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Social Justice Instruction

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Table of contents

Part I. The Adult Learner

1. Pedagogical Strategies for Challenging Students’ World Views
Aletha M. Harven, Daniel Soodjinda

2. The Politics of “Being”: Faculty of Color Teaching to Social Justice in the College Classroom
Michelle Harris

3. Social Justice: Reframing Social Justice for the Adult Learner
Jessica Papa, Rosemary Papa

4. Equity in the Online Classroom: Adolescent to Adult
Mary Dereshiwsky

5. Dear White Teacher…Instructional Strategies to Inform Pre-service Teachers Regarding Equitable Practices in the K-12 Classroom
Sharon F. Gooding

6. Classroom Instruction on Social Justice in the Nigerian Context: The Re-Constructionist Instructional Approach
Okpete Roseline Kanu, Alfred Obianasor

7. Leading Is Teaching: Real-Life Ways to Connect Theory to Practice and Address Issues of Social Injustice in School Culture
Autumn Tooms Cyprès

8. Excellence for All: How US Schools Can Ensure Student Success
Donald Scott Groves

9. Partners in Justice: School Counselors and Teachers Creating Classrooms for Social Justice
Joyce A. DeVoss, Kendra A. Surmitis

10. Implementing New Technologies to Support Social Justice Pedagogy
Susan P. O’Hara, Deborah A. Pitta, Robert H. Pritchard, Julie M. Webb

Part II. The Child Learner

11. Early Childhood Experiences and Their Link to the Life Trajectories of Children
Pamela Jane Powell, Martha Munoz

12. Preparing Early Childhood Professionals to Meet the Changing Demography of the United States
Martha Muñoz, Pamela Jane Powell

13. Stories of Social Justice from the Kindergarten Classroom
Ellen McAllister-Flack, Gretchen McAllister

14. Creating Magical Moments to Reveal Student Learning and Universal Acceptance of Each Other
Claire E. Schonaerts, Rosemary Papa

15. Critical Literacy and Multicultural Literature: Pedagogical Strategies for the Everyday Classroom
Aletha M. Harven, Kimberly A. Gordon-Biddle

16. Strategies for Supporting Elementary Students of Poverty in Reading
Sandra Harris, Gayle Lynn Butaud

17. Mathematics Teaching and Learning: Equality ≠ Equity
Vicki Ross, Shannon Guerrero, Elissa Fenton

18. Socially Just Elementary Schools, Classrooms, and Social Studies Practices and Strategies
Elaine L. Wilmore, Rosemary Papa

19. Social Justice: Agency and Practical-Moral Knowledge in the Teaching–Learning Process
Lynda D. Stone, Ana Garcia-Nevarez

20. Stop! Drop. And Roll… Tackling Racism
Sharon F. Gooding, Frederick W. Gooding

21. Gender Justice in the Elementary Classroom
Lisa L. Persinger, Joey Dan’elle Persinger

22. (Dis)ability in the Elementary School Classroom: Embracing an Inclusive Mindset
Danielle M. Eadens, Daniel W. Eadens

23. Promoting Greater Acceptance of and Skills to Teach Young Children with Disabilities: Blended Training of Early Childhood Educators
Jody Marie Bartz, Karen Applequist

Part III. The Adolescent Learner

24. The Shaming: Creating a Curriculum that Promotes Socially Responsible Online Engagement
Shadow W. J. Armfield, Dawn M. Armfield, Laura O. Franklin

25. Social Justice and Student Empowerment: Developing Social Justice Awareness and Empowerment Through Novel Studies
Mae S. Chaplin

26. Teaching English Language Arts Students About Social Justice
Angela Hansen, Theoni Soublis Smyth

27. Literacy Is a Civil Write: The Art, Science, and Soul of Transformative Classrooms
Vajra M. Watson

28. Social Justice and Language Acquisition for English Language Learners
Claudia R. Rodas, Anthony Osborn

29. Teaching Social Justice in Social Studies Through Young Adult Literature
Theoni Soublis Smyth, Angela Hansen

30. Social Justice Instruction in Mathematics and Science
Daniel W. Eadens, Danielle M. Eadens

Keywords: Education, Learning & Instruction, Educational Policy and Politics, Sociology of Education

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Upbringing, Education
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