Artigas, Miquel Canals

Engineering Geology for Society and Territory – Volume 4

Artigas, Miquel Canals - Engineering Geology for Society and Territory – Volume 4, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Coastal and Offshore Geodisasters

1. On Soil Layer Damage Due to Gas Escape
Lu Xiaobing, X. D. Chen, X. H. Zhang, S. Y. Wang

2. Littoral Drift Barriers and the Problem of Proving Accelerated Recession
Max Barton, Sally Brown

3. Field Test on Stiffened Deep Mixed Columns
Guan-bao Ye, Yong-sheng Cai, Qing Liu

4. Measurement Analysis of Bohai Bank Deep Foundation Pit Project in Tianjin Soft Soil Area
Yi-qun Tang, Jing-jing Yan, Zhi-jun Sun, Jie Zhou

5. The Coastal Geological Environment and Blue–Green Economic Chain in China
Yaoru Lu, Qi Liu, Zhanfei Gu

6. Coastal Hazards Within Indigenous Settlements of Chukchi Peninsula
Alexey Maslakov, Gleb Kraev

7. A Case Study on the Determination of the Strength of Seabed Sediments from SW Taiwan
Huai-Houh Hsu, Jia-Jyun Dong, Che-Ming Yang, Win-Bin Cheng, Shu-Kun Hsu, Jia-Hao Huang, Yu-Jo Su

8. Assessment of Maritime Erosion Index for Ionian-Lucanian Coast
M. Greco, G. Martino

9. An Inter-Comparison of Coastal Vulnerability Assessment Methods
G. Benassai, G. Paola, P. Aucelli, M. Passarella, L. Mucerino

10. Behaviour of a Thin Compressible Clay Horizon Under Geogrid Reinforced Sand with a Wide Platform Load
B. R. Jones, J. L. Rooy

11. Numerical Methods for Deformation Analysis of Liquefiable Soils
Miao Yu, Yu Huang, Qiang Xu

12. Late Glacial and Holocene Sedimentation and Investigation of Fjord Tsunami Potential in Lower Howe Sound, British Columbia
L. E. Jackson, A. Blais-Stevens, R. L. Hermanns, C. E. Jermyn

13. Catalogue of Historical Displacement Waves and Landslide-Triggered Tsunamis in Norway
Reginald L. Hermanns, Thierry Oppikofer, Nicholas J. Roberts, Gro Sandøy

14. Earthquake-Triggered Subaerial Landslides that Caused Large Scale Fjord Sediment Deformation: Combined Subaerial and Submarine Studies of the 2007 Aysén Fjord Event, Chile
Reginald L. Hermanns, Sergio A. Sepúlveda, Galderic Lastras, David Amblas, Miquel Canals, María Azpiroz, Ignacio Bascuñán, Antonio M. Calafat, Paul Duhart, Jaime Frigola, Olaia Iglesias, Philipp Kempf, Sara Lafuerza, Oddvar Longva, Aaron Micallef, Thierry Oppikofer, Xavier Rayo, Gabriel Vargas, Freddy Yugsi Molina

15. Pre-shear Effect on Liquefaction Resistance of Sand
Jiafeng Lu, Bin Ye

16. Engineering Geology and Geohazards of Sefidrud Delta, South Caspian Coast, North Iran
M. Hashemi, M. R. Nikoudel, M. Khamehchiyan, N. Hafezi Moghadas

17. Investigations on the Possible Source of the 2002 Landslide Tsunami in Rhodes, Greece, Through Numerical Techniques
Filippo Zaniboni, Gianluca Pagnoni, Alberto Armigliato, Katharina Elsen, Stefano Tinti

18. Storm Hazard Assessment for Urban Areas
Luigi Mucerino, Chiara F. Schiaffino, Antonietta Franzé, Marco Firpo, Nicola Corradi, Marco Ferrari

19. Numerical Simulation of the BIG’95 Debris Flow and of the Generated Tsunami
Filippo Zaniboni, Gianluca Pagnoni, Alberto Armigliato, Stefano Tinti, Olaia Iglesias, Miquel Canals

20. Macro Deformation and Micro Displacement Characteristics of Granular Materials
Hu Zheng, Zhifang Zhou, Jinguo Wang

21. Dynamic Processes of the Benthic Boundary Layer in the Subaqueous Yellow River Delta, China
Xiaolei Liu, Yonggang Jia, Jiewen Zheng, Lei Guo, Hongxian Shan

22. Airborne Unmanned Monitoring System for Coastal Erosion Assessment
P. Bellezza Quater, F. Grimaccia, A. Masini

23. Test on Effect of Temperature on Area of Thermal Expansion of HDPE Geomembrane
Ping Yang, Xue-wen Zhu, Min-hui Wu, Xue-qing Sun

