Ateca-Amestoy, Victoria M.

Enhancing Participation in the Arts in the EU

Ateca-Amestoy, Victoria M. - Enhancing Participation in the Arts in the EU, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Measurement of Participation in the Arts

1. European Statistics on Participation in the Arts and Their International Comparability
John O’Hagan

2. Measuring Participation in the Arts in Spain
Victoria Ateca-Amestoy, Anna Villarroya

3. Measuring Participation in the Arts in Italy
Annalisa Cicerchia

4. Attendance at/Participation in the Arts by Educational Level: Evidence and Issues
John O’Hagan

5. Measuring Participation or Participating in Measurement? The Cautionary Tale of an Accidental Experiment in Survey Accuracy
Pete D. Lunn

6. Participation in the Arts and Social Inclusion in Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods
Marco Ferdinando Martorana, Isidoro Mazza, Luisa Monaco

Part II. Sectorial Analyses of Participation in the Arts in Europe

7. Musical Rhythm Embedded in the Brain: Bridging Music, Neuroscience, and Empirical Aesthetics
Sylvie Nozaradan

8. Contemporary Music and Its Audience: A Tale of Benevolent Asceticism?
Pierre-Michel Menger

9. Looking Into the Profile of Music Audiences
Victor Fernandez-Blanco, Maria J. Perez-Villadoniga, Juan Prieto-Rodriguez

10. The Evolution of Theatre Attendance in Italy: Patrons and Companies
Concetta Castiglione, Davide Infante

11. Raiders of the Lost Ark: A European Market for European Movies?
Víctor Fernandez-Blanco, Fernanda Gutiérrez-Navratil

12. A Geographical Approach to ‘Smart’ Location of Museums
Patricia Suárez, Matías Mayor

13. New Lines of Action for Participatives Museums
Imma Fondevila Guinart

14. Public Private Partnership for the Enhancement of Cultural Heritage: The Case of the Benedictine Monastery of Catania
Francesco Mannino, Anna Mignosa

15. The Multi-product Nature of the Firm in the Arts Sector: The Case of ‘Centro Zo’
Roberto Cellini, Marco Ferdinando Martorana, Felicita Platania

Part III. Cultural Travellers

16. Evaluating the Efficiency of Cultural Travel Destinations: A DEA Approach
Luis César Herrero-Prieto

17. An Empirical Investigation of Cultural Travellers’ Preferences and Behaviours in a Destination with Mixed Environmental Features
Calogero Guccio, Sara Levi Sacerdotti, Ilde Rizzo

Part IV. The Role of New Technologies

18. Digital Research and Development in the Arts
Hasan Bakhshi

19. Implementation of Tracking Technologies for Temporal and Spatial Management of Cultural Destinations: Hong Kong as an Example
Noam Shoval, Bob McKercher

20. Cultural Economics, the Internet and Participation
Christian Handke, Paul Stepan, Ruth Towse

21. Classical Music: New Proposals for New Audiences
Michel Hambersin

22. The Cultural Value and Variety of Playing Video Games
Karol J. Borowiecki, Juan Prieto-Rodriguez

23. Measuring the Economic Effects of Events Using Google Trends
Olivier Gergaud, Victor Ginsburgh

Part V. Funding and Innovation

24. Are Less Public Funds Bad? New Strategies for Art Providers
Tiziana Cuccia, Luisa Monaco, Ilde Rizzo

25. Arts, Culture and Creativity as Drivers for Territorial Development, Innovation and Competitiveness
Beatriz Plaza, Silke N. Haarich

Keywords: Economics, Cultural Economics, European Culture, Cultural Management, Technology and Digital Education, Cultural Policy and Politics, R & D/Technology Policy

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