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Advances onto the Internet of Things

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Table of contents

1. An Ontology-Based Autonomic System for Ambient Intelligence Scenarios
Alessandra De Paola

2. Detection of User Activities in Intelligent Environments
Agnese Augello, Salvatore Gaglio

3. An AMI System for User Daily Routine Recognition and Prediction
Salvatore Gaglio, Gloria Martorella

4. A Fuzzy Adaptive Controller for an Ambient Intelligence Scenario
Alessandra De Paola, Giuseppe Lo Re, Antonio Pellegrino

5. Design of an Adaptive Bayesian System for Sensor Data Fusion
Alessandra De Paola, Luca Gagliano

6. A Heterogeneous Sensor and Actuator Network Architecture for Ambient Intelligence
Enrico Daidone, Orazio Farruggia, Marco Morana

7. Short-Term Sensory Data Prediction in Ambient Intelligence Scenarios
Enrico Daidone, Fabrizio Milazzo

8. AStructuralApproach to Infer RecurrentRelations in Data
Pietro Cottone, Salvatore Gaglio, Marco Ortolani

9. Hardware and Software Platforms for Distributed Computing on Resource Constrained Devices
Gloria Martorella, Daniele Peri, Elena Toscano

10. From IEEE 802.15.4 to IEEE 802.15.4e: A Step Towards the Internet of Things
Domenico De Guglielmo, Giuseppe Anastasi , Alessio Seghetti

11. Extracting Structured Knowledge From Sensor Data for Hybrid Simulation
Marco Ortolani

12. Gait Analysis Using Multiple Kinect Sensors
Gabriele Maida, Marco Morana

13. 3D Scene Reconstruction Using Kinect
Marco Morana

14. Sensor Node Plug-in System: A Service-Oriented Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks
Giuseppe Di Modica, Francesco Pantano, Orazio Tomarchio

15. Toward the Next Generation of Sensors as a Service
Dario Lombardo , Vito Morreale, Giuseppe Li Calsi

16. Advances in Internet of Things as Related to the e-government Domain for Citizens and Enterprises
Francesco Beltrame, Virginia Dagostino

17. Low-Effort Support to Efficient Urban Parking in a Smart City Perspective
Alessio Bechini, Francesco Marcelloni, Armando Segatori

18. An Integrated System for Advanced Multi-risk Management Based on Cloud for IoT
Maria Fazio, Antonio Celesti, Antonio Puliafito, Massimo Villari

19. Towards Internet Intelligent Services Based on Cloud Computing and Multi-Agents
Domenico Talia

20. Chatbots as Interface to Ontologies
Agnese Augello, Giovanni Pilato, Giorgio Vassallo, Salvatore Gaglio

21. Body Area Networks and Healthcare
Daniele Peri

22. Urban Air Quality Monitoring Using Vehicular Sensor Networks
Giuseppe Lo Re, Daniele Peri, Salvatore Davide Vassallo

23. Concentrated Solar Power: Ontologies for Solar Radiation Modeling and Forecasting
Antonino Piazza, Giuseppe Faso

24. Designing Ontology-Driven Recommender Systems for Tourism
Pierluca Ferraro, Giuseppe Lo Re

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Communications Engineering, Networks, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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