Jr., Leroy Robinson,

Marketing Dynamism & Sustainability: Things Change, Things Stay the Same…

Jr., Leroy Robinson, - Marketing Dynamism & Sustainability: Things Change, Things Stay the Same…, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Consumer Culture Theory Approach to Analyzing Beauty Culture in Iran
Atefeh Yazdanparast

2. Tracing the Impact of Consumer Animosity in In-groups towards Out-group focused Endorsements in Multicultural Environments
Mubbsher Munawar Khan, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch

3. Global Privacy: An International Perspective Examining Perceptions of Information Sensitivity and Consumers Willingness to Provide Personal Informaiton
Ereni Markos, George R. Milne, Lisa Keller

4. Effective Sales Management: What Do Sales People Think?
Daniel J. Goebel, Dawn R. Deeter-Schmelz, Karen Norman Kennedy

5. Impact of Servant Leadership on Ethical Climate, Supervisor Conflict, and Organizational Outcomes
Fernando Jaramillo, Fabrizio Noboa

6. Impact of Perfectionism and Self-Efficacy on Job Performance and Work Engagement : Genmes and Boomers
Sandrine Hollet-Haudebert, Jay Prakash Mulki

7. The Impact of Sales Performance Goals on Behaviors: Enhancing or Compromising Sustainable Performance?
Javier Marcos-Cuevas, Monica Franco-Santos

8. The Skills and Competencies of Sales Leaders: A Survey
Lynette Ryals, Shahpar Abdollahi, Javier Marcos

9. Music Authenticity is in the Eye (and Ear) of the Beholder: Perception of Cues and Intentions of Behavior
Paul G. Barretta

10. Examining the Visual Map of Athlete Endorsement Effectiveness: A Case Of 2010 FIFA World Cup
Yonghwan Chang, Akiko Arai

11. Whither Simplicity? An Exploratory Study of The Antecedents of Voluntary Simplicity
Spencer M. Ross

12. Laying the Foundation for an Ecosystem of Creativity Marketing
Marie Taillard, Minas Kastanakis

13. Don’t Copy off Your Neighbor: Examining the Role of Fit and Green Marketing Strategies
Mark R. Gleim, Stephanie J. Lawson, Stacey G. Robinson

14. Iintended and Realised Marketing Strategies: Adaptive Marketing Organizations in Enacted Environments
Simos Chari, Constantine Katsikeas, George Balabanis

15. The Role Of Religion In Anti-Consumption Tendencies: Religiosity As A Different Form of Consumer Resistance
Emre Ulusoy

16. Consumers’ Different Website Use Patterns and Value Perceptions in the Context of Local Newspapers
Anssi Tarkiainen, Heli Arminen, Olli Kuivalainen

17. Influence of Brand-Related Antecedents and Extraversion on Consumers’ Online Brand Referrals
Enrique Becerra, Vishag Badrinarayanan

18. The Captcha Conflict — A Consumer’S Choice Between Security and Convenience
Steffen Zorn, Pedram Hayati

19. The Online Learning Environment: Delivering Quality?
Margy P Conchar, Havva J Meric, Beverly Wright

20. Conditions of Departmental Power: A Strategic Contingency Exploration of Marketing’s Customer Connecting Role
Corina Marx, Malte Brettel

21. Environmental Person-Organization Fit And The Importance Of Promoting Organizational Policy Internally
Phillip Hartley, Rachel Trout

22. Understanding Employee Environmental Behaviour In Professional Service Firms
Kate Thirlaway, Niall Piercy, Alistair Brandon-Jones

23. Efficiency of the Process and Maximization of Results from Communication Efforts: Proposition and Test of a Model to Evaluate the Mix of Conventional Media and Interactive Media.
Áurea Helena Puga Ribeiro, Plínio Reis Monteiro, Raquel Robbe, Daniela Vilaça, Timotheo Silveira

24. Learning Styles and Marketing Communication Media: Relationships and the Effects on Brand Responses
Widyarso Roswinanto

25. Media Guiding Consumers Across Different Stages of the Purchase Process
Hilde A. M. Voorveld, Fred E. Bronner, Peter C. Neijens, Edith G. Smit

26. Development of a Scale to Measure the Perceived Interactivity of Websites
Xia (Linda) Liu

27. A Collective Movement Perspective of Online Shoppers
Prakash Das

28. Trusted Advisor: A Key Variable on the Path to Co-Creating Value with Clients
Stephanie M. Mangus

29. Value Priorities and Consumer Behavior of Turkish Immigrants in Germany
Annas Abedin

30. A Latent Variable Modeling Approach To Understanding Attitudinal And Behavioral Ethnic Identity In Hispanic Consumer Behavior: A Structured Abstract
Ricardo Villarreal, Shelley Blozis

