Muñoz-Rojas, Pablo Andrés

Computational Modeling, Optimization and Manufacturing Simulation of Advanced Engineering Materials

Muñoz-Rojas, Pablo Andrés - Computational Modeling, Optimization and Manufacturing Simulation of Advanced Engineering Materials, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Micro and Nanoscale Modeling

1. On the Variational Analysis of Vibrations of Prestressed Six-Parameter Shells
Holm Altenbach, Victor A. Eremeyev

2. Multi-objective Topology Optimization Design of Micro-structures
Sebastián Miguel Giusti, Antonio André Novotny

3. Sensitivity Analysis of Micro Models for Solidification of Pure Metals
B. Mochnacki, R. Szopa

Part II. Biological Tissues

4. Variational Constituive Models for Soft Biological Tissues
Jakson Manfredini Vassoler, Eduardo Alberto Fancello

5. Sensitivity Analysis of Temperature Field and Parameter Identification in Burned and Healthy Skin Tissue
E. Majchrzak, M. Paruch, M. Dziewoński, S. Freus, K. Freus

6. Application of the hp-FEM for Hyperelastic Problems with Isotropic Damage
Jorge L. Suzuki, Marco L. Bittencourt

7. Mechanical Characterization of the Human Aorta: Experiments, Modeling andSimulation
Claudio M. García-Herrera, Diego J. Celentano, Marcela A. Cruchaga, Gustavo V. Guinea

Part III. Porous and Multiphase Materials

8. Optimization of Functionally Graded Materials Considering Dynamical Analysis
F. J. Ramírez-Gil, J. E. Murillo-Cardoso, E. C. N. Silva, W. Montealegre-Rubio

9. Complex Variable Semianalytical Method for Sensitivity Evaluation in Nonlinear Path Dependent Problems: Applications to Periodic Truss Materials
Geovane A. Haveroth, Pablo A. Muñoz-Rojas

10. Laser Beam Drilling of Cellular Metals: Numerical Simulation
Manuel Araújo, Markus Merkel, Andreas Öchsner

11. Metallic Foam Density Distribution Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms and Voronoi Tessellation
Pablo C. Resende, Renato V. Linn, Branca F. Oliveira

Part IV. Polymers

12. Modeling Material Behavior of Polymers
Maria Anna Polak, Hossein Sepiani, Alexander Penlidis

13. Material Model Based on Response Surfaces of NURBS Applied to Isotropic and Orthotropic Materials
Marianna Coelho, Deane Roehl, Kai-Uwe Bletzinger

14. Characterization of Constitutive Parameters for Hyperelastic Models Considering the Baker-Ericksen Inequalities
Felipe Tempel Stumpf, Rogério José Marczak

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Computational Science and Engineering, Biomaterials

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Advanced Structured Materials
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