24. Engineering-Geology Zoning and Risk Assessment of Hazards in Tianjin Central Fishing Port
Yiqun Tang, Jia Liu

25. Coastal Floods and Climate Change
J. Javier Diez, Efren M. Veiga, Fernando Rodriguez

Part II. Coasts at Threat: Causes and Consequences of Coastal Settlements and Maritime Transportation

26. 17 Years of Changes (1989–2006) in Bathymetry and Sediments Texture in Segura River Mouth
Aragonés Luis, Pagán J. Ignacio, López Pilar, J. C. Serra Peris

Part III. Monitoring and Measurement of Seabed Dynamic Process

27. In-Situ Fluid Mud Motion Investigation in Channel After Storm
Pang Qixiu, Zhang Ruibo

28. Nuclear Techniques for Monitoring Sediment Dynamics in the Coastal Zone
Jefferson Vianna Bandeira, Lécio Hannas Salim, Virgilio Lopardi Bomtempo, Rubens Martins Moreira, Patrick Brisset, Catherine E. Hughes, Harish Jagat Pant, Jovan Thereska, Anders Wörman

29. Numerical Modeling of the Submarine Debris Flows Run-Out Using SPH
Hualin Cheng, Yu Huang, Qiang Xu

30. Dynamic Response of an Embankment Foundation to a Simulated Tsunami Wave
Yu Huang, Chongqiang Zhu, Min Xiong

31. Stages of Clayey Sediments Formation in the Presence of the Organic Matter
Zdobin Dmitry

Part IV. Relative Land Subsidence in Transitional Coastal Environment: Causes, Effects, Quantification, Monitoring

32. Relative Land Subsidence of the Venice Coastland, Italy
Luigi Tosi, Pietro Teatini, Tazio Strozzi, Cristina Da Lio

33. Capability of X-Band Persistent Scatterer Interferometry to Monitor Land Subsidence in the Venice Lagoon
Pietro Teatini, Luigi Tosi, Tazio Strozzi

34. The Impact of Land Subsidence on Preservation of Cultural Heritage Sites: The Case Study of Aquileia (Venetian-Friulian Coastland, North-Eastern Italy)
Loredana Alfarè, Sandra Donnici, Mattia Marini, Massimiliano Moscatelli, Luigi Tosi, Roberto Vallone

35. Ground Deformation Monitoring Over Venice Lagoon Using Combined DInSAR/PSI Techniques
Penelope Kourkouli, Urs Wegmüller, Pietro Teatini, Luigi Tosi, Tazio Strozzi, Andreas Wiesmann, Kevin Tansey

36. Coastal Impacts Around Guadiaro River Mouth (Spain)
J. Javier Diez, Rodriguez Fernando, Efren M. Veiga

37. Actual Geological Processes Acting on the Western Coast of Black Sea
Mihaela Stãnciucu

Part V. Submarine Mass Movements: Hazards and Risk Assessment

38. Submarine Mass-Movements on Volcanic Islands: Examples from the Aeolian Archipelago (Italy)
Daniele Casalbore, Alessandro Bosman, Claudia Romagnoli, Francesco Latino Chiocci

39. Evolution of a Submarine Mass-Transport Complex in Space and Time
William C. Haneberg, Kerry J. Campbell

40. High-Resolution Studies of Mass Transport Deposits: Outcrop Perspective for Understanding Modern Submarine Slope Failure and Associated Natural Hazards
K. Ogata, G. A. Pini, A. Festa, Ž. Pogačnik, G. Tunis, J. J. Mountjoy, K. Senger, M. Strasser

41. Landslide Hazard Assessment of the Black Sea Shelf Adjoined to the Western Caucasus
Vsevolod Yu. Ionov, Ernest V. Kalinin, Igor K. Fomenko, Sergey G. Mironyuk

42. Recent Morphological Changes of the Nice Continental Slope
Maëlle Kelner, Sébastien Migeon, Emmanuel Tric, Françoise Couboulex, Alexandre Dano, Thomas Lebourg, Alfredo Taboada

43. The Case of Ischia Underwater Debris Avalanche (Italy, Tyrrhenian Sea) and Its High Mobility
G. Alteriis, Anna Scotto di Santolo, F. L. Chiocci, M. Ramondini, C. Violante

44. Erratum to: The Case of Ischia Underwater Debris Avalanche (Italy, Tyrrhenian Sea) and Its High Mobility
G. Alteriis, Anna Scotto di Santolo, F. L. Chiocci, M. Ramondini, C. Violante

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Oceanography, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts, Physical Geography

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