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Road Vehicle Automation

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Transportation Research Board’s 2013 Workshop on Road Vehicle Automation
Steven E. Shladover, Jane Lappin, Robert P. Denaro, Bryant Walker Smith

Part I. Public Sector Activities

2. Autonomous Vehicles: A Perspective from the California Department of Motor Vehicles
Bernard C. Soriano, Stephanie L. Dougherty, Brian G. Soublet, Kristin J. Triepke

3. Accelerating Road Vehicle Automation
Joseph I. Peters

4. Activities, Findings and Perspectives in the Field of Road Vehicle Automation in Japan
Yasuhiro Okumura

Part II. Industrial Research and Innovation

5. Bosch’s Vision and Roadmap Toward Fully Autonomous Driving
Jan Becker, Maria-Belen Aranda Colas, Stefan Nordbruch, Michael Fausten

6. History and Status of Automated Driving in the United States
Sven Beiker

7. Research and Innovation for Automated Driving in Germany and Europe
Gereon Meyer, Stefan Deix

Part III. Societal and Environmental Impacts

8. A Legal Perspective on Three Misconceptions in Vehicle Automation
Bryant Walker Smith

9. Machine Ethics and Automated Vehicles
Noah J. Goodall

10. Vehicle Automation and Its Potential Impacts on Energy and Emissions
Matthew Barth, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, Guoyuan Wu

11. Human Factors of Highly Automated Driving: Results from the EASY and CityMobil Projects
Natasha Merat, Hamish Jamson, Frank Lai, Oliver Carsten

12. Key Factors Influencing Autonomous Vehicles’ Energy and Environmental Outcome
William R. Morrow, Jeffery B. Greenblatt, Andrew Sturges, Samveg Saxena, Anand Gopal, Dev Millstein, Nihar Shah, Elisabeth A. Gilmore

13. An Analysis of Possible Energy Impacts of Automated Vehicles
Austin Brown, Jeffrey Gonder, Brittany Repac

Part IV. Technical Progress

14. Disruptive Innovation on the Path to Sustainable Mobility: Creating a Roadmap for Road Transportation in the United States
Steven E. Underwood

15. CityMobil2: Challenges and Opportunities of Fully Automated Mobility
Adriano Alessandrini, Alessio Cattivera, Carlos Holguin, Daniele Stam

16. A Partial Reality Experimental System for Human-in-the-Loop Testing of Connected and Automated Vehicle Applications: Development, Validation and Applications
Yunjie Zhao, Yunfei Hou, Aditya Wagh, Shan Huang, Kevin Hulme, Chunming Qiao, Adel W. Sadek

17. Evaluation of Automated Road Vehicles
Adrian Zlocki, Felix Fahrenkrog, Mohamed Benmimoun, Johanna Josten, Lutz Eckstein

18. Advanced Intersection Traffic Control Strategies Accommodating Autonomous Vehicles
Douglas Gettman, Jason Castillo, Lisa Burgess

19. Synergies Between Vehicle Automation, Telematics Connectivity, and Electric Propulsion
Steve Marshall, John Niles

20. Toward a Systematic Approach to the Design and Evaluation of Automated Mobility-on-Demand Systems: A Case Study in Singapore
Kevin Spieser, Kyle Treleaven, Rick Zhang, Emilio Frazzoli, Daniel Morton, Marco Pavone

21. Automated Truck Platoon Control and Field Test
Xiao-Yun Lu, Steven E. Shladover

22. Erratum to: An Analysis of Possible Energy Impacts of Automated Vehicles
Austin Brown, Jeffrey Gonder, Brittany Repac

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Innovation/Technology Management, Transportation, Sustainable Development

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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