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Geometric Methods in Physics

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Table of contents

Part I. Deformation, Quantization: Scientific Landmarks of Daniel Sternheimer

1. Daniel Sternheimer
Pierre Bieliavsky, Martin Schlichenmaier

2. “The Important Thing is not to Stop Questioning”, Including the Symmetries on Which is Based the Standard Model
Daniel Sternheimer

3. Bargmann–Fock Realization of the Noncommutative Torus
Nestor Anzola Kibamba, Pierre Bieliavsky

4. Berezin Transform and a Deformation Decomposition
Vladimir F. Molchanov

5. Toeplitz Quantization without Measure or Inner Product
Stephen Bruce Sontz

6. States in Deformation Quantization
Jaromir Tosiek

Part II. Quantum Mechanics

n-ary Star Product: Construction and Integral Representation
Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou, Dine Ousmane Samary

8. Quantum Mechanics and Geometry on the Siegel–Jacobi Disk
Stefan Berceanu

9. Quantum Resonances: Theory and Models
Manuel Gadella

Part III. Groups and Non-commutative Structures

10. Symplectic Dual Pair Related to Deformed SO(5)
Alina Dobrogowska, Anatol Odzijewicz

11. Poisson Reduction
Chiara Esposito

12. Complex Manifold Structure and Algebroid of the Partially Invertible Elements Groupoid of a W*-algebra
Anatol Odzijewicz, Aneta Sliżewska, Grzegorz Jakimowicz

13. Orbifold Diffeomorphism Groups
Alexander Schmeding

14. On Complex Analytic 1|2- and 1|3-dimensional Supermanifolds Associated with




E. G. Vishnyakova

Part IV. Differential Equations and Special Functions

15. Complex Hulls of the Hyperboloid of One Sheet and Spherical Functions
Vladimir F. Molchanov

16. A Simple Construction of Integrable Whitham Type Hierarchies
A. Odesskii

17. Asymptotic Integration of Linear Third-order Differential Equation
Barbara Pietruczuk

18. On New Reduction of Nonlinear Wave Type Equations via Classical Symmetry Method
Joanna Zonenberg, Ivan Tsyfra

Part V. General Methods

C-orbit Function and Image Filtering
Ondřej Kajínek, Goce Chadzitaskos, Lenka Háková

20. Conformal Inversion and Maxwell Field Invariants in Four- and Six-dimensional Spacetimes
Steven Duplij, Gerald A. Goldin, Vladimir Shtelen

21. Fourier Transforms of E-functions of O(5) and G(2)
Lenka Háková, Jiří Hrivnák

22. Interpolation of Multidimensional Digital Data Using Weyl Group Orbit Functions
Lenka Háková, Jiří Hrivnák

23. Semiclassical Spectral Asymptotics for a Magnetic Schrödinger Operator with Non-vanishing Magnetic Field
Bernard Helffer, Yuri A. Kordyukov

Part VI. Special Talks

24. Of Ice Cream and Parasites
Bogdan Mielnik

25. The Hamiltonian?
Gijs M. Tuynman

Keywords: Mathematics, Group Theory and Generalizations, Global Analysis and Analysis on Manifolds, Quantum Computing, History of Mathematical Sciences

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Trends in Mathematics
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Natural Sciences
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