31. The Effect of a Muslim Endorsement on Non-Muslim’s Attitudes and Purchase Intentions
Amro Maher

32. The Influence of E-Service-Quality on Customer Value Perception and Satisfaction: The Case of Third-Party Web Sites
Weiling Zhuang, Barry J. Babin

33. Teleological Approaches from Complexity Sciences in Services
Göran Svensson, Carmen Padin

34. Extending the ACSI to Goodwill: Assessing Donor Satisfaction and Engagement
Richard Michon

35. Understanding Bloggers: Opinion Leadership and Motivations to Use Blogs Among Bloggers and Blog Readers
Sigal Segev, Rosanna Fiske, Maria Elena Villar

36. The Evolution and Impact of Online Word-of-Mouth (eWOM) Research: A Structured Review and Integrated Model
Robert King, Pradeep Racherla

37. Efficacy of Ads with Short Message Service (SMS) Copy
Jeremy J. Sierra, Harry A. Taute, Michael R. Hyman

38. Marketing Planning and Sales Autonomy as a Combination Remedy for Marketing Myopathy
Yuko Yamashita, Wataru Uehara, Masato Sasaki, Hiroyuki Fukuchi, Gen Fukutomi

39. The Use of Manangement Control to Guide Marketing Department Power in Establishing Market Orientation: A Resource Dependence Perspective
Corina Marx, Malte Brettel

40. Complementarity of Innovation Capability and Customer-Linking Capability: A Configurational Approach
Matti Jaakkola, Jukka Luoma, Johanna Frösén, Henrikki Tikkanen, Jaakko Aspara

41. Leadership Style & Strategic Management: An Analysis of Hierarchical Influence
Stephanie Slater

42. The Market Power of Private Labels- Retailer’s Brand and Industry Effect
Pedro Verga Matos, Rita Coelho Vale

43. Is it Worth Copying the Leader? The Impact of Copycat Packaging Strategies on Private Label’s Adoption
Pedro Verga Matos, Rita Coelho Vale

44. Why is it Important for Private Labels to Innovate? : The Effects on Trust and WOM.
Carmen Abril, Joaquin Sanchez, Diana Gavilan, Roberto Manzano, Maria Avello

45. Retail Assortment Size and Customer Choice Overload: The Influence of Shopping Enjoyment and Time Pressure
Kyoungmi Kim, Arthur W. Allaway, Alexander E. Ellinger

46. The Effect of Touch on Perceived Product Freshness
Devdeep Maity

47. The Impact of Social Advertising Campaigns in Shaping Egyptian Youth’s Behavioral Intentions
Alaa El-Gharbawy

48. Social Media Analysis as a New Research Tool — An Exploratory Study to Determine the Reliability and Validity of Analyses on the Social Web
Boris Toma, Daniel Heinrich, Hans H. Bauer, Colin Campbell, Philipp Rauschnabel

49. The Strategic Influence of Firm-Created WOM: Evidence from a Movie Industry
Hyunju Shin, Woojung Chang

50. Ok, we have the Resources, But what Next? A Conceptual Model of the Effects of Project Team Activities on Customer Perceived Value
Daniel D Prior

51. A Framework to Masure the Co-Created Concept of Value
Shilpa Iyanna, Heidi Winklhofer, James Devlin

52. Expanding the Scope of Value Co-Creation
Alexander J. Kull

53. The Study of Marketing Institutions: Ramifications of Its Current Status on the Future Direction of the Field of Marketing
Adel El-Ansar, Robert A. Robicheaux

54. Disservice: A Framework of Sources and Solutions
Stephen Grove, Raymond Fisk, Lloyd Harris, Emmanuel Ogbanna, Joby John, Les Carlson, Jerry Goolsby

55. Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Value and Loyalty An Empirical Investigation In A Service Failure Context
Nicholas G. Paparoidamis, Ruben Chumpitaz, John Ford

56. Service Branding: The Sign of Apparel
Wei-Lun Chang, Hui-Chi Chang

57. “I am so Embarrassed!” - How Personal and Empathic Embarrassment in Personal Product Purchasing Impacts Sales Clerk Choice
Ceren Ekebas, Aaron Arndt

58. Co-Creating Value With Self-Service Technology: Helping Customers Help Themselves
Tim Hughes, Ed Little, Toni Hilton, Ebi Marandi

59. Customers Helping Customers: Payoffs For Linking Customers In Service Settings
Hulda G. Black, Leslie H. Vincent, Steven J. Skinner

60. Customer Experience Decomposition: A Conceptual Framework
Stefan Sleep, Son K. Lam

61. Reciprocal Effect of Store Brand Extension: Evidences from Scanner Panel Data
Yi Zhang, Jikyeong Kang

62. The Effects of Reward Type and its Likelihood in Customer Brand Co-Creation Activity on Self-Brand Connection
Elmira Bogoviyeva

