Zgurovsky, Mikhail Z.

Continuous and Distributed Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Abstract Algebra and Applications

1. Algebra and Geometry Through Hamiltonian Systems
Anatoly T. Fomenko, Andrei Konyaev

2. On Hyperbolic Zeta Function of Lattices
L. P. Dobrovolskaya, M. N. Dobrovolsky, N. M. Dobrovol’skii, N. N. Dobrovolsky

3. The Distribution of Values of Arithmetic Functions
G. V. Fedorov

4. On the One Method of Constructing Digital Control System with Minimal Structure
V. V. Palin

5. On Norm Maps and “Universal Norms” of Formal Groups Over Integer Rings of Local Fields
Nikolaj M. Glazunov

6. Assignment of Factors Levels for Design of Experiments with Resource Constraints
S. A. Smirnov, O. O. Glushchenko, K. A. Ilchuk, I. L. Makeenko, N. A. Oriekhova

Part II. Mechanics and Numerical Methods

7. How to Formulate the Initial-Boundary-Value Problem of Elastodynamics in Terms of Stresses?
D. V. Georgievskii

8. Finite-Difference Method of Solution of the Shallow Water Equations on an Unstructured Mesh
G. M. Kobelkov, A. V. Drutsa

9. Dynamics of Vortices in Near-Wall Flows with Irregular Boundaries
I. M. Gorban, O. V. Khomenko

10. Strongly Convergent Algorithms for Variational Inequality Problem Over the Set of Solutions the Equilibrium Problems
Vladimir V. Semenov

Part III. Long-time Forecasting in Multidisciplinary Investigations

11. Multivalued Dynamics of Solutions for Autonomous Operator Differential Equations in Strongest Topologies
Mikhail Z. Zgurovsky, Pavlo O. Kasyanov

12. Structure of Uniform Global Attractor for General Non-Autonomous Reaction-Diffusion System
Oleksiy V. Kapustyan, Pavlo O. Kasyanov, José Valero, Mikhail Z. Zgurovsky

13. Topological Properties of Strong Solutions for the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations
Pavlo O. Kasyanov, Luisa Toscano, Nina V. Zadoianchuk

14. Inertial Manifolds and Spectral Gap Properties for Wave Equations with Weak and Strong Dissipation
Natalia Chalkina

15. On Regularity of All Weak Solutions and Their Attractors for Reaction-Diffusion Inclusion in Unbounded Domain
Nataliia V. Gorban, Pavlo O. Kasyanov

16. On Global Attractors for Autonomous Damped Wave Equation with Discontinuous Nonlinearity
Nataliia V. Gorban, Oleksiy V. Kapustyan, Pavlo O. Kasyanov, Liliia S. Paliichuk

Part IV. Control Theory and Decision Making

17. On the Regularities of Mass Random Phenomena
Victor I. Ivanenko, Valery A. Labkovsky

18. Optimality Conditions for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Eugene A. Feinberg, Pavlo O. Kasyanov, Mikhail Z. Zgurovsky

19. On Existence of Optimal Solutions to Boundary Control Problem for an Elastic Body with Quasistatic Evolution of Damage
Peter I. Kogut, Günter Leugering

20. On Existence and Attainability of Solutions to Optimal Control Problems in Coefficients for Degenerate Variational Inequalities of Monotone Type
Olga P. Kupenko

21. Distributed Optimal Control in One Non-Self-Adjoint Boundary Value Problem
V. O. Kapustyan, O. A. Kapustian, O. K. Mazur

22. Guaranteed Safety Operation of Complex Engineering Systems
Nataliya D. Pankratova, Andrii M. Raduk

Keywords: Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Systems Theory, Control, Physical Chemistry

Publication year
Solid Mechanics and Its Applications
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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