Bernard, Alain

Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics

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Table of contents

Part I. Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization

1. Adaptive Flux Observers and Rotor Speed Sensor Fault Detection in Induction Motors
R. Marino, S. Scalzi, P. Tomei, C. M. Verrelli

2. On Visual Analytics in Plant Monitoring
Tim Tack, Alexander Maier, Oliver Niggemann

3. Global Optimization for 2D SLAM Problem
Usman Qayyum, Jonghyuk Kim

4. Stochastic Models and Optimization Algorithms for Decision Support in Spacecraft Control Systems Preliminary Design
Eugene Semenkin, Maria Semenkina

5. A Heuristic Control Algorithm for Robust Internal Model Control with Arbitrary Reference Model
M. G. Skarpetis, F. N. Koumboulis, A. S. Ntellis

6. A Multi-Signal Variant for the GPU-Based Parallelization of Growing Self-Organizing Networks
Giacomo Parigi, Angelo Stramieri, Danilo Pau, Marco Piastra

Part II. Robotics and Automation

7. Office Delivery Robot Controlled by Modular Behavior Selection Networks with Planning Capability
Young-Seol Lee, Sung-Bae Cho

8. Worst-Case Performance Analysis in ell _1-norm for an Automated Heavy Vehicle Platoon
Gábor Rödönyi, Péter Gáspár, József Bokor, László Palkovics

9. Visual SLAM Based on Single Omnidirectional Views
David Valiente, Arturo Gil, Lorenzo Fernández, Óscar Reinoso

10. Metrics for Path Planning of Reconfigurable Robots in Uneven Terrain
Michael Brunner, Bernd Brüggemann, Dirk Schulz

11. A Combined Direct and Indirect Adaptive Control Scheme for a Wheeled Mobile Robot using Multiple Models
Altan Onat, Metin Ozkan

12. Real-Time Visual Servoing Based on New Global Visual Features
Laroussi Hammouda, Khaled Kaaniche, Hassen Mekki, Mohamed Chtourou

13. Compliance Error Compensation in Robotic-Based Milling
Alexandr Klimchik, Dmitry Bondarenko, Anatol Pashkevich, Sébastien Briot, Benoît Furet

14. A Modified LGMD Based Neural Network for Automatic Collision Detection
Ana Carolina Silva, Jorge Silva, Cristina Peixoto dos Santos

15. Vision Based Motion Estimation of Obstacles in Dynamic Unstructured Environments
Andrei Vatavu, Sergiu Nedevschi

16. Real-Time Vision-Based Pedestrian Detection in a Truck’s Blind Spot Zone Using a Warping Window Approach
Kristof Van Beeck, Toon Goedemé, Tinne Tuytelaars

17. A Proposal of Risk Indexes at Signalised Intersections for ADAS Aimed to Road Safety
Bruno Dalla Chiara, Francesco Paolo Deflorio, Serena Cuzzola

Part III. Signal Processing, Sensors, Systems Modeling and Control

18. A Component-Oriented Model for Wastewater Pumping Plants
Mohamed Abdelati, Felix Felgner, Georg Frey

19. A System Identification Framework for Modeling Complex Combustion Dynamics Using Support Vector Machines
Vijay Manikandan Janakiraman, XuanLong Nguyen, Jeff Sterniak, Dennis Assanis

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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