63. Sport Celebrity Endorsement and the British Consumer
Fiona Davies, Stephanie Slater

64. The Key Role of Sincerity in Restoring Trust in a Brand with a Corporate Apology
John G Knight, Damien Mather, Brianne Mathieson

65. The Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006: A Rationale for Changes in the Trademark Dilution Act of 1995
Mubbsher Munawar Khan, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch

66. The Effect of Prior Outcomes on Consumer Sellers’ Evaluations of Planned On-Line Resale
Crystal Tzuying Lee, Shilling Liao

67. Brand Tribalism: An Anthropological Perspective
Harry A. Taute, Jeremy J. Sierra

68. Conceptualizing Marketing Relationship Models and their Impact on Customer Response
Zannie Giraud Voss, Glenn B. Voss, Véronique Cova, Bernard Cova

69. A Closer Look at Destination: Image, Personality, Relationship and Loyalty
Ching-Fu Chen, Phou Sambath, Don Jyh-Fu Jeng

70. The Modern Renegotiations of Confucian Ethics and Implications on Ethical Consumption in China
Amy Yau, Iain Davies

71. The Influence of Product Knowledge on Consumer’s Company and Product Evaluations in Product-Harm Crisis Situations
Ursula Haas-Kotzegger, Ioannis Assiouras, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, George Skourtis

72. Understanding Ethical Consumers: A New Approach Towards Modeling Ethical Consumer Behaviours
Papaoikonomou Eleni, Nicholas G. Paparoidamis, Ruben Chumpitaz

73. Assessing the Role of Service Quality of Retail Self-Checkouts on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Empirical Evidence from an Emerging Market
Fatma Demirci-Orel, Ali Kara

74. Marketing Sustainability: Consumer Responses to the Social Quality of Private Labels
Chiraz Aouina Mejri, Dhruv Bhatli

75. Does a Multi-Channel Return Policy Affect Online Purchase Intention?
Chinintorn Nakhata, Anne Magi

76. Sustainability in the Apparel and Textiles Industry: A Conceptual Paper Addressing Previous Findings and Areas of Future Research
Joy M. Kozar, Kim Y. Hiller Connell

77. Swapping Stories: An Exploratory Study of Consumer Exchange Motivations and Behavior
Delisia R. Matthews, Nancy Hodges

78. Exploring the Impact of Consumers’ Second-Hand Clothing Motivations on Shopping Outcomes: An Investigation of Weekend Market Patronage in Thailand
Chawanuan Kananukul, Kittichai Watchravesringkan, Nancy Hodges

79. Understanding the R in CSR: Are Retailers or Manufacturers Most Responsible for Promoting Healthier Eating?
Marzena Nieroda, Peter J. McGoldrick, Christiane Weykamp

80. Materialism through a Magnifying Glass: A Comprehensive Model of the Antecedents and Consequences of Three Facets of Materialism
Sigal Segev, Aviv Shoham, Yossi Gavish

81. Explaining Variation in Conspicuous Consumption: An Empirical Examination
Minas N. Kastanakis, George Balabanis

82. Materialism: A General Hierarchical Model Perspective
Mayoor Mohan

83. Empowering Digital Information Consumers: The Effects Of Self-Efficacy, Optimum Stimulation Level And Perceived Interactivity On Value In Use
Colleen P. Kirk, Scott Swain

84. Facilitating Innovations and Value Co-Creation in Industrial B2B Firms by Combining Digital Marketing, Social Media and Crowdsourcing
Henri Simula, Aarne Töllmen, Heikki Karjaluoto

85. The Dark Side of Customer Co-Creation – What Happens When Technology-Based Co-Created Services Fail?
Matthias Handrich, Sven Heidenreich, Linn Thomas

86. Self-Regulation of Corporate Reputation to Deter “Green- Washing” In Sustainable Architecture: A Case Study
Ian D Parkman

87. Consumers’ Inferential Evaluations of Sustainability Attributes Based on Incomplete Product Information
Verena Gruber, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, Michael J. Houston

88. Save the Planet or Save Some Money? How the Framing of Environmentally Friendly Behaviour Affects Consumers.
Todd Green, John Peloza

89. Athlete Identification and Brand Personality States
Brad D. Carlson, D. Todd Donavan, Kevin J. Cumiskey, George Dietz

90. The Effect of Brand Awareness, Internet Search Patterns and Product-Line Characteristics on Revenue Premium
Raluca Ioana Gui

91. The Effect of the Foreign Brand on Consumer Perception
Trang Phuc Tran, Robert O. Fabrize

92. The Value Concept Over Time And In The Perception Of Brazilian Management Students
Flávio Régio Brambilla

93. Marketing Elements for Designing of the Integral Tourist Product-Colima
Irma Magaña Carrillo, Carmen Padín Fabeiro, Vicente A. Jiménez Olivera

