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ROBOT2013: First Iberian Robotics Conference

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Table of contents

Part I. Marine Robotics

1. RANSAC Based Data Association for Underwater Visual SLAM
Antoni Burguera, Yolanda González, Gabriel Oliver

2. Increasing the Autonomy Levels for Underwater Intervention Missions by Using Learning and Probabilistic Techniques
Jorge Sales, Luís Santos, Pedro J. Sanz, Jorge Dias, J. C. García

3. Squirtle: An ASV for Inland Water Environmental Monitoring
Jorge Fraga, João Sousa, Gonçalo Cabrita, Paulo Coimbra, Lino Marques

4. Realtime AUV Terrain Based Navigation with Octomap in a Natural Environment
Guillem Vallicrosa, Albert Palomer, David Ribas, Pere Ridao

5. Design and Implementation of a Range-Based Formation Controller for Marine Robots
Jorge M. Soares, A. Pedro Aguiar, António M. Pascoal, Alcherio Martinoli

6. Rotation Estimation for Two-Dimensional Forward-Looking Sonar Mosaicing
Natàlia Hurtós, Xavier Cufí, Joaquim Salvi

Part II. Control and Planning in Aerial Robotics

7. Local Heuristics Analysis in the Automatic Computation of Assembly Sequences for Building Structures with Multiple Aerial Robots
Alvaro Sempere, Domingo Llorente, Ivan Maza, Aníbal Ollero

8. Lift Failure Detection and Management System for Quadrotors
J. J. Roldan, David Sanz, Jaime Cerro, Antonio Barrientos

9. Analysis of Perturbations in Trajectory Control Using Visual Estimation in Multiple Quadrotor Systems
Alejandro Suárez, Guillermo Heredia, Aníbal Ollero

10. RUAV System Identification and Verification Using a Frequency-Domain Methodology
I. Sánchez, D. Santamaría, A. Viguria, Aníbal Ollero, Guillermo Heredia

11. Fault Estimation and Control for a Quad-Rotor MAV Using a Polynomial Observer. Part I: Fault Detection
Gerardo R. Flores-Colunga, H. Aguilar-Sierra, R. Lozano, S. Salazar

Part III. Assistive Robotics

12. Assistive Robotics as Alternative Treatment for Tremor
E. Rocon, J. A. Gallego, J. M. Belda-Lois, J. L. Pons

13. Ultrasonic Motor Based Actuator for Elbow Joint Functional Compensation
Dorin Sabin Copaci, Antonio Flores Caballero, Alejandro Martin Clemente, Dolores Blanco Rojas, Luis Moreno Lorente

14. Skeletal Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Upper Limb of Human Shoulder under Brachial Plexus Injury
Cecilia E. García Cena, Roque Saltarén Pazmiño, Marie André Destarac, Edgar Loranca Vega, Ricardo Espinosa Gomez, Rafael Aracil Santonja

15. Assistive Robot Multi-modal Interaction with Augmented 3D Vision and Dialogue
Juan G. Victores, Félix R. Cañadillas, Santiago Morante, Alberto Jardón, Carlos Balaguer

16. Development of a Lower-Limb Active Orthosis and a Walker for Gait Assistance
D. Sanz-Merodio, M. Cestari, J. C. Arevalo, X. Carrillo, E. Garcia

Part IV. Surgical Robotics

17. On Genetic Algorithms Optimization for Heart Motion Compensation
Angelica I. Aviles, Alicia Casals

18. Haptic Feedback in Surgical Robotics: Still a Challenge
Arturo Marbán, Alicia Casals, Josep Fernández, Josep Amat

19. Robot Collaborative Assistance for Suture Procedures via Minimally Invasive Surgery
E. Bauzano, B. Estebanez, I. Garcia-Morales, V. F. Muñoz-Martinez

Part V. Intelligent Systems and Robotics

20. Multi Hypotheses Tracking with Nonholonomic Motion Models Using LIDAR Measurements
Jorge Almeida, Vítor Santos

21. Programming by Demonstration: A Taxonomy of Current Relevant Methods to Teach and Describe New Skills to Robots
Jordi Bautista-Ballester, Jaume Vergés-Llahí, Domènec Puig

22. Collaborative Architecture Design for Automated Deployment and Positioning of Beaconing Robots
G. Martín, J. López Martínez, S. Aparicio, I. González

23. Bimanual Robot Manipulation and Packaging of Shoes in Footwear Industry
Ricardo Morales, Francisco J. Badesa, Nicolás García-Aracil, Richard Bormann, Jan Fischer, Birgit Graf

24. Human-Robot Collaborative Scene Mapping from Relational Descriptions
Eloy Retamino Carrión, Alberto Sanfeliu

25. Probabilistic Performance Evaluation for Multiclass Classification Using the Posterior Balanced Accuracy
Henry Carrillo, Kay H. Brodersen, José A. Castellanos

