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Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2014

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Table of contents

Part I. Mobile Technologies and Context-Aware Systems

1. Mobile Social Travel Recommender System
Ander Garcia, Isabel Torre, Maria Teresa Linaza

2. Mobile Apps Devoted to UNESCO World Heritage Sites: A Map
Theresa Karolina Schieder, Asta Adukaite, Lorenzo Cantoni

3. An Analysis of Mobile Applications Classification Related to Tourism Destinations
Ion Gil Fuentetaja, Ion Zugasti Simon, Ariane Rubio Aranzabal, Maria Peralta Ariza, Carlos Lamsfus, Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal

4. Hotel Mobile Apps. The Case of 4 and 5 Star Hotels in European German-Speaking Countries
Asta Adukaite, Annina Melanie Reimann, Elena Marchiori, Lorenzo Cantoni

5. The Effects of Presence Induced by Smartphone Applications on Tourism: Application to Cultural Heritage Attractions
Keumsil Lee, Hyung Ryong Lee, Sunny Ham

6. CT-Planner4: Toward a More User-Friendly Interactive Day-Tour Planner
Yohei Kurata, Tatsunori Hara

7. Context-Aware Points of Interest Suggestion with Dynamic Weather Data Management
Matthias Braunhofer, Mehdi Elahi, Francesco Ricci, Thomas Schievenin

8. Business Model of Mobile Service for Ensuring Students’ Safety Both in Disaster and Non-disaster Situations During School Trips
Hidekazu Kasahara, Mikihiko Mori, Masayuki Mukunoki, Michihiko Minoh

9. Predicting from GPS and Accelerometer Data When and Where Tourists Have Viewed Exhibitions
Junya Kawase, Yohei Kurata, Naoto Yabe

Part II. Social Media Marketing Strategies

10. An Investigation into the Use of Social Media Marketing and Measuring its Effectiveness in the Events Industry
Alessandro Inversini, Emma Sykes

11. Investigating Social Media Marketing in the Hospitality Industry: Facebook and European Hotels
Roberta Minazzi, Stefan Lagrosen

12. Strategic Use of Social Media Affordances for Marketing: A Case Study of Chinese DMOs
Jing Ge, Ulrike Gretzel, Rodney J. Clarke

13. SoCoMo Marketing for Travel and Tourism
Dimitrios Buhalis, Marie-Kristin Foerste

14. Content Curation and Narrative Tourism Marketing
Oriol Miralbell, Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal, Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia

15. Destination Benchmarking with Geotagged Photographs
Wolfgang Koerbitz, Irem Önder

16. The Adoption of Pinterest for Destination Marketing: The Case of Austrian Destinations
Christian Maurer, Bianca Hinterdorfer

17. Activity and Influence of Destination Brands on Twitter: A Comparative Study of Nine Spanish Destinations
Frederic Guerrero-Solé, José Fernández-Cavia

Part III. Emotion and Sentiment Analyses

18. How Emotional Do We Get? A Closer Look into the Trip Advisor Dialogue
Astrid Dickinger, Lidija Lalicic

19. Sentiment Analysis: Extracting Decision-Relevant Knowledge from UGC
Sergej Schmunk, Wolfram Höpken, Matthias Fuchs, Maria Lexhagen

20. Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Why Do Travellers Unlike Travel-Related Organizations?
Ulrike Gretzel, Anja Dinhopl

21. Measuring Emotions in Real Time: Implications for Tourism Design
Jeongmi (Jamie) Kim, Daniel R. Fesenmaier

Part IV. Social Network and Interaction

22. Exploring the Role of Facebook in Re-Shaping Backpacker’s Social Interactions
Edward Alexander Berger, Cody Morris Paris

23. Analysing Ecotourists’ Satisfaction in Socialisation and Knowledge Sharing Intentions via Social Media
Sudipta Kiran Sarkar, Norman Au, Rob Law

24. Opinion and Consensus Dynamics in Tourism Digital Ecosystems
Rodolfo Baggio, Giacomo Del Chiappa

25. Co-creation Through Technology: Dimensions of Social Connectedness
Barbara Neuhofer, Dimitrios Buhalis, Adele Ladkin

Part V. Online Reviews

26. An Exploratory Study on Restaurant Review Websites
Shanshan Qi, Fiona Yang, Catherine Li

27. Measuring Hotel Service Quality from Online Consumer Reviews: A Proposed Method
Edward Boon, Michelle Bonera, Alessandro Bigi

28. Online Review Contents and Their Impact on Three and Four-Star Hotel Reservations: Some Evidence in Italy
Selena Aureli, Renato Medei, Enrico Supino, Claudio Travaglini

29. Towards a Better Understanding of the Cognitive Destination Image of Euskadi-Basque Country Based on the Analysis of UGC
Ainhoa Serna, Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia, Aurkene Alzua

Part VI. ICT and Travellers’ Behaviour

30. Adaptive Strategies to Technological Change: Understanding Travellers Using the Internet for Trip Planning
Zheng Xiang, Dan Wang, Daniel R. Fesenmaier

31. Assessing Structure of Online Channel Use by American Travellers
Yeongbae Choe, Daniel R. Fesenmaier

32. Older Tourists: An Exploratory Study on Online Behaviour
Vania Vigolo, Ilenia Confente

33. Analysing the Traveller Activities Network for Strategic Design: A Case Study of Baltimore, MD
Jason L. Stienmetz, Daniel R. Fesenmaier