94. Customers Service Experience in Hospitals: A Dip and SOS Construct of Negative Encounters
Maria de los M. Santos Corrada, Juan Carlos Sosa Varela, Göran Svensson

95. Service Ecosystems Design in Ethnic Markets
Esi Abbam Elliot, Joseph Cherian, Raed Elaydi

96. Co-Creation of Award Winning Advertisements
Sheila Sasser, Mark Kilgour, Scott Koslow

97. Firm Capabilities, Customer/Supplier Participation, and Firm Performance
Guangping Wang, Xiaoqin Ma, Wenyu Dou, Nan Zhou

98. Considering the Nature of Value Capturing Mechanisms in Industrial Buyer-Supplier Exchange — A Structured Abstract
Daniel D Prior

99. Social Analytics in Hedonic and Utilitarian Companies
Sarah Fischbach

100. MBA Students as customers: The Kano Method and Collegiate Website Excitement Factors
Matt Elbeck, Brian A. Schee

101. Internet Literacy And Attitudes Towards Internet Advertising: A Cross-Cultural Study
Emre Ulusoy

102. Social Media Strategy And Online Brand Reputation The Luxury Hospitality Case
Corine Cohen, Alexis Chapman

103. How to Push Consumers’ Intention to Adopt Alternative Fuel Vehicles – An Integrative Adoption Model
Martin Petschnig, Patrick Spieth

104. Bringing Cultural Diversity to Service Marketing Courses: A Servqual Exercise
Mark S. Rosenbaum, Lauren I. Labrecque, Ioana Moraru

105. Applying a Business Model to Institution-Student Relationships
Lyndsey Cleghorn, Sarah Kruger, Megan Nosal, Piotr Oleksiuk, Devon Schulz, Drew Tolly, Mitch Griffin

106. Teaching The Fuzzy Front End Of Innovation: Real-Life Application With Cross-Functional And International Teams
Minna-Maarit Jaskari

107. Empowered Students – Service-Oriented Universities: How to Manage Higher Education in the 21st Century
Kathrin Kindlein, Manfred Schwaiger

108. Marketing’s Role in Supply Chain Success
Patricia Daugherty, Alexander Ellinger, Anna Hummel, Niall Piercy

109. Academicians’ and Practitioners’ Views of Marketing Students’ Required Knowledge and Skills: A Structured Abstract
Laurie A Babin, Tara Burnthorne Lopez, Elizabeth K. LaFleur

110. An Empirical Comparison Of Measures Of Multiple-Choice Question Item Difficulty
John R. Dickinson

111. A Taxonomy Assessment And Item Analysis Of A Retailing Management Multiple-Choice Question Bank
John R. Dickinson

112. Evaluating the Impact of Celebrity Status and Character Likability on Brand Recognition
Anvita Kumar, George Balabanis

113. Cyber-Positioning: Bestselling Authors’ Online Communicated Brand Personalities
Anjali Bal, Adam Mills, Ronika Chakrabarti, Nie Terblanche, Robert A. Opoku

114. The Oprah Effect: Investigating the Celebrity-Candidate Endorsement Relationship
Eric Steenburg

115. Do Method and Lack of Context Explain Low Stability of Brand Associations? No!
Oliver Koll, Maria Kreuzer

116. The Antecedents of Eco-Friendly Brand Image: A Pilot Study
Shir-Way Siew, Justin Gressel

117. Brand Personality in Industrial Markets: Conceptualization and Measurement
Alke Toellner, Markus Blut, Stefanie Paluch

118. The Influence of Shareholder Complaints on Companies’ Product-Advertising Investments
Simone Wies, Arvid O. I. Hoffmann, Jaakko Aspara, Joost M. E. Pennings

119. A Quality Framework for Case Study Research: “Convincingness”
Jillian Farquhar, Nicolette Michels

120. Comparing Consumer Reactions to Percentage and Absolute Values: An Analogue Magnitude Encoding Perspective
Danny Weathers, Scott D. Swain, Jay P. Carlson

121. Is There a Better Price for This Product? Internet and Prevalence of Relative Thinking
Sweta Chaturvedi Thota

122. What’s That Plane Ticket Worth? Responding to Dynamic Pricing Strategies
Richard Hanna, Gerald Smith, Katherine Lemon

123. Explaining NFL Fans’ Purchase Intentions for Revered and Reviled Teams: A Dual-Process Perspective
Jeremy J. Sierra, Harry A. Taute, Robert S. Heiser

124. The Contagious Influence of Experiential Presentation in Online Negative Word-of-Mouth: A Sender’s MAO Perspective
Shilling Liao

