Curaj, Adrian

Higher Education Reforms in Romania

Curaj, Adrian - Higher Education Reforms in Romania, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Romanian Higher Education in 2009–2013. The Bologna Process and Romanian Priorities in the Search for an Active European and Global Presence
Adrian Curaj, Ligia Deca, Cezar Mihai Hâj

2. The Role of Impact Evaluation in Evidence-Based HE Policy Making: The Contribution of Transparency Tools
Lucian Ciolan, Mihai Păunescu, Ciprian Fartuşnic, Romiţă Iucu, Călin Hintea

3. Why Do Romanian Universities Fail to Internalize Quality Assurance?
Koen Geven, Oana Sârbu, Robert Santa, Adina Maricuţ, Norbert Sabic

4. Equity from an Institutional Perspective in the Romanian Higher Education System
Jamil Salmi, Cezar Mihai Hâj, Daniela Alexe

5. Evaluation Capacity Building as a Means to Improving Policy Making and Public Service in Higher Education
Nicolae Toderaş, Ana-Maria Stăvaru

6. Student Centred Learning: Translating Trans-National Commitments into Institutional Realities. The Romanian Experience
Liviu Matei, Cezar Mihai Hâj, Daniela Alexe

7. Internationalisation of Higher Education in Romanian National and Institutional Contexts
Ligia Deca, Eva Egron-Polak, Cristina Ramona Fiţ

8. Are the Talents Wisely Spent? The Case of Student Subsidies in Romanian Higher Education
Viorel Proteasa, Adrian Miroiu

9. The Quest for Quality in Higher Education: Is There Any Place Left for Equity and Access?
Gabriel-Alexandru Vîiu, Adrian Miroiu

10. Building and Deepening a Comprehensive Strategy to Internationalise Romanian Higher Education
Hans Wit, Laura C. Engel

11. National Strategies and Practices in Internationalisation of Higher Education: Lessons from a Cross-Country Comparison
Liviu Matei, Julia Iwinska

12. Erratum to: Why Do Romanian Universities Fail to Internalize Quality Assurance?
Koen Geven, Adina Maricuţ, Norbert Sabic, Robert Santa, Oana Sârbu

Keywords: Education, Higher Education, Educational Policy and Politics, International and Comparative Education

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