India
K. Subramaniam

24. Spanish Heritage in Mathematics and Mathematics Education
L. Rico

Part VII. Regular Lectures

25. Abstracts of Regular Lectures
Sung Je Cho

Part VIII. Topic Study Groups

26. Mathematics Education at Preschool Level
Tamsin Meaney

27. Mathematics Education at Tertiary Level and Access to Tertiary Level
Ansie Harding, Juha Oikkonen

28. Activities and Programs for Gifted Students
Peter Taylor, Roza Leikin

29. Activities and Programs for Students with Special Needs
Jean-Philippe Drouhard

30. Mathematics Education in and for Work
Geoff Wake, Keiko Yasukawa

31. Mathematical Literacy
Mogens Niss

32. Teaching and Learning of Number Systems and Arithmetic (Focusing Especially on Primary Education)
Joana Brocardo, Geoffrey B. Saxe

33. Measurement—Focusing Especially on Primary Education
JeongSuk Pang, Kees Buijs

34. Teaching and Learning of Algebra
Rakhi Banerjee, Luis Puig

35. Teaching and Learning Geometry
Colette Laborde

36. Teaching and Learning of Probability
Per Nilsson, Jun Li

37. Teaching and Learning of Statistics
Dani Ben-Zvi, Katie Makar

38. Teaching and Learning of Calculus
Victor Martinez-Luaces, Sunsook Noh

39. Reasoning, Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education
Viviane Durand-Guerrier

40. Mathematical Problem Solving
Manuel Santos-Trigo, Zahra Gooya

41. Visualization in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Gert Kadunz, Michal Yerushalmy

42. Mathematical Applications and Modelling in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Jill Brown, Toshikazu Ikeda

43. Analysis of Uses of Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics
Morten Misfeldt, Wei-Chi Yang

44. Analysis of Uses of Technology in the Learning of Mathematics
Marcelo C. Borba, Hans-Georg Weigand

45. The Role of History of Mathematics in Mathematics Education
Renaud Chorlay, Wann-Sheng Horng

46. Research on Classroom Practice
Yeping Li, Hélia Oliveira

47. Learning and Cognition in Mathematics
Gaye Williams, Hsin Mei Huang

48. Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching at Primary Level
Len Sparrow

49. Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching at the Secondary Level
Aihui Peng, Hikma Smida

50. In-Service Education, Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers
Shuhua An, Andrea Peter-Koop

51. Pre-service Mathematical Education of Teachers
Sylvie Coppé, Ngai-Ying Wong

52. Motivation, Beliefs, and Attitudes Towards Mathematics and Its Teaching
Birgit Pepin, Ji-Won Son

53. Language and Communication in Mathematics Education
Tracy Craig, Candia Morgan

54. Gender and Education
Olof Steinthorsdottir, Veronique Lizan

55. Mathematics Education in a Multilingual and Multicultural Environment
Anjum Halai, Richard Barwell

56. Tasks Design and Analysis
Xuhua Sun, Lalina Coulange

57. Mathematics Curriculum Development
Koeno Gravemeijer, Anita Rampal

58. Assessment and Testing in Mathematics Education
Christine Suurtamm, Michael Neubrand

59. The Role of Mathematical Competitions and Other Challenging Contexts in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Mariade Losada, Ali Rejali

60. The History of the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Fulvia Furinghetti

61. The Role of Ethnomathematics in Mathematics Education
Pedro Palhares, Lawrence Shirley

62. Theoretical Issues in Mathematics Education: An Introduction to the Presentations
Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs, David Clarke

Part IX. Discussion Groups

63. Current Problems and Challenges in Non-university Tertiary Mathematics Education (NTME)
James Roznowsk, Huei Wuan Low-Ee

64. Creativity in Mathematics Education
Hartwig Meissner

65. Issues Surrounding Teaching Linear Algebra
Avi Berman, Kazuyoshi Okubo

66. The Evolution of Mathematics-Teachers’ Community-of-Practice
Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar, Atara Shriki

67. Uses of History of Mathematics in School (Pupils Aged 6–13)
Bjørn Smestad

68. Postmodern Mathematics
Paul Ernest

69. Improving Teacher Professional Development Through Lesson Study
Toshiakira Fujii, Akihiko Takahashi

70. Theory and Perspective of Mathematics Learning and Teaching from the Asian Regions
Chun Chor Litwin Cheng

71. Using Technology to Integrate Geometry and Algebra in the Study of Functions
Scott Steketee

72. New Challenges in Developing Dynamic Software for Teaching Mathematics
Zsolt Lavicza, Balazs Koren

73. Mathematics Teacher Retention
Axelle Faughn, Barbara Pence

74. Mathematics Teacher Educators' Knowledge for Teaching
Kim Beswick, Olive Chapman

75. The Role of Mathematics Education in Helping to Produce a Data Literate Society
William Finzer

76. Mathematical Modeling in Connecting Concepts to Real World Application
Zhonghe Wu, Lijun Ye

77. Mathematics and Culture in Micronesia: An Exploration of the Mathematical Aspects of Indigenous Practices
A. J. (Sandy) Dawson

78. Can Art Save Mathematics?
Dirk Huylebrouck

79. Teaching of Problem Solving in School Mathematics Classrooms
Yew Hoong Leong, Rungfa Janjaruporn

80. Erratum to: Congratulatory Remarks: Minister of Education and Science, and Technology
Ju Ho Lee

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, International and Comparative Education, Curriculum Studies

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