125. Consumer Information Search behavior for Experiential and Material Purchases
Asli E. Aydin, Elif A. Selcuk

126. A Two-Step Recommendation to Improve Stability in Free Choice Brand-Attribute Associations
Devdeep Maity

127. The Transfer of Personality to Brands from Associated Spokespersons
Obinna Obilo

128. Achieving Loyalty in Athlete Branding: Examining the Relationship between Athlete Brand Image and Consumer Loyalty
Akiko Arai, Yonghwan Chang

129. Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chain Management: An Evolutionary Framework
John J. Coyle, Evelyn A. Thomchick, Kusumal Ruamsook

130. Sustainable Logistics in Brazil and the United States: An Exploratory Study
Rudolf Leuschner, Dale S. Rogers

131. Marriage of Inconvenience: Value Co-Destruction in an Inter-Dependent Supply Chain Relationship
Javier Marcos-Cuevas, Matias Enz, Marko Bastl, Mark Johnson

132. An Exploratory Study of Extreme Couponing
James J. Zboja, Kevin M. Gatzlaff

133. Effects Of Anti-Tobacco Brands Ad Parodies On Cigarette Brands Attitude
Béatrice Parguel, Renaud Lunardo, Jean-Charles Chebat

134. Customer Relationship Development in Hedonic and Utilitarian Services
Anastasia Stathopoulou, George Balabanis

135. Sequential Learning Of Profit Maximizing Sales Prices
Maurits Kaptein, Petri Parvinen

136. Firm Pricing Orientation And Pricing Decisions In Industrial Markets
Stephan Liozu, Dick Boland, Andreas Hinterbuber, Sheri Perelli

137. Mindful Pricing: Transforming Organizations Through Value Based Pricing
Stephan Liozu, Dick Boland, Andreas Hinterbuber, Sheri Perelli

138. Revisiting The Netnography: Implications For Social Marketing Research Concerning Controversial And/Or Sensitive Issues
Emre Ulusoy

139. Social Media Marketing on Facebook: Investigating Determinants and Consequences of Users’ Attitude Toward the Facebook Page
Hans H. Bauer, Boris Toma, Dirk Fischer

140. A Comparative Evaluation of Different Single-Item Selection Procedures for Construct Measurement
Marko Sarstedt, Petra Wilczynski, Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Sascha Raithel

141. Tastes great or tasty? Matching advertising language to product construal
Karthik Easwar, Lifeng Yang

142. Making the Rainbow Connection: Factors Influencing Gay Consumers’ Evaluations of Gay-Friendly Corporate Activities
Gillian Oakenfull

143. Disparities In Professional Services Advertising: Communicated And Conceived Identity
Deborah Goldring

144. How can Salespeople’s Performance be Improved? The Role of Ethical Climate and Ethical Behavior
Laure Lavorata

145. Doctors As Salespeople: Strengthening Relationships With Patients To Motivate Better Self-Care
Harish Sujan, Timothy Harlan, Mita Sujan, Rick Ager

146. Dynamically Adapting Sales Influence Tactics in E-Commerce
Maurits Kaptein, Petri Parvinen

147. The Impact of Unwarranted Tip Requests on Self-Conscious Emotions, Attitutdes, & Repatronage Intentions
Jacob L. Hiler, Dan H. Rice, Dora E. Schmit

148. Forming Product Return Intentions To Reduce Cognitive Dissonance After Purchase
Devdeep Maity

149. Entrepreneurial Identity Brand Management: A Brand Management Model For Smes
Maria Isabel de Gomez, Jikyeong Kang

150. A Statistical Process to Incorporate the Use of Demographics to Help Select the “Best” Number of Market Segments
Ali Kara, Frank J. Carmone

151. Binational Study of the Impact of Brand Image, Brand Personality and Brand Love on Word of Mouth: The Case of Fashion Brands in UK and Switzerland
Ahmed Rageh Ismail, TC Melewar

152. How Do Market Characteristics Influence Brand Country Of Origin Effects?
Shuang Yang, Fernando Jimenez, John Hadjimarcou, Gary Frankwick

153. The Interplay Between Perceived Brand Globalness, Domestic Brand Origin, and Brand Attitude
Burcu Tasoluk, Roger J. Calantone, Seyda Deligonul, S. Tamer Cavusgil

154. Challenges and Chances for International Portfolio Acquisition Brands (IPA Brands) in Developing Countries
Martin Heinberg, Markus Taube

155. The Teaching of Social Media Marketing
Tracy Tuten, Michael Solomon, Daniel Ladik

156. Exploring Social Media Marketing Strategies in SMEs
Iryna Pentina, Anthony Koh

157. Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring in Industrial Marketing: Tools for Improving Marketing Communication Measurement
Joel Järvinen, Aarne Töllmen, Heiki Karjaluoto

158. Fostering Social Media Relationships: The Role of Parasocial Interaction
Lauren I. Labrecque

159. Negative Spokesperson Publicity: Comparing the Reactions of Investors and Firms
Stefan Hock, Sascha Raithel, Richard Rinkenburger