34. Facebook it: Evaluation of Facebook’s Search Engine for Travel Related Information Retrieval
Paul Bulencea, Roman Egger

35. A Literature Framework Analysis of Online Hotel Accommodation Process Factors
Manus Ward, Mathew Shafaghi

Part VII. Gaming, Gamification and Smart Tourism

36. Pervasive Augmented Reality Games to Experience Tourism Destinations
María Teresa Linaza, Aitor Gutierrez, Ander García

37. Dublin AR: Implementing Augmented Reality in Tourism
Dai-In Han, Timothy Jung, Alex Gibson

38. Gamification in Tourism
Feifei Xu, Jessika Weber, Dimitrios Buhalis

39. Expectation of Travel Experiences with Wearable Computing Devices
Iis Tussyadiah

40. Smart Tourism Destinations
Dimitrios Buhalis, Aditya Amaranggana

41. NFC Smart City: Cities of the Future—A Scenario Technique Application
Emre Ronay, Roman Egger

42. The Impact of Potential Travellers’ Media Cultural Experiences
Chulmo Koo, Youhee Joun, Heejeong Han, Namho Chung

Part VIII. Website Evaluation

43. Website Development in Tourism and Hospitality: The Case of China
Liang Wang, Rob Law

44. Measuring the Global Readiness of Airline Websites: Are They Speaking the World’s Languages?
Peter O’Connor, Zaheer A. Shaik

45. Digital Divide in Tourism: An Exploration of the Digital Divide Through Quantitative Analysis of the World’s National Tourism Organisations Websites
Shongwe Sifiso

46. An Analysis of the Key Factors Affecting the Success of a Re-Launched Destination Marketing Website in the UK
Philip Alford, Yanqing Duan, Jacqui Taylor

47. The Website Quality of the Regional Tourist Boards in the Alps: Ten Years Later
Luisa Mich

48. Hotel Websites, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and Online Direct Marketing: The Case of Austria
Ioannis Stavrakantonakis, Ioan Toma, Anna Fensel, Dieter Fensel

49. Measuring the Perceived Image of Lithuania Through its Destination Management Organization Website
Stela Dragova, Kristina Petrovskaya, Roman Egger

50. Examining Online Brand Image Dimensions from Hotel Managers and Customers Perspectives in Relation to Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory
Duangthida Nunthapirat, Andrew Lockwood, Brigitte Stangl, Hesham Al-Sabbahy

Part IX. ICT Adoption

51. Listening to CEOs: A New Perspective to Study Technology Adoption in Hotels
Sofia Reino, Carlos Lamsfus, Hugo Salas, Ortzi Torices, Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal

52. Barriers Affecting Social Media Adoption in Finnish Tourism Businesses
Juho Pesonen, Jenni Mikkonen, Marika Makkonen, Antti Honkanen

53. Prioritisation of Key Performance Indicators in an Evaluation Framework for Determining the Economic Value and Effectiveness of Internet Room Diagramming Solutions by the Application of AHP
Kuan-Wen Lin, Andrew J. Frew, Joe Goldblatt

54. Study on Factors to Adopt Mobile Payment for Tourism E-Business: Based on Valence Theory and Trust Transfer Theory
Jianqing Huang, Yahui Li, Hailin Li

Part X. eLearning

55. eLearning Courses Offered by Tourism Destinations: Factors Affecting Participation and Awareness Among British and Indian Travel Agents
Nadzeya Kalbaska, Lorenzo Cantoni

56. The Property Management System: The View from the Front Desk on Training and Performance
Hilary Catherine Murphy

57. Sharing Internship Experience on the Internet: A Study of Tourism and Hotel Management College Students
Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong, Hee “Andy” Lee, Chris Luk, Daniel Leung, Rob Law

Part XI. Distribution and Decision Support Systems

58. Substitution Effects Across Hotel Distribution Channels
Roland Schegg, Miriam Scaglione

59. Online Auctions for Selling Accommodation Packages: A Readiness-Intensity-Impact Analysis
Matthias Fuchs, Wolfram Höpken, Alexander Eybl, Andreas Flöck

60. Toward a Characterisation of the Maturity of Organisational Online Capabilities: The Case of Hotel Distribution in Morocco
Larbi Safaa, François Bédard

61. Assessing the Visibility of Hotels on Smartphones: A Case Study of Hotels in Hong Kong
Daniel Leung, Hee “Andy” Lee, Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong, Rob Law

62. Mobile Devices as a Tourism Distribution Channel: Perceptions of Visitors to National Parks in South Africa
Anneli Douglas, Berendien Lubbe

63. A Web Platform to Generate and Deliver Mobile Web Contents Without Programming Skills
David Martín, Ortzi Torices, Hugo Salas, Carlos Lamsfus, Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal

64. Constructing a Data Warehouse Based Decision Support Platform for China Tourism Industry
Xiangjie Qiao, Lingyun Zhang, Nao Li, Wei Zhu

65. Destination Inspiration Using eTourism Tool
Martin Goossen, Henk Meeuwsen, Jappe Franke, Arjen Jong Alterra

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Information Systems, e-Commerce/e-business, Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Marketing, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Cities, Countries, Regions

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