26. A Hierarchical Hybrid Architecture for Mission-Oriented Robot Control
Manuel Muñoz, Eduardo Munera, J. Francisco Blanes, Jose E. Simó

27. Real-Time Vehicle Detection and Tracking Using Haar-Like Features and Compressive Tracking
Sara Maher Elkerdawi, Ramy Sayed, Mohamed ElHelw

28. Evolutionary Learning of Basic Functionalities for Snake-Like Robots
Damaso Perez-Moneo Suarez, Claudio Rossi

29. Multi-robot Operation System with Conflict Resolution
Eduardo Ferrera, Angel R. Castaño, Jesus Capitán, Pedro J. Marrón, Aníbal Ollero

30. Path Planning in Service Robotics Considering Interaction Based on Augmented Reality
Francisco J. Rodríguez Lera, Julián Orfo, Juan Felipe García Sierra, Vicente Matellán

31. Leg Detection and Tracking for a Mobile Robot and Based on a Laser Device, Supervised Learning and Particle Filtering
Eugenio Aguirre, Miguel Garcia-Silvente, Javier Plata

Part VI. Agricultural Robotics

32. Precision Humidity and Temperature Measuring in Farming Using Newer Ground Mobile Robots
L. Cancar, David Sanz, J. D. Hernández, Jaime Cerro, Antonio Barrientos

33. Aerial Fleet in RHEA Project: A High Vantage Point Contributions to ROBOT 2013
Jaime Cerro, Antonio Barrientos, David Sanz, João Valente

34. A New Combined Strategy for Discrimination between Types of Weed
P. Javier Herrera, José Dorado, Ángela Ribeiro

35. Generating Autonomous Behaviour for a Crop Inspection Robot
José M. Bengochea-Guevara, Jesús Conesa-Muńoz, Ángela Ribeiro

36. Validation of a Multisensory System for Fruit Harvesting Robots in Lab Conditions
Roemi Fernández, Carlota Salinas, Héctor Montes, Javier Sarria, Manuel Armada

37. Configuring a Fleet of Ground Robots for Agricultural Tasks
Luis Emmi, Mariano Gonzalez-de-Soto, Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos

Part VII. Humanoid Robots

38. REEM: A Humanoid Service Robot
Francesco Ferro, Luca Marchionni

39. Locomotion Control of a Biped Robot through a Feedback CPG Network
Julián Cristiano, Domènec Puig, Miguel Angel García

40. Multi-modal Active Visual Perception System for SPL Player Humanoid Robot
Francisco Martín, Carlos E. Agüero, José M. Cañas, Eduardo Perdices

41. Framework for Learning and Adaptation of Humanoid Robot Skills to Task Constraints
Daniel Hernández García, Concepción A. Monje, Carlos Balaguer

42. AVASTT: A New Variable Stiffness Actuator with Torque Threshold
J. López Martínez, J. L. Blanco, D. García Vallejo, J. L. Torres, A. Giménez Fernández

43. A Kinect-Based Motion Capture System for Robotic Gesture Imitation
José Rosado, Filipe Silva, Vítor Santos

44. Humanoid Robots Play Theater
Javier Orcoyen Chaves, Daniel Borrajo

45. High Level Humanoid Postural Control Architecture with Human Inspiration
Santiago Martinez, Alberto Jardón, Carlos Balaguer

Part VIII. Legal and Ethical Aspects in Robotics

46. Robotic Society: Privacy as a Legal and Technological Issue
Maria Rosa Llácer-Matacás

47. European Legal Issues Applied to Safe Robots
Mariló Gramunt-Fombuena

48. Axiological Elements to Consider Ethics Applied to Robotics
Antonio Madrid Pérez

Part IX. Robot Vision

49. LineSLAM: Visual Real Time Localization Using Lines and UKF
Eduardo Perdices, Luis M. López, José M. Cañas

50. Event-Based Visual Servoing with Features’ Prediction
G. J. Garcia, J. Pomares, F. Torres, P. Gil

51. Visual Hybrid SLAM: An Appearance-Based Approach to Loop Closure
Lorenzo Fernández, Luis Payá, Oscar Reinoso, Arturo Gil, David Valiente

52. Multi-robot Formations: One Homography to Rule Them All
Gonzalo López-Nicolás, Miguel Aranda, Carlos Sagüés

53. Robust Scale-Invariant Object Tracking
Ahmed Salaheldin, Sara Maher Elkerdawi, Mohamed ElHelw

54. A Comparison between Active and Passive 3D Vision Sensors: BumblebeeXB3 and Microsoft Kinect
Diana Beltran, Luis Basañez

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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