160. Consider the Source: Comparing Customer Reactions to Hearing about a Company Transgression by Word-of-Mouth vs. through the Media
V. Myles Landers, Mary P. Harrison, William Magnus Northington

161. Source Misattribution for the Sake of Attitude Change: A Conceptualization of the Role of Social Identity in Inducing Dissociative Processing
Adrienne Foos, Kathy Keeling, Debbie Keeling

162. How Corporate Social Responsibility Impacts Consumer Adoption of Nutrition Information
Christine Ye, John Peloza, J. Joseph Cronin

163. The “Bigger” Company Responsibility — When One Bad Product Harms a Country’s Image —
Frank Huber, Frederik Meyer, Andrea Weihrauch

164. Is CSR Important for All Types of Fans?: The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility in Sport
Marilyn Giroux, Frank Pons, Mehdi Mourali

165. Consumer Behavior in Flea Markets and Bottom of the Pyramid Marketing
Maria Petrescu, Dhruv Bhatli

166. Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in External and Internal Sales Relationships
Felicia G. Lassk, Yang Lee

167. Marketing Intelligence Fosters Ownership Among Sakespersons to Improve their Service Quality: A Role of Marketing
Gen Fukutomi

168. Empowering Salespeople: Does it Work?
Frederick H.K. Yim, Srinivasan Swaminathan, Rolph Anderson

169. Customer Relationship Management: The Evolving Role of Customer Data
Hannu Saarijärvi, Heikki Karjaluoto, Hannu Kuusela

170. Toward an Understaning of Customer Negotiation Behavior: A Structured Abstract
Yvette Holmes, Leff Bonney

171. What Consumers Value: Relationships and Utility
Stephanie M. Mangus, Jacob L. Hiler, Judith Anne Garretson Folse, William C. Black, Anna M. Walz

172. Affect and Self-Expression as Determinants of a Lasting Purchase: The Case of the Tattoo Patron
Jeremy J. Sierra, Ravi Jillapalli, Vishag A. Badrinarayanan

173. Mortality Salience, Mood Regulation and Materialism
Kevin Lehnert, Kelly Cowart

174. How do Fine-Grained Emotions Affect the Helpfulness Vote of a Product Review? Evidence from User Generated Content Using Latent Semantic Analysis
Shimi Naurin Ahmad, Michel Laroche

175. How to Adopt Social Behavior to Achieve Efficient Social Marketing
Kuei-Feng Chang, Hao-Wei Yang

176. Customer-Driven Benchmarking: A Strategic Approach Leading To Sustainable Performance
Hamed M. Shamma, Salah S. Hassan

177. Social Mobility and the Demand for Luxury in Russia: A Typology of Russian Consumers of Luxury Goods
Gregory J. Kivenzor, Roy Toffoli

178. Supply Chain Alertness: A Relational Review
Xun Li, Thomas J. Goldsby, Clyde W. Holsapple, Michael G. Goldsby

179. A Framework for Relational Behaviors in Supply Chains: A Social Exchanage and Strategic Alignment ‘Fit’ Perspective
Karthik N. S. Iyer, Azam Firouzi

180. Authenticity In The Channel
Terry Beckman

181. The Price of Customer Engagement: How Substitution in Online Services Leads to Decreasing Revenues
Jerry Lindholm, Maurits Kaptein, Petri Parvinen

182. Managing Information Overload: The Case of Online Product Review Categorization
Kristof Coussement, Michael Antioco

183. Towards The Measurement Of Online Influence
Chris Archer-Brown, Niall Piercy, Adam Joinson

184. Factors Affecting Consumers’ Willingness to Adopt?-Health Information
JungKun Park, Eklou Amendah, Christina Chung

185. Is More Information Content Always Good? Investigating the Impact of Website Interface Features on E-Retailer’s Sales Performance
Abdul Ashraf, Narongsak (Tek) Thongpapanl

186. Use and Adaptation of International Internet Marketing Communications: A Conceptual Model
Philip J. Boutin

187. A Modified Social Cognition Model Predicting Patient Health Behaviors: The Mediating Role of Hope — Structured Abstract
Suzanne C. Makarem

188. Consumer Locus Of Control: Assessment Instrument Construction And Validation
Jerome J. Tobacyk, Barry J. Babin

189. Marketing As A Science: Does It Matter?
Danny Upshaw

190. Blue Print of a General Theory – Marketing Literature Review
Wei Hua

191. Marketing Dynamic Capabilities: A Review Of Conceptualization And Development, Foundations And Future Research Agenda
Denis Khantimirov

192. Revisiting the Marketing Strategy: Towards Detecting the Main Factors in Developing a Marketing Strategy
Emre Ulusoy

