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Women and Children as Victims and Offenders: Background, Prevention, Reintegration

Kury, Helmut - Women and Children as Victims and Offenders: Background, Prevention, Reintegration, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. UN Principles for Crime Prevention-Treatment of Women and Children

1. International Human Rights Law on Violence Against Women and Children and Its Impact on Domestic Law and Action
Sally Goldfarb, Julie Goldscheid

2. Blue Victimology and Femicide: The United Nations’ Response to Victims and Female Victims of Gender Killings
John P. J. Dussich

3. In the Pursuit of Justice for Women and Children and the Right to Development: A Review of Concluding Observations of the United Nations Human Rights Treaty Bodies
Anganile Willie Mwenifumbo, Harumi Fuentes Furuya

4. International Strategies for Building a Culture of Peace through Access to Good Education
Werner Wintersteiner

Part II. Education and Social Learning: Their Impact on the Development of Children and Adolescents

5. Attacks on Education in Conflict, Post-Conflict and Non-Conflict Settings
Jovana Carapic, Hannah Dönges

6. The Role of Early Childhood Education in Social Behaviour of Children
Milagros Nores, W. Steven Barnett

7. Young Children’s Understanding of Social Norms and Social Institutions
Patricia Kanngiesser, Marco F. H. Schmidt, Federico Rossano

8. Family Influences on Offending and Family-Based Intervention
David P. Farrington

9. Women’s Substance Abuse and Its Impacts on Children’s Early Development and Deviant Behaviors
Huan Gao, Jianhong Liu

10. Fairness and Trust in Developmental Psychology
Daniel Brugman, Christa Out, John C. Gibbs

11. Results of the Second Round of the International Self-Report Delinquency (ISRD2) Study: Importance of Education and Social Learning for 12–15 Year Olds
Ineke Haen Marshall

12. The Role of Justice and Fairness as Global Values: Promoting Public International Law at the (Pre-)University Level
Roger S. Clark

13. Legal Education in Transition: Is the Bologna Process Responding to Europe’s Place in the World?
Emil W. Pływaczewski, Izabela Kraśnicka

14. A Critical Examination of the Contention of the Existence of a Culture Justice Education at the Vienna International School, Austria
Elisabeth Stanners

15. Education for Justice: Experiences and Prospects for Further Internationalization
Rosemary Barberet

Part III. Children/Juveniles and Women as Victims and Offenders

16. The Criminal Victimization of Children and Women in International Perspective
Jan Dijk

17. Global Homicide Mortality Trends by Gender 1950–2010
Tapio Lappi-Seppälä, Martti Lehti

18. Women as Victims and Perpetrators of Violence: Empirical Results from National and International Quantitative Violence Research
Monika Schröttle, Kathrin Vogt

19. Victims but Also Perpetrators: Women’s Experiences of Partner Violence
Alexandra Lysova

20. A Reflection on Women, Girls and Armed Violence
Anna Alvazzi del Frate

21. Women and Children as Victims and Offenders: The Impact of Armed Conflict and Post-Conflict Period Challenges
Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic, Ljiljana Stevkovic

22. A Biopsychosocial Model of Female Criminality: Implications for Assessment and Evidence-Based Treatment Approaches
Martin Peper, Sandy Krammer, Dorothee Klecha

23. Criminalizing Women: Global Strategies for Denying Female Victimization
Meda Chesney-Lind, Syeda Tonima Hadi

24. Societal Responses to Sexual Violence Against Women: Rape Myths and the “Real Rape” Stereotype
Barbara Krahé

25. Justice and Family Issues in Shia: Dealing with Domestic Violence
Batoul Pakzad, Hassan Alipour

26. Forced Marriage in Islamic Countries: The Role of Violence in Family Relationships
Mehrdad Rayejian Asli, Mojgan Amrollahi Byouki

27. Women and Children as Victims and Offenders: The Case of De-Notified Tribes in India
Milind Bokil, Vijay Raghavan

28. Victimisation and Delinquency of Minors in Central-European Countries
Witold Klaus, Irena Rzeplińska, Dagmara Woźniakowska-Fajst

29. Sexual Abuse of Children in Comparative and International Perspective
Rossella Selmini

30. Trafficking in Persons: The Involvement of Women and Children
Kristiina Kangaspunta, Fabrizio Sarrica, Raggie Johansen

31. Exploring Hidden Spaces: Sexual Abuse of Girl Children in India
Swati Shirwadkar

32. Sexual Abuse Within the Family: The Intergenerational Transmission of Victimhood and Offending
Catrien Bijleveld, Jessica Hill, Jan Hendriks

33. “Violence Against Children Sells Very Well”. Reporting Crime in the Media and Attitudes to Punishment
Thomas Hestermann

Keywords: Law, International Criminal Law, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Child and School Psychology, Human Rights, Gender Studies, Child Well-being

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