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Advances in Production Technology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Christian Brecher, Denis Özdemir

Part I. Towards a New Theory of Production

2. Hypotheses for a Theory of Production in the Context of Industrie 4.0
Günther Schuh, Christina Reuter, Annika Hauptvogel, Christian Dölle

3. The Production Logistic Theory as an Integral Part of a Theory of Production Technology
Julian Becker, Peter Nyhuis

Part II. Individualised Production

4. Business Models with Additive Manufacturing—Opportunities and Challenges from the Perspective of Economics and Management
Frank T. Piller, Christian Weller, Robin Kleer

5. SLM Production Systems: Recent Developments in Process Development, Machine Concepts and Component Design
Reinhart Poprawe, Christian Hinke, Wilhelm Meiners, Johannes Schrage, Sebastian Bremen, Simon Merkt

Part III. Virtual Production Systems

6. Meta-Modelling Techniques Towards Virtual Production Intelligence
Wolfgang Schulz, Toufik Al Khawli

7. Designing New Forging Steels by ICMPE
Wolfgang Bleck, Ulrich Prahl, Gerhard Hirt, Markus Bambach

Part IV. Integrated Technologies

8. Productivity Improvement Through the Application of Hybrid Processes
Bert Lauwers, Fritz Klocke, Andreas Klink, Erman Tekkaya, Reimund Neugebauer, Donald McIntosh

9. The Development of Incremental Sheet Forming from Flexible Forming to Fully Integrated Production of Sheet Metal Parts
Gerhard Hirt, Markus Bambach, Wolfgang Bleck, Ulrich Prahl, Jochen Stollenwerk

10. IMKS and IMMS—Two Integrated Methods for the One-Step-Production of Plastic/Metal Hybrid Parts
Christian Hopmann, Kirsten Bobzin, Mathias Weber, Mehmet Öte, Philipp Ochotta, Xifang Liao

Part V. Self-Optimising Production Systems

11. A Symbolic Approach to Self-optimisation in Production System Analysis and Control
Christopher M. Schlick, Marco Faber, Sinem Kuz, Jennifer Bützler

12. Approaches of Self-optimising Systems in Manufacturing

Fritz Klocke, Dirk Abel, Christian Hopmann, Thomas Auerbach, Gunnar Keitzel, Matthias Reiter, Axel Reßmann, Sebastian Stemmler, Drazen Veselovac

13. Adaptive Workplace Design Based on Biomechanical Stress Curves
Stefan Graichen, Thorsten Stein, Barbara Deml

Part VI. Human Factors in Production Technology

14. Human Factors in Production Systems
Philipp Brauner, Martina Ziefle

15. Human Factors in Product Development and Design
Robert Schmitt, Björn Falk, Sebastian Stiller, Verena Heinrichs

Keywords: Engineering, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Operations Management, Machinery and Machine Elements

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