193. Revisiting The Marketing Strategy: Towards Detecting the Main Factors in Developing a Marketing Strategy
Emre Ulusoy

194. Evaluating Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Strategy
Woojung Chang, Allexander E. Ellinger

195. The Sources of Purchase Risks of a New Packaging Technology from a Supply Network Perspective
Jenni Hakola, Juha Munnukka

196. Young Children as Parents’ Extended Selves
Mine Ucok Hughes, Karen Kaigler-Walker, Wendy Bendoni

197. Addressing Childhood & Adolescent Obesity: Misperceptions of Weight Status
Debra M. Desrochers, Stephan Dahl

198. Who am I to you? A phenomeiiological study of romance, sense of self and the experience of cosmetics consumption
Chihling Liu, Debbie Keeling, Margaret Hogg

199. The Postmodern Consumer: An Identity Constructor?
Manel Hamouda

200. Any user can be any self they that they want so long as it is what they ‘ought’ to be: Exploring self-presentation in the presence of multiple audiences on social network sites
Ben Marder, Adam Joinson, Avi Shankar, Chris Archer-Brown

201. My Values or Our Identity? The Moderating Role of Identities on Values-Behavior Congruence and Green Consumption Decisions
Diego Costa, Adilson Borges, Walter Nique, Marcia Heiter

202. How Smooth Does It Feel? The Effects of Haptics on Consumers’ Nutritional Perceptions
Courtney Szocs, Dipayan Biswas, Donald Lehmann

203. Biased Evaluation of Products Caused by Targeting Effect of Multilingual Product Packaging
Mahesh Gopinath, Myron Glassman, Prashanth Nyer

204. How to Make Non-Natural Products Appear More Natural? Changes in Process Work Better Than Changes in Content
Pierrick Gomez

205. Satisfaction and Loyalty in E-Commerce: The Moderating Role of Nationality
Thijs Haak

206. Effects of Product Type and Gender on Online Purchase Attitudes and Intentions: A Structured Abstract
Jane McKay-Nesbitt, Chad Ryan

207. Clicking or Buying? Impacts of Website Quality and Website Attitude on E-Impulse Buying
Sua Jeon, HaeJung Kim

208. An Investigation of Motivational Factors and the Moderating Effect of Familiarity on Intention to Use Self-Service Technology to Purchase Apparel
Sooeun Cho, Nancy Hodges

209. Attitudinal Segmentation and Loyalty of Retailer Online Community Users
Peter J. McGoldrick, Daniel P. Hampson, Kaori Nanakida

210. Positive Consumption Emotion to Purchase Intention Cross-Cultural Evidence from China and India
Ji Hye Kang, Byoungho Jin

211. Profiling Thailand’s Retail Industry: An Analysis of Market Change and Opportunities for Future Growth
Chawanuan Kananukul, Nancy Hodges, Kittichai Watchravesringkan

212. The Effect of Social Influence on Consumer Regret
Hsiao-Ching Kuo

213. La Vie BohÈme? The Role of an Operatic Flash Mob on Consumer Behavior
Philip Grant, Anjali Bal, Leyland F. Pitt, Adam Mills, Anthony Chan

214. Female Consumers: Empowerment Through Diy Consumption
Marco Wolf, Jamye Foster, Pia A. Albinsson

215. The Role Of Individual-Level Factors In Explaining Marketing Power
Corina Marx

216. How do ambidextrous minds create new products? Analogical thinking as a key to achievement of ambidexterity in new product creation
Loredana Viola, Päivi Karhu

217. Consumer = Prospective Employee? The Influence of Organizational Products/Services on the Perception of the Employer Brand
Simone Hochegger, Ralf Terfutter

218. The Role Of Need For Cognition On Responses To Catalogs
Joseph M. Jones

219. An Assessment Of Hierarchical Linear Modeling In International Business
Erkan Ozkaya, Tomas Hult, Chitra Srivastava Dabas, Kalin Dobrev Kolev, Steven Dahlquist, Sonia Arun Manjeshwar

220. Understanding Factors That Impact Firms’ Intent to Export in the Future
Adesegun Oyedele

221. Internationalization Of Fast Fashion Retailers: Does It Follow The Uppsala Model?
Michelle L. Childs, Byoungho Jin

222. Social Media Marketing in B2B-Companies - An Empirical Investigation of the Actual Usage, Challenges and Future Expectations of B2B Social Network Activities
Stefanie Paluch, Hartmut H. Holzmueller

223. Risk Perception In Remote Service Encounters
Stefanie Paluch, Nancy Wünderlich

224. Market Turbulence and Electronic Approaches to Marketing in Wine Sector SMEs: A Structured Abstract
Judith J. Madill, Leighann Neilson

225. A Framework for Examining B2B Digital Communication
Micah Murphy

226. Effects of National Culture on Attitude Toward Online Shopping: Two Country Individual and National Cultural Comparison
Dong Ling Xu-Priour

227. Technology Acceptance Model, Consumser Personality and Smartphone Users’ Satisfaction
En-Chi Chang, Chia-Yin Huang

228. Alleviating Privacy Obstacle in NOEW Mobile Service Adoption
Xiaoyan Chen, Gerard Cliquet

229. A Study of Understanding When Technology Attributes Can Increase Preference
Junhong Min, Madhav N. Segal

230. Generational Differences in Online Trust Development: Millennials V. Baby Boomers
Michael Obal

231. The Proper Meal, Social Capital, and Jia Ren Guanxi in Urban China
Alvin C. Burns, Ann Veeck, Yu Hongyan, Xia Linda Liu

232. The Exploratory Study of Drinking Motives Among Polish Female Undergraduate Students
Krzysztof Kubacki, Dariusz Siemieniako

233. Values As Antecedents For Ecologically Conscious Consumer Behavior Among Seniors: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
Lynn Sudbury Riley, Florian Kohlbacher

234. Is Marketing to Individuals Targeting Segments of One?
Neil Bendle

235. Value, Brand And Relationship Drivers In Cellular Phone Markets
Deon Nel, Kirk Plangger

236. Modeling the Effect of Brand Proliferation on Category Expansion and Cannibalization
K. Sivakumar

237. Customized Communication Incongruity (CCI) Through the Activation Of African-American Stereotypes
Anshu Saxena Arora, Jun Wu

238. Shaping Contact Employee Extra-Role Performance Through Imo Adoption
Achilleas Boukis, Kostas Kaminakis, Konstantinos Lionakis

239. Highlighting the Role of Servicescapes and Organizational Climate on Employees’ Performance
Kostas Kaminakis, Spiros Gounaris, Achilleas Boukis

240. Enhancing Customer Perceived Service Quality Through IMO Diffusion
Achilleas Boukis, Spiros Gounaris, Giannis Kostopoulos, Kostas Kaminakis

241. Predictors Of Retail Salesperson Creativity And Associated Performance Implications
Raj Agnihotri, Adam Rapp, James ‘Mick’ Andzulis, Colin B. Gabler

242. Persuasion Knowledge Model as a Framework for Researching Loyalty Dynamism using Critical Incident Technique
Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Dariusz Siemieniako, Wieslaw Urban

243. Value Generation And Impact On Commitment In Business-To-Business Relationships
Ieda Lima Pereira, Aurea Helena Puga Ribeiro, Ricardo Teixeira Veiga, Raquel Silveira Robbe

244. Facebook vs. Traditional Print Advertising: Examining Influence Over Information
Jennifer Martinez, Marla B. Royne, Christine Kowalczyk

245. The Relationship Between Motivation, Self-Control and Locus of Control within Gambling
William Magnus Northington, Sharon E. Beatty, Andrew M. Lindridge

246. Preliminary Results On Responses to Free Toys and Fast Food
Joseph M. Jones

247. Gone but Not Forgotten: Symbolic Meaning and Motives in Gift-Giving to the Deceased
Jenna Drenten, Kristy McManus, Lauren Labrecque

248. Beer Advertising On Tv And Occurrence Of Traffic Accidents In Peru
Milos Lau, Delane Botelho

249. Corporate Social Responsibility And High And Low Income Customers: Different Perceptions Of Benefit, Value, Price And Purchase Intent
Ronan Torres Quintão, Giuliana Isabella

250. New Influentials: How Consumption Manifests On Blogs
Maria Carolina Zanette

251. From Desire To Necessity: The Role Of Emotions, Attitudes, Perception Of Loss, And Subjective Norms
Oliver Cruz-Milán

252. The Role of Guilt and Shame on Conspicuous Consumption
David A Locander

253. Search: an expense or an experience? Exploring the impact of search on product return intentions
Devdeep Maity

254. Rewarding Impulse and Unplanned Purchasing
Lauren Brewer

255. Am I Being Manipulated?: The Effects of Co-Creation and Sales Person Orientation on Customer Affect
Weiling Zhuang, Obinna Obilo, David Locander, Julie Moulard

256. Creating and Delivering Curriculum-Based Experiential Learning Courses - 120 Students at a Time
Gillian Oakenfull

257. Getting Students to Buy what We Sell: Product Involvement, Customer Relationship Management, and Customer Satisfaction
Shannon B. Rinaldo

258. Improving the MBA Student Education Experience
Jochen Wirtz

259. Coping with Each Other: An Exploration of the Thoughts and Interactions of Retail Employees and Teen Shoppers Co-Existing at the Mall
Lynnea Mallalieu, Kay M. Palan

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Marketing, Business Strategy/Leadership, Sales/Distribution/Call Center/Customer Service

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Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science
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45 pages
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